• DBQ:you have to use all the documents or all of them except one in order to get maximum points
  • Me:psh I'ma use them all no prob
  • Doc6:black people don't face discrimination anymore and who the fuck needs feminism lol
  • Me::) bye bitch

I was tagged by phan-is-luv (a hella rad human bean) to do this selfie thing about beautiful people idk have this 

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and @ you cause ur all beautiful (whoaaa so smooth) 

(sorry there are so many of you idk how many I’m supposed to pick and you’re all really cool and I want to see your beautiful faces)

anonymous asked:

How do I tell someone I have feelings for them?

{im not good at anything, i’ve never told someone my feelings for them, i’ve only obsessed over a boy in first grade and literally there wasn’t a single soul who didn’t know i liked this kid, but that isn’t going to help you.

first grade aside, i’ve never been good at people skills and tbh i don’t have feelings for anyone right now, but i found a website that i liked and thought it could be useful to you or anyone else facing the same problem. just make it kind of gradual, but make sure you don’t go too slow that you get friendzoned!!! after a while or when you think they might even feel partially the same way for you, go ahead and ask them out! good luck my anonymous friend!}

It Won't Be Bad Forever

I see a lot of depressing things on this site. Post like “I want to end it” or “I’m giving up”. In light of that, I’m sharing something I wrote a while back. Not sure if anyone’ll ever see it, but hey.
Adolescence is a twisted road of emotions, hormones and stress. Sure, it won’t last forever, but sometimes it feels as if it’s taking about that long for the roller coaster of uncertainty to end. It’s frustrating, really. Especially when you’re someone who hates themselves, as well as all of the emotional theatrics, and is “pathetically hopeless when it comes to the whole issue of ‘love’”. And then, when you look back and realize that you really aren’t any different when it comes to being emotional and dramatic, it just makes you hate yourself and the other things that much more. It feels like being hopelessly trapped. Which is another statement that may seem overly dramatic, and again, make you a bit more angry with yourself. Sometimes it can’t be helped. Being a hormonal teen is horrible but temporary, and there are a plethora of situations a person could be in that are worse than this. Just remember: It gets better, but only if you want it to.