troll hair floof attack

Just had the BEST conversation with @rollerskatinglizard discussing the concept that troll hair floofs up like a cat’s when they’re excited/agitated/angry.  Which is even more fun if you imagine it as a latent psionics effect like they just accumulate a lot of electrical psychic energy around them when they’re emotional and it statics into their hair.  Plus this means it works with all hair lengths and can manifest in fun and varied ways for diff characters. Anyway, I promised I’d write up some of the headcanons we brainstormed b/c I am seriously invested in this xenoanatomy concept now and I need this on my blog.

Feferi: All of her hair floating up and whipping around her in unseen winds like some kind of eldritch horrorterror.  The Condesce’s hair could probably actually eat you.  And a low key floaty mermaid effect for Fef when she’s EXCIT—–ED.

Gamzee:  Poofs up suddenly and dramatically when he’s startled, surprise hair explosion.  Also picture him when he’s agitated with his voice starting to rise and fall and his tendrils of hair are starting to get more disheveled and poof out around him and it is very clear how close to the edge he is and eeeeek alarm bells.

Karkat: Permanent angry floofball.  Small angry cloud.  Bristly hedgehog.

Nepeta: Bristles like a cat/wolf, with the hair going up in a ridge like it would along the spine of an angry, dangerous animal. Silent threat. Very effective communication.  People pay attention.

Kanaya: Studio Ghibli effect, her hair lifts up around the sides of her face when she’s angry.  She’s so even temepered this happens very seldom.  Kind of understated.  Her face is very calm.  And when it happens everybody in the room is like HOLY SHIT, run.  Also she ruffles like a parakeet when she’s flustered by Rose. :33

Sollux: Keeps his hair short specifically so he doesn’t have to hassle with it and all his psiionics all the time. It would get in his electronics while he’s working.  Does get bristly when annoyed.

Aradia:  Also does the eldritch-being floating cloud of hair. You do not want to see her coming at you with her psioniics all around and death in her eyes. Also just general springiness and poof when she’s excited, which is most of the time.  Like a bouncy sheep.

Equius: He’s got that long, smooth hair and its an outward statement of how strong his bond is with his moirail because he stays so calm and in control and his hair is always so settled.  And he does try so hard to manage his emotions all the time and be in control and not hurt people/break things.  And honestly, it’s still kind of hella intimidating because he just KNOCKED DOWN A WALL and he DOESN’T EVEN LOOK MAD.

Terezi: Spiky bristles everywhere muahahaha.  She knows exactly how to do it for maximum intimidation and dramatic courtroom effect.

Tavros: Hahaha his mohawk stands on end when he’s angry/alarmed and then poofs out everywhere when he’s really freaked out. He’s also spent so long being low key alarmed and put upon that he rarely floofs b/c uh, this kind of seem like, not that big a deal, yet?  And people often don’t notice this for quite a while but when they do they are impressed b/c he STARTLINGLY more mellow and confident than he appears?

Vriska: Her hair fluffing up around her in a static cloud when she’s mad. Also, her hair going all bristly and frizzled and disorganized when she’s flustered/caught in a mistake, and making her look like a cat that is trying to pretend it is not freaked out and has not been caught off guard and meant to do all of this.

Eridan: His little purple hair plume standing on end.  Oh my god.  You know that thig cockatoos do?  Eridan is a cockatoo.  All his hair floofs up and forward like a little fan around his face.  And he’s flaring out his fins, too so it’s a damn display.  Also.  Can you picture.  Eridan trying to act all cool and calm and collected and he’s all massively fluffed up like an alarmed bird.

This is one of those cases where someone genuinely seems to like the comic and has fun making connections between reoccurring themes and facts. But then you have to ask WHAT COMIC DID THEY READ?

Hussie didn’t go “hmmm Condense is purple, Derse is purple, I’ll just put her there.” It was a long complicated process involving traveling across 4 universes, killing an immortal psychic servent, being enslaved by a demon and posing as the front of a baking company. She didn’t just suddenly rule Derse in a way that the Ψiioniic could copy and do on Prospit.

