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Could you do one where readers parents where abusive and so FP took her/him in when she was younger so Jughead is like her brother and Fp her father. (Same age as Jughead) they are both kinda outsiders and jug teases reader about liking Reggie saying it would ruin her reputation of badassery. Reggie gets jealous when reader starts spending time with someone else. Idk fluff. I’m really terrible at descriptions. 💕

Pairing: Reggie x Reader

Description: You grew up in a family that wasn’t the best, your parents were abusive towards you almost everyday. FP overheard yelling one day coming from your house, only to see them hurting you. Ever since that day FP took you in, making Jughead like a brother towards you. You two grew up together, and Jughead did tease you like a sister. Especially when it came to you liking Reggie but having it conflict with your reputation.

Warnings: Mentions of abuse

Word Count: 2,052

A/N: If you have a bad home life situation, please contact someone to get help so you can be safe! This was really interesting to write, this is my first Reggie imagine so it was fun to create. Hope you like it! :)

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Each day that went by you didn’t know how you managed to stay happy, or even alive for that matter.

Your parents were alcoholic drunks, who ended up being extremely abusive towards you.

They weren’t always like this though, before you moved to Riverdale your family was happy, if they did drink it was only at dinner.

However, since you moved to the small town they became heavy drinkers, then lashing out at you.

You went to school almost everyday with bruises, but you did your best to hide them with makeup.

One day when you came home, you were in a good mood for once, you did well on your midterm paper.

“Mom, Dad guess what!” You smiled proudly, holding up your paper with an A marked on the front.

“An A? That’s it?” Your dad huffed, taking a swig from a whiskey bottle.

“You’re supposed to be a genius, you’re such a disgrace to this family.” Your mother scolded, grabbing your paper and ripping it.

You stood there in fear, you thought they’d be proud of you for once, you actually thought that maybe just maybe they’d say something nice.

“Why’d you rip it? I worked so hard on it.” You whimpered, looking at the pieces on the floor.

“What did you just say to me?” Your mother spat, grabbing your arm tightly, her nails digging into your skin.

You avoided her eyes, looking at the ground.

“Answer me when I’m talking to you!” She yelled, slapping you across the face.

Your skin burned, but you’d never let her know that.

“My paper..” You mumbled, motioning it towards the floor.

“Your paper is a disgrace Y/N, just like you.” Your father joined in, throwing his bottle at you, which hit you on the leg.

You freed yourself from your mothers grip, running to the living room.

“Y/N! Get back here and face your punishment!” Your mother shouted.

“Stop being a little bitch and own your mistake!” Your father yelled, storming after you.

What happened next was the most fearful part, they’d start beating you.

This was one of the worst ones yet, you weren’t sure if you’d live through this one.

You were going in and out of consciousness when suddenly you were pulled off the floor and carried out.

All you remember was a man taking you somewhere far away from your parents.

You soon awoke in a different house, you heard talking from another room.

You had no idea where you were, just that you were in tons of pain.

You groaned as you tried to sit up, this made the two guys rush over.

“Hey take it easy..” The one said, he looked to be about your age but a bit older.

“How are you feeling?” The older guy questioned, making you groan again.

“I hurt.” You mumbled, clutching your ribs.

“I’ll get her some asprin.” The guy said, getting up and rushing to their kitchen.

“So, you’re probably wondering who I am, and why you’re here.” He spoke, as you nodded.

“My name is FP Jones, and that’s my son Jughead Jones, and the reason you’re here is because I overheard your parents fighting yesterday when I was walking home. It sounded pretty bad so I decided to check it out when I noticed you.” He smiled sadly, looking at you.

“You were barely conscious when I got to you, if I hadn’t I don’t know if you’d be here right now.” He sighed, making a tear fall down your face.

It was all coming back to you now.

Your parents nearly killed you, and FP saved you.

“Where are they?” You questioned quietly, still hesitant around him.

“I called the police, and right now their down at the station, going to jail.” He admitted, watching how you’d react.

At first you felt upset, but then it slowly faded, and to FP’s surprise you hugged him.

He gently hugged you back so he wouldn’t hurt you.

“Thank you.” You whispered into his shirt which only made him hold you closer.

