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D&D Showcase: DARK SUN

Beneath a crimson sun lie wastelands of majestic desolation and cities of cruel splendor, where sandal-clad heroes battle ancient sorcery and terrible monsters.

This is the World of Athas, the World of the Dark Sun!

Athas, a dying planet of savagery and desolation…

Life hangs by a thread in this barren land, and its heroes write their own stories in both blood and glory…

The World You Should Know…

The World of Dark Sun is unique in many ways…

Many things a player might assume as “Common” are missing or turned on their heads completely!

Athas is not a place of shining knights and robed wizards, of deep forests and divine pantheons.

To venture over the sands of Athas is to enter a world of savagery and splendor that draws on different traditions of fantasy and storytelling.

Simple survival beneath the dark red sun is often its own adventure…

Newcomers to Athas have much to learn about the world, its people, and its monsters…

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Pearl Magic

Pearls are great magical items for spirit work especially if certain types of beings hang around or are part of your family. In this post I will not be covering the more common magical uses of these gems but rather what can be done with them by spirits.

Oriental dragons can create a pearl of power which has many abilities including: wish-granting, weather manipulation, increase of wealth, bestowal of eastern draconic magic, etc.

Marid djinn can create pearls which enhance psychic spells, increase mental power, help manifest psionic abilities, and call upon the djinn who made the item.

Merfolk can enchant pearls to bestow numerous gifts upon the owner including aquatic adaptation (on other planes), purification of the environment around the gem, provide clarity of mind, and work as elemental foci.

Naga and Naginis can enchant pearls to store knowledge from enlightened and ascended beings which can be accessed by the owner. These same objects also allow them to achieve higher states through meditation, summon rain, and grant blessings of wealth, happiness, and good fortune.

Sea witches aka Octo-mermaids aka Cecaelia also can make these items with purposes varying with the magic they practice. Their pearls can be used to create connections with the drowned dead, be given as a means to contact the cecaelia, be used to guide the blessed dead to the palaces of oceanic deities, programmed to store copies of memories made while being worn as jewelry, used to protect shrines and temples of aquatic deities, substituted for tears, serve as batteries for water energy, store prepared spells, used to contain pocket realms, serve as portals to otherworldly realms, etc.

Pairing: Thor x Wife! Reader

Fandom: Marvel

Warnings: Spoilers,fluff,Love


Requested: Can you do a Thor fic where you’re married to him and fight alongside him, Valkyrie, hulk, and Loki ?

A/N: Hey, Lovelies. sorry for misspelled or errors, but I hope you guys enjoy!! :) 

this request is kinda similar to last 2 requests so I really hope you enjoy! but I promise I won’t be writing the same plot request, look out for something different on next request  *cough (smut) cough* lol XD

                                 Request are closed for now!

You, Thor (you’re husband), Bruce and your new friend Valkyrie were back in Asgard about to go against Hela, Thor’s older sister but first let’s take you on a little Adventure on how you and Thor met.

You and Thor met on earth, yes you weren’t an asgardian princess or goddess. You were human with special powers.

You’re powers were similar to Thor’s, you’re powers were to manipulate the weather. You possesses the psionic ability to control all forms of weather over vast areas.

You learned how to control your powers at a very young age, but you didn’t do it alone. You’re father was the one who help you control your powers.

He was a famous scientist/inventor that work with amazing people. To be specific: Howard Stark, Howard Stark was your dad’s best friend, they worked together and create amazing and great inventions togather.

Tony Stark, Howard’s son was your best friend, you both practically grew up together and as soon as the years went down, Tony ask you to be on a team called the Avengers. You need a week to thinking about but soon came with answers and that how you met Thor.


You been working with the Avengers for a while now and everyone in the Tower you got along  with. when you became apart of the team you started to getting close and developing feelings for a sexy asgardian prince.

You were starting your day good by going to the gym as you walk in and get yourself ready to workout. You’re eyes landed on Thor who was working on his arms, you didn’t know why he was working on them. I mean there were already pretty big and muscular but gosh seeing him doing it, flexing his arms, made your body do things. You were so clumsy you almost tripped and fell while staring at him.

You stopped drooling over the asgardian prince, started your workout as you were stretching, you felt eyes on you so you looked around the gym and connection with those light royal blue eyes. Thor was staring at you with a cute smirk on his face that made you melt, you soon broke eye contact continue what you were doing until.