Dust Bowl Dance
Mumford & Sons

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  1. Title panel; ancestors looming with title in the middle. - luciddreamerash
  2. A young man stands on the edge of his porch: Signless grub; distressed - run-away-boy
  3. The days were short and the father was gone: Dolorosa finding the Signless in the caverns - gilwing
  4. There was no one in the town and no one in the field; dolorosa escaping the caverns with grub Signless - melonthylene
  5. This dusty barren land had given all it could yield: dolorosa and young Signless wandering the desert - infinata
  6. Long:
  7. The signless finding the Disciple in the desert - thetangerinequeen
  8. The Signless finding the Psioniic in a lowblood camp - 2ollux-the-valley-girl
  9. I’ve been kicked off my land at the age of 16: Signless preaching - horributt
  10. And I have no idea where else my heart could have been: Signless, Psioniic, Disciple and Dolorosa running from highbloods - sismoz
  11. I placed all my trust at the foot of this hill: Signless, Psioniic, Disciple and Dolorosa cornered - striderswag
  12. And now I am sure my hear could never be still: Signless in prison - lescarnetsdehaku
  13. So collect your courage and collect your horse: Signless being led to his execution - lifewarden21
  14. And pray you never feel the same kind of remorse: Signless hung and shot - atleo
  15. Disciple escaping into the woods - spritzing
  16. Psioniic enslaved by condesce - anniepop45
  17. Dolorosa imprisoned - Ace Stevens
  18. Steal my heart and break my pride: Dolorosa being sold - emcapi
  19. I’ve nowhere to stand and nowhere to hide: Mindfang inspecting Dolorosa - breezv
  20. Align my heart my body my mind: Dolorosa under Mindfang’s control - monkey-fighter
  21. To face what I’ve done and do my time: Dolorosa being shot - retroknightx
  22. Redglare on pyralsprite attacking mindfang’s ship - pokemoncalem
  23. Mindfang in chains - mypointis-dolphins
  24. Mindfang taking control onlookers at her trial - cynicjovial
  25. Redglare being mobbed - ariari-aa
  26. You are my accuser now look in my face: Mindfang looking back as she escapes - when-Icarus-fell
  27. Your oppression reeks of your greed and disgrace: Redglare screaming and trying to escape the noose around her neck - pawramira
  28. So one man has and another has not/how can you love what it is you have got: Darkleer building robots
  29. When you took it all from the weak hands of the poor/liars and thieves you know not what is in store: Condy looking bored on her throne - horributt
  30. There will come a time I will look in your eye/you will pray to the gods you have always denied: GHB in a throne room surrounded by troll corpses - loserstarkid
  31. And I’ll go out back and I’ll get my gun/I’ll say you haven’t met me I am the only son: Orphaner staning on ship with ahab’s crosshairs - critical-wh8le
  32. Mindfang going to Darkleer for help -accionightlock
  33. Mindfang back on her ship with a metal arm: lescarnetsdehaku
  34. Steal my heart and break my pride: Summoner in Alternian army
  35. I’ve nowhere to stand and now nowhere to hid: Summoner revealing his wings - trickstercarlos
  36. Align my heart, my body, my mind: Summoner controlling animals and leading an army shegnannagings
  37. To face what I’ve done and do my time: armies clash
  38. Mindfang fighting Orphaner - swiftbell
  39. Summoner fighting GHB rapidopatter
  40. Summoner taking a critical hit - heycharlie333
  41. Mindfang taking a critical hit - the-rusty-robot
  42. Steal my heart and break my pride: empire’s armies slaughtering Summoners army
  43. I’ve nowhere to stand and now nowhere to hide: mindfang and summoner huddled back to back with their opponents looming over them troubledteentobeautyqueen
  44. Align my heart my body my mind: they die hand in hand - tey-mar
  45. To face what I’ve done and do my time: Battlefield strewn with corpses victorr-kk
  46. Long:
    A) Condy giving orders - dacadaca
    B) Drones heading out
    C) Adult trolls leaving on ships
    D) Young trolls watching them go with lucii hovering over - skeptic spoon
    E) Psionic still being tortured -  delinked
    F) Some troll with a signless necklace (feel free to use your fantroll!) - complete-nerd
    G) Culled grubs
  47. Gif: troll session glowing symbol
  48. Yes sir yes sir yes it was me: the Handmaiden on the green moon, looking out at Alternia - skepticspoon
  49. I know what I’ve done and I know what I’ve seen: Handmaiden crying - striderswag
  50. I went out back and I got my gun: Handmaiden and Condy facing off - doll-of-breath
  51. I said you haven’t met me I am the only son: Condy grinning - doll-of-breath