The Paladin-Pattern Heavy Dreadknight is an extremely armored version of the Dreadknight Walker. It’s Heavy Aegis Plates are visually similar to Terminator armor, and are designed to protect it’s pilot. It is designed to wade into Daemonic forces and strike them down with sword, psycannon and psilencer. However, it’s heavy armor plating means that it cannot mount a Teleporter, and as such it is far less mobile than its unarmored counterpart

The Purgator-Pattern Dreadnought is designed to provide fire support for Grey-Knight. Frequently equipped with Rotary-Psycannons or Super-Heavy Incinerators and a Personal Teleporter, these forces move across the field at incredible speeds. However, their choice of arms mean that they are severely limited in Melee combat.

More pics of cool conversions i found that I thought deserved some canonization in my AU (I promise I’ll write some more about different factions later, I promise)


Something I noticed in that last image i posted from Keatinge & Campbell’s Glory reboot. On the left, Psilence as designed by Rob Liefeld. On the left, Psilence in a crowd scene as drawn by Sophie Campbell, AKA mooncalfe. A unique, attractive design that preserves the recognizable elements of the original character while not being a grotesque Liefeldian mess.

What I’m getting at here: please have Sophie in charge of the redesign of all comic book heroines.