“Lady, Y/N, May I speak with you?” Thor asked. “Sure,” you said walking over to a bench and patting it for Thor to sit with you.

Lady, Y/N I think I have a problem and you always told me that when I have a problem I could come to you” Thor says. “You once said that you would help me on anything” You looked at the friendly giant who was looking down at his hands and wondered what was his problem.

When you first met Thor you thought he was to loud and were a tad scared of him but after months of living with him and everyone else at Stark tower you realized that really he was just a big adorable teddy-bear.

He was kind and considerate with you and was always asking you questions about midgardian culture. You liked him because he made you feel welcomed. soon your feelings for him progressed into love for him. You would of plucked up the courage to ask him out but you knew he won’t go for a girl like you and It broke your heart.

“What is your problem Thor?” you asked, rubbing his shoulder. Thor smiled at your kindness.

“Well, um I ” he thought for a moment while taking a sip of his bottle of water “I take a liking on a woman”

“Wait what?” You asked. A small part of you was happy that Thor liked someone but knowing that he liked someone else hurt little.

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Trust Me | Damian Wayne x Reader | 1k Follower Special

Description: 1k followers Damian Wayne imagine, with the prompt TRUST.

Words: 7228

Notes: I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK FOREVER YOU GUYYYSSSS UGH. I got MAJOR writers block half-way through, and when I get it, it never seems to go away. I tried to make it long, but the ending kind of sucks in my opinion. Thank you all so much for following me, and I promise we’ll get things in motion again soon =D

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“[You could be executed for this.]” Damian hisses in his mother tongue.

The smell of wet earth and greenery seeps into Damian’s youthful skin, leaving it moist with the jungle’s damp, fruity air. It wasn’t often that he left Nanda Parbat, but Talia had grown annoyed with his restless behavior and decided to drag him along on one of her trades with the weapon-dealers in the nearby islands. The nearby, exotic island populated with tropical animals and co-existing tribes of fisherman on the island’s East-side. They were a religious bunch that believed the area’s rain-forest held deep secrets they were too afraid to unearth. Y/N L/N—the insufferable girl that Ra’s had hired to train their new members—was not nearly as afraid.

Why his grandfather would entrust a pre-teenager with the strength of the League’s men, Damian had little clue, which was almost as frustrating as you were. Within the weeks had been in your presence, you had managed to accomplish few things of interest. Well, if you could call defeating Damian in combat, protecting Talia during a battle when she had not been paying attention, and impressing Ra’s with your psionic energy manipulation abilities, “things of interest”. (Which they most definitely were). They were just things that Damian was going to ignore in favor of himself.

He still refuses to believe that you ever bested him—both during training and outside it, when you’d smile at him and his cheeks would flare, or you would humbly inform him that he was still an excellent fighter (even if you had won that match. And the one after that). With every compliment and smile you sent his way Damian found his blood absolutely boiling, in both anger and a blush. He hated you. He hated what you did to him.

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Hello and welcome to a new episode of Sad Nerd News with your host, This Asshole.

Today we’re going to give you a brief overview of the Infinity Gauntlet, the Stones, and where they are. Now, you can google a bunch of articles that can do similar things for you, but IMO more than half of them are written by walking locker room stench that think either a: you’re a neophyte idiot deserving of condescension or b: you remember individual panels from individual issues of Jim Starlin’s run on Silver Surfer and how they impact some bullshit or whatever, and I won’t treat you like that.

The golden gauntlet itself isn’t much on its own without the gems. It basically just proves Thanos has the tacky fashion sense of the Trump family, and depending on the writer, it may help control and focus the power of the stones itself. It’s a shiny briefcase. Fakes are also great conversation starters, if you’re the King of Asgard.

The Stones (or Gems) themselves are the main deal. There are six such gems, as agreed upon by most comics continuity, although there are the occasional references to a seventh gem. The commonly held comics canon suggests that all the gems are shards of what was left behind after the death of an infinitely powerful entity - possibly an avatar of the universe itself. Guardians of the Galaxy suggests something more vague during the scene with the Collector.

The following information may contain some comic book details, meaning what we see in May will likely be altered somewhat.