Since that day FP took you in as one of his own, Jughead became the older brother you never had, and your parents were in jail for child abuse.

Life was finally good once again, now that you had a whole new family.

“Y/N did you take my muffin?” Jughead questioned, peaking over the counter to look at you.

You quickly hid it, shaking your head innocently.

“Me? Psh. No.” You smiled, making him laugh.

“You thief! You took my muffin!” He ran around the counter, making you get up and run.

“It’s so good! I couldn’t help it!” You laughed, trying to escape, but Jughead was too quick.

He picked you up, grabbing the muffin from your hands.

“You are so sneaky.” He laughed, setting you down.

“It’s a good muffin.” You laughed, making him roll his eyes.

“I wouldn’t know.” He chuckled, walking back into the kitchen.

You made yourself a bagel instead, while Jughead ate his muffin.

You really had become a part of the family, you were a part of the Serpents family now.

You had a bit of a reputation, which you enjoyed.

But you did however have a massive crush on Reggie, the football player.

You and Reggie had a few conversations here and there, you felt like something could happen, but Reggie was hard to read.

Sometimes you’d walk close together, shoulders would brush along with hands, but that was it.

Nobody really got to see the goofy side of him only you.

One day you two were at Pop’s, Reggie was trying to show you how he could balance a spoon on his nose.

You found it extremely funny, making him laugh and the spoon to fall off his nose.

That was one of the best nights you’d had in a long time.

Until Jughead ruined it by teasing you the second you got home.

Ever since then Jughead teased you about liking Reggie.

You would always threaten to hit him in the shoulder, but he’d always run away smirking.

You despised it when he did that, even more when it was around Reggie.

You were sure he knew that you had a thing for him, but like before, you just couldn’t read him.

“You know you should do a test to see if he likes you back.” Veronica brought up one day at lunch.

You looked at her with curiosity.

“Okay, like what?” You asked, taking a bite of your sandwich.

She looked at Betty, who was already in deep thought.

“I have a brilliant idea!” She smirked, looking at Archie.

“Oh no, no, no, no, no,” Archie shook his head, making you laugh.

Jughead instantly included himself in the conversation, you might not be related but he became your older brother who protected you at all times.

“You’re going to hang out with Archie around Reggie and see how he reacts.” Betty grinned, making Veronica clap her hands.

“Brilliant!” Veronica cheered, laughing.

You glanced at Archie who sighed and eventually agreed.

Jughead gave Archie a look, making Archie laugh.

“She’ll be okay bro.” Archie reassured Jughead, patting him on the back.

After lunch you all went to the lounge area, Reggie and a few other football players were already there.

You took a deep breath, before walking in and going up to Archie.

You both started talking and laughing, catching Reggie’s attention.

He watched you both intently, making you smirk and Archie roll his eyes and laugh.

“The things I do for you.” He laughed, making you laugh too.

“Hey bro, can I borrow Y/N for a moment?” Reggie jumped in, looking at Archie with a death glare.

“Sure bud, see you later Y/N.” He smiled, walking off to find Betty and Veronica.

“What’s up?” You questioned, looking up at him.

“Why were you talking to Archie?” He blurted out, making you laugh.

He was confused at first, not understanding what was so funny, until he started putting the pieces together.

“You are a little sneak.” He laughed, picking you up and twirling you, making you laugh.

“I had to know, and man did you get jealous.” You grinned, making him roll his eyes playfully.

“I did not.” He huffed, but smiled anyways.

“You’re such a bad liar.” You laughed, poking his arm.

“Okay fine! Maybe I did get a tiny bit jealous, but it was only because I like you and I don’t want you to like Archie.” He admitted, making you smile.

“Of course I like you, you goof, why do you think I gave Archie so much attention.” You laughed, shaking your head.

He only laughed, pulling you in for a hug.

“Well for the record, you did capture my attention, and it was worth it.” He laughed, grabbing your hand and walking with you to class.

Sure Jughead might tease you for the rest of your life, and it might lower your reputation but it was worth it, you were finally getting attention by someone who liked you for you, and it was everything you could ever want.

But you were incredibly thankful for FP, if it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t be here today and for that you were grateful you had captured his attention.

