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Do you know of any stories where Stiles develops some kind of psychic powers? (i.e: Telekinesis)

We do know. Cause of our psychic powers obvs. - Anastasia

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Colored Smoke by Elivira

(1/1 I 1.445 I General I No Pairing)

The Nogitsune is gone, but a little something got left behind.

(The one where Stiles can read emotion, Scott is a ball or worry, and Lydia is the only person Stiles can stand to be around.)

Bridger by skeleteen

(1/1 I 3,062 I General I Sterek)

All the medicine gives him nosebleeds. He hates the nosebleeds, but the alternative to not taking the colourful pills is a one way ticket into a looney bin.

Or, the one where everyone presents an ability around the ages four to five. Most get stuff like night vision or indestructible nails, but Stiles is a bridger, and bridgers are legally required to subdue their powers. Stiles has never been good at following the rules.

tell me no lies (and i’ll try to forgive) by KatsatheGraceling

(1/1 I 3,178 I Teen I Sterek)

Laura laughed, a bright and happy sound. “Derek, look,” she pointed to a large sign in a shop’s window that proudly proclaimed ‘Psychic Readings’. The siblings were walking around a small town just on the outskirts of New York, relaxing and trying to enjoy the day.

“We should get our fortunes told,” Laura said.

Derek huffed. “And let them scam us? No way.”

Laura pouted at him playfully, but they continued walking around the shops downtown.

It was only two years later that Laura was taken from him, too. Derek always wondered what the fortune teller would have said to them, if it would have made the least bit of difference. If she would still be alive.

He supposed that curiosity is what made him walk into “Claudia’s Clairvoyance and Medium Readings” years later.

Clarity by transgallavich

(6/? I 3,784 I Not Rated I Sterek)

Derek is in love with Stiles. Stiles can read his mind.

another pretty vein (just dies) by pprfaith

(1/1 I 5,166 I Not Rated I No Pairing)

In which Stiles sees it all coming and nothing really changes anyway. Except when it does.

Your Face is Like a Melody (It Won’t Leave My Head) by toyfeels

(1/1 I 8,386 I Teen I Sterek)

“Since age three, Stiles has been dreaming of Derek. When he was younger, he would always babble about Derek and draw pictures of them together, etc. but everyone just assumed that Derek was his imaginary friend. Stiles himself didn’t realize that Derek was a real person until he heard about the Hale fire but by that time, Derek and Laura had moved to New York. ”

A Blast From The Future by Alexdoesthings

(1/1 I 9,136 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles can see the future, which can be a real bonus when your best friend is a werewolf with a knack for attracting trouble, but he is haunted visions of death and destruction. With the town and everyone he loves in grave danger, Stiles has to find a way to stop this new threat. When the visions tell him the only solution is Derek’s blood sacrificed at the right moment he is suddenly tasked with the job of keeping the alpha alive but things get complicated when the two build a connection far deeper than friendship. Now Stiles must choose between the lives of the many or the life of the one person he has grown to love more than any other.

Threat Assessment by Blue_Five

(1/1 I 9.196 I Mature I Sterek)

As a civilian consultant with the Psi Division, Stiles worked with a different Judge everyday. Then he met Judge Derek Hale.

Agents against the dark by RadioStatic

(8/8 I 23,088 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles is part of a special police division devoted to the Supernatural. He’s been partnered with Derek for two years. There’s a serial killer on the loose that’s going after Werewolves. They need to stop it.Besides catching killers and protecting those that need it, Stiles can’t help falling in love slowly with his partner despite the fact that he’s married to a terrible woman.
Slow building Sterek.

As Cryptic as the Moon by Formaldehyde_Eyes

(8/8 I 30,404 I Explicit I Sterek)

“So,” Stiles started, everything about him unsure with how to explain it. “I sometimes have these dreams. About wolves.”

Burning House by witchgrassi

(1/1 I 46,281 I Not Rated I Sterek)

For as long as he can remember, Stiles has been dreaming of the burning house in the woods. At first he thought that they were just nightmares, but as he grew up he realized that they were actually visions of the future for the Hale family and that he was the only one who would be able to save them.

Opportunity Knocks by WhereDestiniesMeet17 (orphan_account)

(15/15 I 52,719 I Explicit I Steter)

At that moment, something moved across the yard. His heart kicked up, fear making him flail and latch back onto the fence. He sucked in a deep breath and repeated to himself, don’t freak out, don’t freak out. It’s just a shadow. It isn’t a murderer or house owner looking to kill you. Just turn and look and you’ll see it’s nothing but a trick of the eye.

Stiles turned his head ever so slightly more to the side, ignoring how Scott held up his hand to show the splinter wedged in his palm. His eyes cast back to the shadow, and yep, his first instinct was correct. There was definitely someone in the fucking yard with them.


Or, the one where Stiles dives head first into a supernatural shit storm and drags everyone he knows down with him. And he takes up with Peter Hale of all people.