Space Gem: AKA, the Tesseract. Currently held by Loki and seen in the IW trailer, this gem was looked at by Red Skull and Howard Stark during earlier films as an infinite power source. It was also for a while conflated with a different Marvel artifact, the Cosmic Cube. In comics, the Space Gem is more than a fast teleport device. It gives the wielder total dominion over the very concept of space, in defiance of physics. It allows the user to be in many places at once, or to move the user or objects from location to location.

Mind Gem: Current location - Paul Bettany’s forehead, although based on the trailer, not for much longer. This gem influences psionic abilities such as telekinesis and even your own sense of self. It can, when fully empowered, join multiple minds together as one. In the MCU, we’ve seen it impact individual minds, persuading them towards goals they might not otherwise choose.

Reality Gem: Current location - Knowhere, the private collection of Taneleer Tivan, after the Dark Elf incursion of Asgard. Regarded in comics as the most potentially dangerous of the gems because it quite literally fucks up everything about reality as we know it if you screw around with it. It distorts, changes, and can even splinter the world around you. In the MCU, so far we’ve seen it cause dimensional curves and change matter, although it also showed the ability to merge with a mortal host. Under Malekith’s use, the Gem could have been used to cast the entire universe into darkness.

Power Gem: Current location - Xandar, under the watch of the Nova Corps. Used in the MCU as a force for raw destructive energy and a way for Ronan to literally power himself up to the fullest extent he could handle, the Power gem is, like all the rest, exactly that. It can turn anyone into something even more godlike, with irresistible physical strength. And it is also the universe’s greatest Energizer battery, capable of charging any device to full power, including that one Nokia you had in ‘97 that could never get full bars.

Time Gem: Current location - Doctor Strange’s sweet-ass neck bling. The MCU has presented this one pretty close to its comics counterpart, the stone allowing its user to manipulate time forwards, backwards, and loop it, but also allowing visions beyond time and space itself. Similar to the Space Gem, in comics it also allows the user to exist in every moment of time at once.

Soul Gem: Currently unknown, possibly Wakanda. How it will behave in the MCU when discovered is unknown to me. This is the one that weirds me out, though, because in comics this is the gem with arguably its OWN soul, making it at least semi-sentient. It hungers for souls, in fact, collecting them and trapping them in an internal dimension (a soulworld) of its own creation and under its total control.

There is SO MUCH random bullshit I can add onto this - what role Adam Warlock had in all this, the original wielders, how many people have rammed their fist into this fucking thing, making the Infinity Gauntlet into a dubious-smelling Salvation Army glove without a match (it’s a lot), but until the movie comes out, a lot of it is going to be weird nerd minutiae we do not need to get wound up about.

Adam Warlock has been teased, however, via Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2. However, it doesn’t look like he’s going to have a big role in the film at this time.

Here’s one piece of useful trivia to note, and something that may have an impact towards the mysterious and under-wraps next phases of the MCU: The Infinity Gems always have at least one consistent weakness. They are tied directly to the universe they exist in. A stone from the MCU (Marvel Earth-19999, to speak nerd), cannot impact the comic universe (Marvel Earth-616), much less any other iteration of the universe.

But both Doctor Strange and Ant-Man have left hints of a possible shift towards a multiverse, which opens the door to new ideas and editions of our popular heroes….


Mind Infinity Stone

Color: Yellow

Abilities: Near-limitless psionic/psychic abilities including empathy, telepathy and telekinesis.

First Encountered: Thanos provided Loki with a Sceptercontaining the Mind Stone. Once Loki arrived on Earth, he found a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who had been experimenting with the Tesseract’s power. Loki used the power of the Scepter to defeat them all, before putting Clint Barton, Erik Selvig and several other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents under his complete control, ordering them to kill Nick Furyand steal the Tesseract for him. Selvig continued to experiment on the Tesseract in order to learn how to open a large sustainable portal.

Current Location: Vision forehead

How will Thanos get the stone: Takes the stone from Vision’s forhead. Really not much into it really.

Homebrew Race: Thri-Kreen!


Isolationists and Wanderers

Thri-kreen consider all other living creatures as potential nourishment, and they love the taste of elf flesh in particular. If a creature might be useful for something other than food, the thri-kreen aren’t likely to attack it on sight. Thri-kreen kill to survive, never for sport.

Limited Emotions 

Thri-kreen experience the full range of emotions but aren’t as prone to emotional outbursts as humans. 