Monsta X Reacts to Finding Their GF’s “Toy”

Request: Hi! How would the MX members react if they found their girlfriends “toy”? :D Thanks <3 I love your blog :)

Shownu: *blinks slowly with blank expression, slowly furrows eyebrows as he seriously begins to think about it* “but like…we have sex. like a lot of sex. like, how do you find time to…?” 
It would take him awhile to process, but he’d eventually come to terms with it. 

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Wonho: he would give this little, knowing grin as soon as he saw it. i know the boy says he’s going to stay celibate but in my humble opinion THAT IS A DAMN LIE. you can not ooze sex and not claim to have any. he would be like “okay, i get it, but also, i’m here. with all dis dick, so like utilize the real thing. i will take one for the team. you don’t have to worry about my well being. just use me. i will be your toy.”

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Kihyun: he would be mildly shocked at first. He’s kind of the mother and caregiver for the group, so you may get scolded for leaving it somewhere someone could find it. 
after a few moments, and actually thinking about it, he’d probably pull out some bullshit like “but…you should probably show me how you use it. you know…for science.”

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Minhyuk: *cue the nervous laughter* he’d shrivel into a ball of secondhand embaressment, blushes, and general cuteness. “Of course i know what it is jagi, it doesn’t mean i’ve ever SEEN one before.”
i think it could be a learning/discovery session shortly after, so he can learn to assist you and use the toy in the bedroom to bring things up to the next level. 

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Hyungwon: *half lidded eyes* “so you’re telling me, doing this doesn’t make you even more tired than when we have sex?” 
I feel like Hyungwon would be barely fazed. He’d get confirmation as to what exactly it was, how it worked, and kind of nod in a newfound understanding. Then he’d roll back over and take a nap to “better process the information.”

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Jooheon: he’d totally see it and his eyes would grow in size and his jaw would drop. After realizing you were watching him, he’d immediately try to switch it to swag mode and act totally cool about it. “yeah, i totally knew what that was. you ain’t gotta tell me. psh, I know i make you feel at least fifteen times better than that thing. whatever it happens to do. which i totally know, but i’m just testing you to know if you know.”

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I.M.: he’d start blushing, but homeboy would probably have a matching one. yeah, he’s the maknae, but i’m totally convinced he’s NASTY. After giving you a tough time after he found it, he would probably try some line like: “want me to teach you how to use this thing properly jagi?” but would totally become a blushing mess once the time came. 

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Hello! Do you mind doing some Headcanons about Princess Zelda, Link, and the champions (old and new) reacting to jumpscares in a spooky haunted house?


- for the most part, unfazed (at least in the beginning) but towards the end, when the actors bust out the real spooky tricks, she FINALLY gets scared

- u’d think she’d either run or kind of cower in fear, but nope! initially, she gets afraid and upon reflex she’ll cover her face, but after she realizes what happened, the actors get lectured…yikes



- he’s tense as soon as they walk in but he’s Too Cool to let the others know that

- “i’m not scared– DARUK WAIT FOR ME– psh this is no biggie”

- he screams like a girl


- she wasn’t afraid at all!

- she lives next to a lynel and her biggest fear is losing her friends, this was nothing

- mipha’s super badass anyways she’s sweet n shy but she’s hardcore don’t fw her


- he really enjoyed it!! he made some new friends!

- he’ll get scared each time, but then he’ll compliment their skill and timing, shaking their hands and everything

- “AH!! ohhh haha! you really scared me! hello! i’m prince sidon! i’m champion mipha’s younger brother! i invite you to our domain!!”


- he couldn’t enjoy it as much as he wanted to bc link wouldn’t let go of his arm, but that isn’t to say he didn’t have a good time

- the actors were…terrified of him so they left him alone for the most part, but the veteran actors definitely tried their best to scare him

- they failed


- he’s not ashamed to show that he’s afraid. he was the one of two who voted NOT to go to a haunted house and go see a movie instead

- screams the WHOLE time and thanks to him, only daruk heard link’s girly screams

- he was so scared that afterwards he was on edge until he was in his own bed


- L M A O I AM DYING at the idea of revali BOASTING about his rock solid mental stability “it’s just a stupid play house for kids”

