psionic ability


Mind Infinity Stone

Color: Yellow

Abilities: Near-limitless psionic/psychic abilities including empathy, telepathy and telekinesis.

First Encountered: Thanos provided Loki with a Sceptercontaining the Mind Stone. Once Loki arrived on Earth, he found a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who had been experimenting with the Tesseract’s power. Loki used the power of the Scepter to defeat them all, before putting Clint Barton, Erik Selvig and several other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents under his complete control, ordering them to kill Nick Furyand steal the Tesseract for him. Selvig continued to experiment on the Tesseract in order to learn how to open a large sustainable portal.

Current Location: Vision forehead

How will Thanos get the stone: Takes the stone from Vision’s forhead. Really not much into it really.

My first finished piece of 2017 - a mock comic book cover featuring my post-apocalyptic heroine and muse, Chali, an ambassador in the far future hailing from a matriarchal nation where women possess potent psionic abilities. I’d started this at the beginning of 2016 but lost the original drawing (the line work is traditional) when my computer crashed.

PEN Collars

Psionic Energy Nullification Collars or as they’re more commonly known, PEN Collars (or just PENs) are a specially-developed type of device for use in the military, though they still end up planetside from time to time.

The collars appear to be complex metallic bands on the outside, but their inside is lined with invasive biotech similar to that of the Helmsman ports in the Empire’s starships. Once attached to a victim, the collar’s wire-like tendrils burrow into the skin and wrap around the nerves, forming knotted clusters in the spinal cord of the victim as well as many of the veins heading into the head. In addition to the below function, this also makes the collars incredibly hard to safely remove without causing immense damage to the prisoner. PENs can be removed with certain codes programmed into them by their owners, but illegal, caustic solutions can also burn off their organic portions and render the collars largely useless while doing only moderate harm to the host.

Unlike what its name may suggest, the PEN Collars do not actually nullify psionic energy, they absorb it, weakening the users psionic ability by anywhere from 70% to 95%. The collars use psionic power to fuel themselves and maintain their numerous functions (such as tracking, for example) but can also store it in specialized organic batteries that grow along its interior, accessible and removable by the owner. Excess energy caused by active psionic use is shed as heat, burning the wearer and warning them against flexing their mind too much.

In addition to whatever functions their owner might have modified into them, all PENs come with the ability to cut off or reestablish blood circulation to the brain on demand, cause immense pain and/or muscular spasms via spinal nerve stimulation, and a built-in explosive device that can be easily modified to use the psionic batteries as well.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. headcanon:

The humanoid mutants of the Zone leave many Stalkers uncomfortable for good reason - they are the formerly human inhabitants of the area that were present during the formation of the C-Consciousness in 2007. While just seven scientists formed the hivemind, their experiments were supported by a huge contingent of civilian and military personnel who were left at the mercy of the noosphere’s effects on their minds and bodies.

Many of these mutants still cling to the memory of their previous lives by wearing familiar clothing and lingering near their former posts. Their mutations and abilities also reflect much of their previous natures.

Lengthy info under the cut - 

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Gif source:  Erin

Imagine your older sister, Erin, finding out that you’re a mutant with psionic and elemental abilities when you use your powers to stop some bad guys.

——— Request for anon ———

“What the hell was that?” Erin shouts, shock wracking through her at what she’d just witnessed. It all had happened so fast, and the two of you were outnumbered and about to be in a very, very bad situation. She was your sister, and you couldn’t stand there and let her get killed all because you wanted to keep your mutation a secret.

“Erin,” you have your hand out towards her, moving closer a step cautiously, “calm down.”

“’Calm down?’” she repeats in just as high-pitched a voice, “You just took out ten guys without batting an eye!”


Canary psion adoptables |

the last complete set for a while! these are all special adopts, made specifically to fit their own lore, etc. which you can read here.

blue | psionic intuitive aptitude. The ability to pick up objects, weapons, etc. and gain an instinctive knowledge of how to use them efficiently. SOLD

red | psionic amplification. Can boost or augment other psionic abilities by exerting  an aura or through touch. essentially, they use a deep pool of psionic potential as a “shared” chain of energy. often paired with scimitar groups. SOLD

yellow | clairvoyance. The ability to to simply “know” certain things. locate objects, people, etc. by tracing their aura. in addition, the ability to see seconds into the future - carefully regulated by their implant to prevent overload from having foresight of so many people at once. SOLD 

olive | Hypnosis. The ability to place people into “trances” and command them to do a variety of things or else make them “open books” for other psionic use. often used in a medic setting to allow them to assist with traumatized or overloaded psions. SOLD

they are all $20 a piece! 

please send me an IM or an ask if interested!

oh right! their focii are all the blood colored gemstones on them. Olive’s is on a bracelet on their wrist, red and blue are earrings, yellow is a choker.

Here is a creature I made. Its an Alhoon Demilich. They’re Alhoons who have left their physical bodies to enhance their psionic abilities. An Alhoon Demilich focuses a lot of their research into which parts of their mind they can remove to enhance their psychic powers. They’re often unable to retain long-term memories, and store their memories and knowledge into little chunks of brain that floats around them. Eating a piece from an Alhoon Demilich’s brain hoard will give you whatever knowledge that was stored in that piece.