Thri-kreen with psionic ability often demonstrate a wider range of emotions, particularly if they live near or interact with humans or other highly emotional creatures. 

Ability Score Increase: Your Dexterity Score increases by 2,  and one other Ability Score of your choice increase by 1.

Age: Thri-Kreen have short lifespans, the average Thri-Kreen life expectancy being only 30 years.

Alignment: Many Thri-Kreen are Chaotic in Nature, though most tend towards a Neutral or Good Alignment. A Thri-kreen will kill to survive, but never for sport.

Size: Thri-Kreen range from 5 to over 6 feet tall and have slender builds. Your size is Medium.

Speed: Your base walking speed is 40 feet.

Darkvision: You have superior vision in dark and dim Conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in Darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in Darkness, only shades of gray.

Chameleon Carapace: You can change the color of your carapace to match the color and texture of your surroundings. As a result, you have Proficiency in Dexterity (Stealth).

Claws: You are proficient with your unarmed strikes, which deal 1d4 slashing damage on a hit.

Standing Leap. Your long jump distance is up to 30 feet and your high jump distance is up to 15 feet, with or without a running start.

Torpor: Rather than sleep, you enter a torpid state. In this state, you remain aware of your surroundings and only require 4 hours of torpor. After Resting in this way, you gain the same benefit that a human does from 8 hours of sleep.

Languages: You can speak, read, and write Thri-Kreen. 

To show emotion and reaction, a thri-kreen clacks its mandibles and waves its antennae, giving other thri-kreen a sense of what it is thinking and feeling. Other creatures find this manner of communication difficult to interpret and impossible to duplicate.

When forced to interact with creatures of other intelligent species, thri-kreen employ alternative methods of communication, such as drawing pictures in sand or making pictures out of twigs or blades of grass.

Variant Thri-Kreen: Psionic

A few thri-kreen manifest psionic abilities, using their powers to aid the hunt and communicate more easily with outsiders.

A psionic thri-kreen has telepathy out to a range of 30 feet and gains the following additional trait:

Thri-Kreen Psionics: You know the mage hand cantrip. 

When you reach 3rd level, you can cast jump once with this trait, and you regain the ability to do so when you finish a long rest. 

When you reach 5th level, you can cast the blur spell once with this trait, and you regain the ability to do so when you finish a long rest. 

Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for these spells. 

You can cast all of them without components.

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anonymous asked:

Re: Hiveswap vs Homestuck troll powers, I've always had the hc that psionic abilities naturally vary, but that outliers increased within Alternian society because of inbreeding. (They seemed to constantly be breeding back to the same line of mothergrubs.) Maybe if Condy had let any heiresses live they would have split off into rival hives so more genetic diversity could have been preserved. Instead, they tried to just manage by culling mutants which clearly didn't stop mutations from happening.

Hey, this is a really neat HC! So like, really going in on the bug angle, with the fuchsia blooded trolls playing the role of queens, each making their own hive? That makes a lot of sense. And we know there can be multiple mothergrubs because of Kanaya’s lusus…I like this theory!

So, in this case, mutants are the result of the Condesce refusing to allow other “queens” to exist and create other hives, which causes inbreeding…and you’re suggesting that both weaker and more powerful psionics are also a side effect? I would love to hear more about it!! 

PEN Collars

Psionic Energy Nullification Collars or as they’re more commonly known, PEN Collars (or just PENs) are a specially-developed type of device for use in the military, though they still end up planetside from time to time.

The collars appear to be complex metallic bands on the outside, but their inside is lined with invasive biotech similar to that of the Helmsman ports in the Empire’s starships. Once attached to a victim, the collar’s wire-like tendrils burrow into the skin and wrap around the nerves, forming knotted clusters in the spinal cord of the victim as well as many of the veins heading into the head. In addition to the below function, this also makes the collars incredibly hard to safely remove without causing immense damage to the prisoner. PENs can be removed with certain codes programmed into them by their owners, but illegal, caustic solutions can also burn off their organic portions and render the collars largely useless while doing only moderate harm to the host.