- this is probably one of the few things he and link agree with. “uh, i didn’t hear him scream, did you hear me scream, revali?” “no, i don’t believe i heard you scream either, link”

- anyways have u ever heard how loud a hawk/eagle’s cry is when within a few feet? it’s loud


- he was the other one who voted against the haunted house

- he found it was quite a crowd and didn’t particularly have a good time but he did get some juicy stories about revali to tell his wife

- he notes to himself that he wants to take tulin here one day


- thought the idea was super fun and she had a good time!!! mom finally takes a break n has fun read all about it

- she got startled a few times but she wasn’t embarrassed about it like revali or link

- she actually laughed a lot it was really refreshing for everyone, herself included


- this cutie was so anxious on the way there she brought her stuffed sand seal plushie

- it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be!! it was really fun to her

- she also really enjoyed seeing everyone laughing and screaming (specifically urbosa)

-mod makar

  • Alex: so what do you wanna eat today?
  • Kara: Lena
  • Kara: I mean I would wanna do that but not yet!?
  • Alex: kara
  • Kara: I mean of course I'd wanna do that but I'll take her out for dinner first and get to know her psh how rude of me
  • Alex: kara
  • Kara: and when it's right and she's ready and I am too then I'll
  • Alex: kARA
  • Kara: I'm NOT GAY FOR LENA
Crankgameplays(Ethan) x reader

Request - “How about the reader figuring out she’s pregnant (because of Ethan of course) and having to tell him, and also they accidentally reveal the pregnancy over livestream? :D”
Words - still don’t know how to count.
Warnings - ???? No?????
Extras - ?? Nah


“holy shit holy shit.” You whispered while sitting on the toilet seat, “Should I take another one? I mean.. it could be wrong.”
Yeah, maybe take another one, I mean, pregnancy tests are sometimes wrong. But, most of the time, they’re not.
You sighed; taking another test, and awaiting the results.
Ethan was out with Mark and Tyler, just hanging out, probably at laser tag or something. Ethan insisted on staying with you, because you didn’t feel well, but, you reassured him that you were fine.
But, oh boy, as soon as he left you rushed to the bathroom taking out the pregnancy tests that you hid.
Your leg shakes uncontrollably, waiting for the result on a new test.
After a moment, you looked down.
“Shit- shit two lines.”
Freaking out, you threw away the tests, standing up, and looking in the bathroom mirror. You gently rubbed your belly.
“Really? Me? Pregnant?? With the most adorable human on this planet??”
You groaned.
“Shit! What’s he gonna do? Well.. he probably won’t kick me out?” Instead of a statement, it came out as a question more.
“I mean, he loves me too much,, right?”
You sighed heavily,
You exited the bathroom, going into yours and his room.
“Ok, alright, just gotta tell Ethan.” You
Mumbled, grabbing a good sized cardboard from one of the boxes under the bed. You rummaged through to find a sharpie that was sorta worn out, but oh well, it’ll have to do.
You quickly scribbled in big letters on the front;
’S U R P R I S E!’
And I’m the back, you put;
‘Guess what! I’m pregnant!’
You looked at it for a moment before nodding.
“This is chill, I got this.”


To: Blue Boy<3
“/babe, are you coming home soon?/”

From: Blue Boy<3
“/yeah almost home, is something wrong?/”

To: Blue Boy<3
“/no, i just missed you/”

From: Blue Boy<3
“/aww, I’m almost home :) /”


You sighed shakily, you pocketed your phone and slowly raised the sign so it was under your chin. You smiled to yourself, and waited.
And it wasn’t too long till you heard the door unlock.
Suddenly; you quickly regretted your decision, but, no turning back now.
Ethan walked in with a smile on his face, but it soon turned to confusion as he saw the sign.
“What’s this?”
“A surprise.” You softly said, now flipping the cardboard over; butterflies in your stomach. (But not really because you had a child growing in your uterus-)
Ethan read the sign, then looked up at you.
You gently smiled,
“Yeah.” You said, looking down at your own sign.
He simply looked back down then back up at you.
“I'm–? I'll–?” He started, then slowly walked towards you, looking you dead in the eyes.
“You’re serious?” He questioned.
“Yeah, I uh.. I took a test a few hours ago an-”
“Oh my god!” He shouted; taking the sign out of you hands, tossing it to the side, then hugging you tightly.
“I’m a dad!— well, gonna be a dad, but— holy shit!” He smiled his big dopey, goofy grin, tightly hugging you.
“Holy shit. A dad, and god!– Y/N you’ll be such a great mother!”
“You think?”
“Hell yeah!”