Psionics Explained, hypothetically speaking

Trolls have been around a lot longer than humans have and thus have had more time as a species to evolve and develop more advantageous methods of survival. Consideration that they are a species that is much more predisposed towards manipulating their environment to benefit them (Rather than humans being predisposed to adapt to our environments), this eventually gave rise to advanced psionic abilities

Psionics function as a physical manifestation of trolls utilizing their unique, deep connections with the quantum consciousness universe- that connection allowing the psionic user to manipulate space-time in the short run. At its most basic level, this allows for some trolls to move objects telekinetically. The reason that lowbloods tend to have much higher concentrations of psionic affluency is because lowbloods evolve much more in a shorter period of time since their lifecycles are considerably shorter than their higher-blooded predecessors. Naturally, they have evolved advantageously and rapidly to accommodate this ability.

Taking Young’s Double-slit experiment into account illustrates the effect that we as humans know active consciousness to have on our surrounding environment. The mere observation of certain particles can drastically alter their path, so why would it not be possible for this to be exemplified in a species that has had millions of years to evolve?

  • vriska: is a highblood with a mutated eye who used a psionic ability, which is EXTREMELY RARE for her caste, to mind control a troll into mind-controlling a dragon into mind-controlling another troll from all the way across the planet in order to force them to sleepwalk and blind themselves
  • fandom: lol cool
  • someone: hey look at my lowblood fantroll she has mutated claws and she can summon fire by snapping her fingers
  • fandom: wow dude that's way too OP!! that's not even scientifically possible?!??!??? what a mary sue fantroll!!
Voltron Superhero AU

Another wonderful AU crafted by me and @bluelightningbug, with additional help from @ink-rose-the-hylian, @nightcrawler-fan, @tamaction, @invisiblemanda and @esamitch, who are all awesome.

Basically, it’s a Voltron AU where they’re superheroes, instead giant robot pilots.

The central story is similar to canon, with the difference being that each lion, instead of being a giant robot, is actually a magical, Quintessence infused pendant that, like a Green Lantern ring, is wielded by those it deems worthy, and granting them superpowers. The superpowers vary from user to user, “enhancing that which is within”.

Initially, the Pendant must be recharged every 24 hours, but as the user grows more comfortable with the Pendant, the longer the charge lasts, until the Pendant is no longer needed, and the powers are permanent.

The story line for the AU is, again, very similar to canon, with Zarkon ruling much of the Galaxy, Shiro having been a prisoner, Allura and Coran being the last of their species, and so on, except that certain elements may change since here, the Galra Empire is attempting to recreate the Pendants, and Shay tags along with the Voltron group, becoming a full fledged member, albeit without a Pendant, as her powers are a natural extension to her connection to the Balmera, and the Quintessence within it. The same goes for Coran and Allura, whose powers are derived from Altean biology, and, particularly in Allura’s case, a close connection to Quintessence.

So, with those explanations aside, let me show you a list of the Paladins, and their powers. Feel free to send suggestions, story ideas, and the like, since I’m always keen to discuss any AU I’ve made.

Get your AU under the cut.

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Underdark Dragons - Brainstealer Dragon

|| Requested by @auzaknafein ||

Manipulative, scheming and lovers of…brains

Brainstealer dragons are the result of a pairing of any dragon with an illithid. Which means exactly what one would assume. The creature resembles a powerful draconic monstrosity, wings hardly more than fleshy layers of skin, and four long tentacles grow out of the neck where its head should be. Two white bloated lidless orbs behind the tentacles serve as the creature’s eyes.

Brainstealer dragons combine the worst features of illithids and dragons, stunning creatures of the deep world with their mind blast and devouring brains with their dreadful tentacles. Illithid breeding programs occasionally create terrors even elder brains cannot control. Brainstealer dragons seem to be among those misbegotten progeny.

Brainstealer dragon - Dragon Magazine 337 pg24

These dragons tend to be manipulative and scheming, using other underworld races to further their ends. A few rare great wyrm brainstealers can boast actual illithid communities among their pawns. Many brainstealer dragons view life as a game they intend to win. 

Lair: Any Underdark, sometimes Illithid colonies

Combat: Usually starts a fight with a mind blast, catching as many opponents as possible in the cone. It then attempts to grapple its foes with tentacles to begin extracting their brains.

Breath Weapon:
None – instead has psionic attacks
Immunities: Psionic defenses 
Abilities: Extract (brain), Mind Blast, Psionics, Telepathy
Diet: …Brains
Favorite Treasure:

Sources: Dragon Magazine 337 

Microreview: TBR 3

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To play: answer the prompts and tag your friends to do the same. Optional: use #microreview and check out @microreviews for “rules,” reviews, and more!

1. Pick a book you own but haven’t read yet: The Devil’s Right Hand by Lilith Saintcrow

2. How did you come by it? Given by a friend? Bought from a recommendation? Compelled by the cover?

This one’s another gift from my parents, but so long ago I don’t even remember. Dad picked it up at a bookstore on recommendation, along with another Saintcrow and some other books which I also haven’t gotten around to.