Unlike what its name may suggest, the PEN Collars do not actually nullify psionic energy, they absorb it, weakening the users psionic ability by anywhere from 70% to 95%. The collars use psionic power to fuel themselves and maintain their numerous functions (such as tracking, for example) but can also store it in specialized organic batteries that grow along its interior, accessible and removable by the owner. Excess energy caused by active psionic use is shed as heat, burning the wearer and warning them against flexing their mind too much.

In addition to whatever functions their owner might have modified into them, all PENs come with the ability to cut off or reestablish blood circulation to the brain on demand, cause immense pain and/or muscular spasms via spinal nerve stimulation, and a built-in explosive device that can be easily modified to use the psionic batteries as well.

My first finished piece of 2017 - a mock comic book cover featuring my post-apocalyptic heroine and muse, Chali, an ambassador in the far future hailing from a matriarchal nation where women possess potent psionic abilities. I’d started this at the beginning of 2016 but lost the original drawing (the line work is traditional) when my computer crashed.


TWRP (An Episode Bomb) “House Always Wins”

When the boys stumble upon a space casino, they get mixed up in the owner’s dangerous mind games.

Peaking her interest of beautifully built bodies, Uellusha, the casino’s owner, clutches onto the boys with her psychic, psionic abilities. She sends them all into their own artificial head space of forgotten feelings and nostalgia. It is up to them to bring themselves back to reality and escape the grip of the infamous Uellusha before she makes them into her slaves forever.

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. headcanon:

The humanoid mutants of the Zone leave many Stalkers uncomfortable for good reason - they are the formerly human inhabitants of the area that were present during the formation of the C-Consciousness in 2007. While just seven scientists formed the hivemind, their experiments were supported by a huge contingent of civilian and military personnel who were left at the mercy of the noosphere’s effects on their minds and bodies.

Many of these mutants still cling to the memory of their previous lives by wearing familiar clothing and lingering near their former posts. Their mutations and abilities also reflect much of their previous natures.

Lengthy info under the cut - 

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Gif source:  Erin

Imagine your older sister, Erin, finding out that you’re a mutant with psionic and elemental abilities when you use your powers to stop some bad guys.

——— Request for anon ———

“What the hell was that?” Erin shouts, shock wracking through her at what she’d just witnessed. It all had happened so fast, and the two of you were outnumbered and about to be in a very, very bad situation. She was your sister, and you couldn’t stand there and let her get killed all because you wanted to keep your mutation a secret.

“Erin,” you have your hand out towards her, moving closer a step cautiously, “calm down.”

“’Calm down?’” she repeats in just as high-pitched a voice, “You just took out ten guys without batting an eye!”

  • vriska: is a highblood with a mutated eye who used a psionic ability, which is EXTREMELY RARE for her caste, to mind control a troll into mind-controlling a dragon into mind-controlling another troll from all the way across the planet in order to force them to sleepwalk and blind themselves
  • fandom: lol cool
  • someone: hey look at my lowblood fantroll she has mutated claws and she can summon fire by snapping her fingers
  • fandom: wow dude that's way too OP!! that's not even scientifically possible?!??!??? what a mary sue fantroll!!

Here is a creature I made. Its an Alhoon Demilich. They’re Alhoons who have left their physical bodies to enhance their psionic abilities. An Alhoon Demilich focuses a lot of their research into which parts of their mind they can remove to enhance their psychic powers. They’re often unable to retain long-term memories, and store their memories and knowledge into little chunks of brain that floats around them. Eating a piece from an Alhoon Demilich’s brain hoard will give you whatever knowledge that was stored in that piece.

Thanks to talks with one @paragonrobits , I’ve been able to clarify some headcanons of mine about ancient Trolls and how some of them evolved.

These ones are mostly biological, plan on doing ancient history ones later.

- Though considered vestigial now, Trolls used to have an internal set of organs that allowed them to produce their own eggs. Two or more trolls could mate and a mix of eggs of whatever their blood colors were would come from the mix.

- The Troll concept of quadrants evolved from their natural inclination towards polyamory. It makes sense for one troll to carry the eggs at a time and protect the offspring, while the rest of their mates search out safe spots, gather food, and do whatever else is necessary to ensure their offspring and mates survive. Quadrants themselves may have come from a need for a social dynamic that would prevent too many scuffles and jealousy between multiple quadrant mates over one egg carrier.