“Your sure?”
“Yes, Ethan, I’m okay enough to stream with you.”
“Are you sure?”
“Ethan! I’m fine, really, let’s just stream, hang out, and play some games, yeah?” You smiled, quickly kissing his cheek.
“Alright.” He nodded, and started the stream.
When a few people came in; he dopely* smiled, and shouted;
“Hi.” You smiled, holding back a laugh from Ethan’s intro.
Ethan looked at you and tilted his head.
“Are you laughing at me?”
“Psh! No! I was laughing at how cute you were making your intro to this stream.”
Ethan grinned and looked back at the webcam, then at the livechat.
This ended in you bursting out laughing reading the chats.
“Honestly, your fan base is literally the best thing, like, ever.”
“Hell yeah it is; and it’s not a fanbase, it’s my Cranky Crew.”
You laughed once more,
“You’re right.”

A few minutes went by, you and Ethan were answering some chats, and just hanging out.
“Pff! Oh my god! Yes! That was the best story ever.” You laughed, hugging your stomach.
Ethan whines; “sttttoopppp laughingggg.”
“It’s so funny!”
“I’ll show you funny!”
Ethan ended up tackling you; but instead of you laughing, you shrieked;
“Right! Right sorry.” Ethan grinned and apologized, kissing your cheek, pulling you back up.
“Wanna read a few more comments before we play a game?” You asked.
“Sure.” He nods.
You both looked at the chat to see much spam.

You guys immediately looked at each other with;
“Oh shit.”


Hah! I really like how this came out!! Thank you for requesting!!!~
I had much fun writing this :))

Dopey* - I’m not sure if that’s a word???? Oh well.
Request from; @nandrii

It’s been a while since my last imagine so here’s a quickie <3

When Vkook spots you from across the room

JK: *mesmerized* Wow, ain’t she a cutie

V: *bang bang* she’s mine

JK: *frowns* Hyung! that’s not fair, I saw her first!!

V: That’s not how the world works Kookie, now listen here and watch me, you gotta take action first

V: *yells in pain: falling onto ground and clutching chest* AGH, UGHH SOMEONE HELP ME, I’M DYING

JK: *ignores and steps away from V to approach you

V: *looks up and notices JK; gasps* JEON JUNGKOOK

JK: *walks back to V grinning* Hehe, I got her number

V: *playing it cool: smoothing out shirt* psh you got me, I was just warming up yaknow

JK: *smirks* same, but in the end who got her number ? *clicks tongue*

V: *snaps* HEY, YOU LITTLE SHIT *JK starts running* GET BACK HERE *runs after him

Jin: *whips head around to see vkook running* WHAT THE FUCK, WE’RE INSIDE FOR GOODNESS SAKE, THIS ISN’T THE PARK


RM: *constipating in the bathroom but heard everything* ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

© CHERRY BLOSSOM // More Imagines  

Janna needs closure

“Hey Janna,” a certain skateboard loving teen announced.

Without taking her eyes off Star or Marco, she effortlessly waved at Jackie. “Hey.”

The blonde glanced between Janna and the Starco pair. “What’re you doing?”

She waited for a response, but Janna ignored her question, watching Star highfive Marco and move closer to his seat to the point where she was leaning against her friend. The boy placed an arm over her shoulder and laughed with Star, probably over something trivial.

“Uh… Janna-”

“Those two are dating.”

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Leo Valdez looked pretty out of sorts in the pale blue hospital gown. Nico felt out of sorts, too, perched in the chair next to the bed in torn black jeans and a baggy t-shirt that didn’t belong to him.

Leo had started puking around midnight, and Nico hadn’t had any idea what to do. They’d been in Nico’s bed, at his apartment, and it was the first night they’d spent together in a while. Leo had been working on a big project in the shop, and Nico had been buried in class assignments, so any time spent together was rare and cherished.