3. Quote the first sentence(s):

The last of the theories is the most intriguing: what if the Awakening itself was prompted by a collective evolution of the human race? Psionic talent before the Awakening was notoriously unreliable. The Parapsychc Act, by codifying and making it possible to train psionic ability, cannot alone account for the flowering of Talent and magickal ability just prior to its signing into law—no matter how loudly apologists for Adrien Ferriman cry.

4. Realistically, will you ever read it?

No, or at least it’s not very likely. For one thing, it’s in the middle of a series and I like starting at the beginning. For another, I read the other Saintcrow and wasn’t enthused (also the middle of a series, and the story was darker than I like). For a third, the plot of hunting demons for the devil doesn’t sound particularly exciting or novel, and probably like it’s full of angst. Fourth and last, it’s been on my shelf for like five years. It’s only really still there because it was a gift.

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Tickle - Solkat

Psionic ability is not so effortless as one might think–that one being Karkat Vantas.

He’s convinced that it doesn’t require an ounce of concentration.  And furthermore he’s convinced that Sollux uses his psionics solely to torture him.

As if that’s not the most arrogant assumption–though Karkat is one of his favorite targets simply because he’s so damn easy.

Since sharing living space on the god-forsaken rock Sollux has taken to pranking certain people.

So far he’s flipped Eridan’s cape over his head, tossed random objects in his path to trip him, and hid his keyboard five times.

What can he say?  He just doesn’t like the guy.

But KK proves to be so much more fun to razz; he gets so livid.

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Monster Analysis: Clarota (Mind Flayer Arcanist)

Art by andrewkellerdraws

  • First Appearance: 03 Strange Bedfellows
  • Armor Class 15
  • Darkvision 120 ft, Passive 16
  • Speed 30 ft
  • 10th-level Int-based arcane spellcaster
  • 88 damage taken, 22 killing blow by Percy

Clarota was shunned from his colony as an arcanist, considered a deviant from the strictly psionic spellcasting abilities of his peers. This rejection from the colony also saved him from the initial assault of K’Varn, as well as prevented Clarota’s mental enslavement by way of the Elder Brain (thanks to his helmet). 

Clarota primarily favors Mind Blast, the most powerful ranged spell possessed by all illithid. In addition to standard mind flayer psionic spells, however, Clarota also appears to have the complete standard list of Mind Flayer Arcanist (wizard) spells at his disposal (MM 222). These spells are shown to be more useful than many psionic attacks against many creatures of the Underdark, including the bulette and K’Varn himself. However, Extract Brain proves to be adequately useful against the General, and Mind Blast works rather effectively against the gnomes when Clarota is once again brought back into the fold of his colony.

Interestingly, Matt stated in a Q&A that Clarota’s inclusion was originally intended to be another encounter for the party, an Easter egg to show off the abilities of a magically enhanced but physically weakened mind flayer before the party entered the capital of Yug’Voril itself. Thanks to the diplomatic approach of the party’s flying carpet renegades, Vox Machina found a temporary ally with at least one common goal, someone who provided some knowledge and much support on the path to defeating K’Varn.


The Thri-kreen are a race of four armed mantis people, who live as hunters and have a deep respect for nature. While they have been around since the AD&D’s second set of Monster Cards in 1982, their popularity really started to rise as a featured, playable race in the Dark Sun setting, released in 1991. They have also shown up in The Forgotten Realms, Eberron and Spelljammer settings. The race’s look has been through a series of revisions, shifting from from “Praying Mantis with hands” to the current four armed insect humanoids.

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D&D Day 16

Favorite Monster (Aberration)


I LOVE ABOLETHS!!!  They’re the D&D monster that inspired my lovely Tumblr name! (no duh)  Ancient and alien, powerful and vile, vast and horrific; the aboleths dragged their hulking bodies through the waters of the ancient world and enslaved all lesser beings before them.  Sounds fun, right?

Born from the spores of basically D&D Cthulu (Piscaethces), the aboleths remember everything about the dark, lifeless, drowned world before gods or men were made.  Every single ability they have at their disposal is used to enslave and control.  Their slimy tentacles corrupt mortal flesh–forcing characters to keep their new slimy flesh constantly wet.  Their enslave abilities keep beings bound to them with no hope of escape.  Their psionic abilities showcase just how vast and endless their intellects are.  Swim too close and their mucus will keep you unable to breathe above water–keeping you in their sights to wear you down.

Second only to the Elder Evil that spawned them, the aboleths are way more interesting than other classic D&D aberrations to me.  My current campaign is actually based on the Aboleth mythos–the aboleths creating most of the mortal races, dying out and leaving behind ancient secrets and worship of their Blood Queen.  Their endless evil and long-dead desire for power over all really inspired my biggest campaign to date, and the party just now realized that aboleths were involved the entire time.  

I adore these terrifying, eldritch horrors.  But you don’t have to take my word for it.  To learn more about these ancient beings in all their hulking, slimy glory; visit your local Dungeon Master and pick up a copy of Lords of Madness today!   *[Insert Reading Rainbow noise here]*