psiioniic x handmaid

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I think that out of all the ancestors the Handmaid and Psiioniic have been through the worst. Handmaid was locked against her own will and raised to be a killing machine while the Psiioniic died a slow painful death being a battery of some battle-ship :s I usually go by the theory that the Handmaid will go back in time to have small meetings with him. But all she could do is to keep him some company, until he died and she had to fight the Condesce. Also thanks for following me! <3

You’re welcome. Your art is really, really cute~  <3
I agree, both of them are just so tragic. I read a headcanon somewhere that since the Handmaid is basically the usher of Death, anyone who escaped death was favoured by her. The Psiioniic certainly managed to escape death twice for sure, inevitable death in the life of slavery and then escaping execution in lieu of running the Condesce’s ship. So, I always like to think that the Handmaid admired him from a distance, spurring events to take place that saved him from death, like the Sufferer’s group finding him and taking him in and later, convinces the Condesce to not kill him by informing her of his power.

But she realizes her mistake too late that she has sentenced the Psiioniic to the same fate as she, forced to serve under a master they despise without even death as an escape, simply because she fancied him. Her decision gnaws at her and so she visits him a lot on the ship, even though he can’t see, sense, or feel her.

And uh….yeah then it leads into my picture? After the Vast Glub and he is on his dying breath she kisses him and apologizes. Dying has severed his connection with the ship, so it’s the first time he is able to notice her. :( He doesn’t understand, but feels an odd sensation that he knows her and needed that apology to die in peace.

Oh gosh, I am sorry. I just rambled…a lot. Can you even send private asks this long? I’m just going to…publish it out of fear of Tumblr eating it. :s

IN SHORT—They just give me a lot of feels. u.u

I like your version though, because then they actually get to meet. :)