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The Signs as Jaden Smith Tweets

Aries: Shia LaBeouf.

Taurus: Adults Confuse Me. A Tree Just Whispered That To Me In My Sleep.

Gemini: Experience Is A Choice. Watch Donnie Darko Again And You’ll See What I Mean.

Cancer: I Speak Jaden. I Cry Distilled Tears. This May Be My Best Tweet Ever.

Leo: Understanding Still Leaves You Standing. Remember This

Virgo: If You Were Born On This Planet You Can Already Speak Every Language In The World. Peace Out.

Libra: My Pshyche Says: My Young Mind Is Older Than You Think.

Scorpio: Listen To Your Mind PS. I Am Now Inside Your Head

Sagittarius: I Can’t Decide If I Should Take A Trip To Norway Or Jupiter.

Capricorn: Trees Be All Like You Can’t Force Something That Isn’t Real. It’s Super Obvious When You Think About It.

Aquarius: Dear Everyone: Maybe I Was Born In The Wrong Dimension.

Pisces: Trees Would Run Away If They Could.

I want whatever Jaden has been taking..