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Things are going from bad to worse for the Justice Department in the Judge Dredd Megazine #388 as Lizard People Illuminati (Yes really), plot to destroy the city, or at the very least kick the judges out of it.

It’s always a sign you live in a crap world when the authoritarian douchebags are the best chance at survival you’ve got. Also @judgeanon got his wish for more Hershey/Anderson encounters.

So I’ve Just Been To See “Mad Max: Fury Road”

Warning, spoilers ahead. I’ll put them under a “Read More” link, but I have no idea if the mobile client will honor that.

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The ticketing servers at the theater were down, so my Fandango tickets couldn’t be read. The poor ticket taker had to write the numbers down so that after the servers came up, they could enter them all by hand to mark them used. In retrospect, this was the perfect, failing infrastructure foreshadowing lead up to what is probably the greatest post-collapse apocalyptic dystopian road trip film ever made.

Before I go any further, there are a lot of people calling this movie “Steampunk.”

Stop that. This is not Steampunk. There is a very defining characteristic of Steampunk, and that is the use of steam to generate power - whether you want to go full-on Victoriana Obscura, or 1950′s retro-chic, or whatever, it’s not Steampunk unless it’s actually using steam to run the technology of the world.

There’s none of that in this movie. The technology of this movie runs on gasoline and slaves. This is nuclear fallout, atomic devastation, complete ecological disaster, scrap-metal and razor wire. The dustbowl aesthetic is so intense, my throat was parched ten minutes in. This movie is about warlords and power and control and a two-thousand horsepower nitro boosted war machine shattering its way across a sterile desert on the slim-threaded hope of freedom. This is a post-apocalyptic miracle movie with so much turbo power that I actually forgot to breathe about five times during the film. My heart was racing. I walked out of the theater feeling like I’d just run a 10K. My best friend looked at me and said:

“Compared to Mad Max, John Wick is a contemplative drama about a man dealing with grief and loss.”

It doesn’t stop. It doesn’t relent. There is violence. So. Much. Violence.

But there is also a fully developed, fully realized world, with religions, and culture, and myths and parables. Fury Road delivers absolutely developed, completely realized characters (holy shit, Furiosa), astonishing action, and just a completely insane, adrenaline-infused cocktail of full-bore, up-against-the-wall action. It is amazing. I have said it many times, I am saying it again.

Mad Max: Fury Road is amazing.


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