- The general dynamic exploration period was to have warmer bloods avoid the ocean (for both danger and reasons of colder temperatures), while the cooler and stronger ones might walk the shore to find things like shells, gathering salt water to make into salt or use in healing, or to gather certain seaside foods like coconuts (or the Troll equivalent of such).

- Before becoming amphibious beings, sea dwellers were considerably more monstrous. Having fish or snake tails instead of legs, and being incapable of breathing unless submerged in water at least over to their chest gills.

- Ancient sea dwellers were typically separated into Shallow Dwellers (the ones who stayed in the zones where there was at least a bit of sunlight and might surface from time to time to catch low flying birds to eat or spy on the Land Dwellers near the shore [or to catch and eat said Land Dwellers]), or Depths Dwellers (those making their homes in the deep aphotic zone and feasting on deep sea squids, whales, etc., usually their tails might look like those of whales, or of squids/octopi).

- While a mature Shallows Dweller might grow to be twice as big as a Land Dweller, a fully grown Depths Dweller might grow to be three times that.

- Shallows Dwellers and Depths Dwellers both had phosphorescent markings over their bodies. Both also, over parts of their bodies, had hard scale-like armor on belly and chest, and undersides of arms.

- The first amphibious Violet Blood came from a union between a Shallows Dweller and a Land Dweller Cerulean. The mixture of DNA allowed the new Sea Dwellers to have the limbs of their Land Dweller parent and the gills and fins of the Shallow Dweller. Though all Ceruleans produced from this type of union remained relatively the same save for some inheriting luminescent markings from their seaborne heritage.

- Later on, Purple Bloods came from a union between Amphibious Violets and a land Dwelling Blue Blood. By this turn, Purples have some vestigial fins but lack any gills save by mutations that result in that gene becoming activated. Those that do have gills tend to have respiratory problems. So while they are inclined toward moist air, they could not breathe underwater. A good number of them could be born with phosphorescent markings, mostly around the face, but this gene tended to be repressed and became rarer in subsequent generations. Though vestigial fins remained.

- Amphibious Fuschias came from a union between a Depths Dweller and a Land Dwelling Lime Blood. Giving the amphibious Fuschia Sea Dwellers limbs and the like in a similar way to amphibious Violets through a form of convergent evolution.

- The union of the vague abilities of a Lime Blood, with the blood of a Depths Dweller, led to a fascinating biological change. The offspring of a union of Land Dwelling Warm Bloods and an Amphibious Fuschia had the Warm Blood genes for psionics and other psychic abilities (either turned off or weakly expressed) flipped on entirely. Giving Warm Blood offspring of this union usage of abilities throughout most of their population with a small number of exceptions. This also gave those who inherited these turned on genes a tendency towards having a few glowing markings.

- These genes, when made into the Jade Bloods, had an interesting effect on their genotype and phenotype which made those with that heritage resistant to sunlight, and began the line of them becoming Rainbow Drinkers after their heart stopped beating once.

- Later unions of Warm Bloods with powers and Cooler Bloods eventually led to the advent of the rare Cerulean who had mind control abilities, but had much more prevalence in Purples (possibly because of their Violet lineage) which gave them their characteristic chucklevoodoos.

- For reasons unknown, trolls such as Olives, Teals, and Blues were exempt from gaining these powers


Canary psion adoptables |

the last complete set for a while! these are all special adopts, made specifically to fit their own lore, etc. which you can read here.

blue | psionic intuitive aptitude. The ability to pick up objects, weapons, etc. and gain an instinctive knowledge of how to use them efficiently. SOLD

red | psionic amplification. Can boost or augment other psionic abilities by exerting  an aura or through touch. essentially, they use a deep pool of psionic potential as a “shared” chain of energy. often paired with scimitar groups. SOLD

yellow | clairvoyance. The ability to to simply “know” certain things. locate objects, people, etc. by tracing their aura. in addition, the ability to see seconds into the future - carefully regulated by their implant to prevent overload from having foresight of so many people at once. SOLD 

olive | Hypnosis. The ability to place people into “trances” and command them to do a variety of things or else make them “open books” for other psionic use. often used in a medic setting to allow them to assist with traumatized or overloaded psions. SOLD

they are all $20 a piece! 

please send me an IM or an ask if interested!

oh right! their focii are all the blood colored gemstones on them. Olive’s is on a bracelet on their wrist, red and blue are earrings, yellow is a choker.