SplickedyHat Requestset 6: Before I Sleep happy ending with Psiiya<>Silas<3Dessie where they enjoy the 80s and walk around holding hands and being wonderful dorks together.  

There was a lot more of this but we decided it is WAY too early to show people a bunch of happy ending stuff when I haven’t even written the actual sad ending yet.  So this is all you get.


A Psii, vaguely inspired by toastyhat’s fic Before I Sleep no I’m still not over that but otherwise unrelated to anything. I just felt like doing something intense.

Pencils touched up with Photoshop.

Happy Mother's Day!

An AU where Silas got to grow up and talk to people, where he got to live with Dessie and Psiiya later on in life because things got better, where Psiiya wasn’t taken away, and where they call Rosa every Sunday to talk about life and stuff. And sometimes they even call on Tuesdays and Fridays, just because. 

They went and visited her later that day UuU


Finally got around to posting some more of my sketches of toastyhat’s amazing fic Before I Sleep! Sorry for the bad photos, but the blue pencil won’t show up in scans <_<

After so many happy children I tried drawing some of the later scenes as well, but I didn’t quite manage. I wanted to draw so much more, I could’ve illustrated this whole story! Maybe some other time.

mamestuck  asked:

BIS, page 42 :-D

“[Psiiya] also has a habit of patting Silas’s head the way Silas did when they first met, usually whenever Silas seems to be getting worked up about something.  At first it’s a tentative gesture, but as weeks pass he grows more enthusiastic, ruffling Silas’s hair, patting his face, and sometimes giving short, affectionate horn-rubs.”

He’s staring at you. You lift an eyebrow and make it obvious you’re looking back. Instead of looking away like a normal child he keeps staring. And then he smiles. The woman who’s hand he’s holding doesn’t seem to notice. The little boy is still smiling at you. He lifts a hand and waves at you.

You cannot believe this. No child finds you friendly looking. They find you scary if young and intimidating if old. This little boy cannot be much more than five but he smiles at you like he knows you. You look behind you to see if there is someone waving back at him, but no.

You look back and he waves again. You lift your hand and wave back. This makes him bounce in excitement and tug his mother’s hand. She looks down and he babbles at her and points at you and you’re not sure why but she puts down the book she had been looking at and walks over.

She says nothing but the little boy pulls away from her hand and offers it to you instead. “Hi! I’m Silas! You’re cool!” You shake his hand, careful not to squeeze too hard.

“Hello Silas. I am Horuss Zahhak. It is nice to meet you. What exactly makes me…cool?” You release his hand but he doesn’t back away. Silas grins at you and up to his mother then back to you.

“You’re cool because you wave hi! Do you wear glass, um glasses to see? My friend Psiiya wears them just to be cool.” His mother chuckles as Silas babbles at you. You glance at her and she mouths an apology.

She takes his hand again, interrupting his chatter about his friends. “Enough Silas. You’ve bothered him enough. Say goodbye and thank you for listening.”

Silas pouts but looks up at you and his smile returns. “Thank you for listening Mr. Zach. Bye!” You nod and wish them both farewell. Silas waves at you until he can’t see you anymore.

You don’t know why he wanted to talk to you, why he picked you out to say hello. But… surprisingly, you’re glad he did.

HAPPY ENDING IMPLIED *dies gently in a puddle of emotions*

alluringalliteration  asked:

For Silas, Rosa, Dessie and Psiiya- What are your favourite (time period appropriate) songs?

Rosa isn’t sure how to feel about Bob Dylan but as long as Silas still likes listening to Sinatra, she’ll let it be.  No one knows where Psiiya’s taste in music came from given he’s been on the run since basically forever and they probably didn’t play the Bee Gees at CrockerCorps.  Dessie can’t escape her country roots.