Babylon 5 Alternative Episode Theory: Race Through Dark Places

I just posted this in a reply to someone else, but it’s long and I’d like to be able to link to it seperately if necessary, so I’m reposting it here.

It’s my “if everyone in the Babylon 5 universe was competent and as good at their jobs as they’re said to be, including the bad guys, a lot of these episodes would have had to have very different implications for them to work, ideally the whole episode would go differently BUT let us take the episode as given and just change the POV to make everyone more awesome!” theory of the episode, otherwise not one of my favorites. It’s also fairly pro-Bester, as that was the point of the initial conversation, and because he’s so much more fun when he’s portrayed as really good - ruthlessly good - at his job.

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alright so i thought abt it and i made a seperate blog for my other interests!! it’s over at psicorps and i’ll still reblog stuff from my main 3 fandoms on here (buffy ob ava’s demon) and this will still be my main blog but y'know

i needed a space where my interests could be fluid without me feeling obligated to stick to certain fandoms!! so yeah. Just A Heads Up, i might be over there for quite a bit from now on but i’m not abandoning this blog at all.


​:  There’s a whole plot about telepaths. Sometime between B5 and Crusade there was a Telepath War, and in it Lyta died and Psicorp was disbanded. (And these aren’t really spoilers because they never actually tell you about it clearly.)

WHAAATTT!?!?! That’s kind of IMPORTANT 0_0 I had stuff for her to do.  

@ooksaidthelibrarian: You probably figured this out by now, I think it gets explained in the first episode, but Psycorps got dismantled after the Telepath War. This is why telepaths can now serve with Earth Force and are much more integrated into society.
He’s pretty much my favourite character from that show, with the exception of Galen.
Btw, if you haven’t done so already, check to make sure you’re watching the episodes in the right order or things will get hella confusing very quickly. I think Wikipedia has a guide to the chronological vs airing vs DVD order.

It’s not in order either? What the heck? Okay, I’m looking up the telepath war… and apparently I have to watch “Call to Arms” as well. Ugh. So much homework for this dumb comic plot. 

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Ignoring the B5 books is a hobby I enjoy.

Some of them are good. The Psicorps trilogy was pretty good, I thought, and if I cared more about Bester, I might have cared about them more. (I do know fans of Bester who love them, so they must be doing something right there.) But so far I’ve read 1.5 books by John Vornholt and not thought well of either of them. Thankfully he hasn’t written any more, so after this I will be free of him. (Although I think he’s written Star Trek books, including a DS9 one, so perhaps not. We shall see. There are over fifty DS9 books, so that’ll take me a while.)

The next one’s by Jim Mortimore, and I’ve liked his Doctor Who stuff that I’ve read/listened to, so I have slightly higher hopes for it. And I’m sort of dreading reading the Legions of Fire trilogy after everything I’ve heard, but I know I will anyway because I’m a pretty dedicated completionist and am willing to hate read things for that goal.