When Leo had rolled out of bed just as Nico had comfortably settled into his arms, he was slightly bitter, but the moment he heard the retching (loud and clear through the closed door. Had Leo really thought he could fool him?) he felt guilty for being irritated at all.

That had been about four hours ago. They’d gotten back to bed after the first round of vomiting, but after one return trip to the bathroom and the confession around 2:30 that Leo was actually in a lot of pain, Nico got the both of them dressed and headed for the emergency room.

Now, though, it was nearing four in the morning, and Leo was sporting a hospital bracelet and an IV stuck in the crook of his arm. The doctor they’d spoken to suspected kidney stones, and while Leo was scheduled for a scan around 6, all they could do at the moment was wait.

Nico held Leo’s hand in his own, rubbing circles with his thumb, the television playing Cartoon Network and keeping a subdued smile on Leo’s face as he watched from his position propped up in bed.

“You can sleep, you know.” Leo spoke up, taking a sip from the styrofoam cup of bright red liquid they insisted he drink—contrast for the scan, they’d said. “You don’t need to wait up just for little old me. I’m a big boy, now.”

Nico rolled his eyes, bringing Leo’s hand up and pressing a gentle kiss to the back of his palm. “I know how bad you feel, Valdez, I think I’ll be okay for now.” He promised, glancing up at the IV bag that hung over the bed. “Plus, I’m just waiting for the narcotics to kick in. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of things that need to be filmed.”

By the looks of it, the flush to his cheeks and the half lidded eyes said the painkillers had kicked in a while ago. Still, Leo sipped at his cup and wrinkled his nose. “I think they already did, and they didn’t do jack shit.” Shifting a bit, he winced, his stomach gurgling ominously at the movement his body clearly didn’t appreciate. “I have no idea how they want me to drink so much of this stuff, I already feel so damn sick.” He grumbled, taking another small sip.

Nico took the cup, setting it aside. “You know they said to take a break if you were feeling nauseous. If you throw it all up, it’s not going to do you any good.” He chided, moving to press a hand to Leo’s forehead, wiping away some of the sweat.

Leo’s brow furrowed, but he spoke anyways. “Psh. Me, throw up? They explicitly told me not to throw up, babe.” He joked, though his voice was strained and his hands shook a little bit.

“Quit talking, just lie down,” Nico said, adjusting the blankets. “The nurse should be back soon to check in on you…”

Scooting his chair a bit closer, Nico sat right at the side of the bed, the pink emesis bin resting in his lap because Leo was too stubborn to keep it himself. He didn’t touch the contrast after that, though, and Nico knew they were fighting a losing battle. With the bitter taste of the solution and the fact that he hadn’t been able to keep anything down for hours, it was a miracle Leo lasted as long as he did. Nico assumed it was whatever the doctors had given him in that IV, but the nurse had quietly explained that the vomiting was likely caused by the amount of pain he was in.

By the time Nico set the bin in his lap, Leo was grey-skinned and clammy, his lips set in a firm line. Nico was pretty sure Leo would have sooner puked on the floor than have to ask for the bin, but the Italian didn’t mind taking one for the team and insisting Leo hold onto it.

The nurse came in just as Leo’s shoulder’s hiccuped and he threw up a copious wave of red, watery vomit into the bin, choking a bit at the end just to throw up even more. Nico shot the nurse a desperate glance as he rubbed up and down Leo’s back, watching with a sympathetic frown as his boyfriend threw up the ridiculous amount of that stupid drink the doctors insisted he had.

Before Leo was even really finished, pale and trembly as he hunched over the basin, Nico spoke up. “He can’t drink that anymore, he’s too sick.” He insisted, his voice the slightest bit high from the worry alone.

The nurse smiled gently, taking the bin once Leo offered it and offering him a tissue. “Of course. Let’s take a break, I’ll go and get you some ice to suck on and see what I can do for the pain.” She promised, standing to leave the room, though not before depositing a fresh bin at the bedside.

Leo hunched back into the pillows, completely spent at this point, his breathing uneven and his face set in discomfort. “You really ought to sleep.” He croaked out, lips tinted red, almost blood like.

Nico stood, retrieving a damp washcloth and returning to sit at the edge of the bed and mop up the sweat on Leo’s brow, wiping his mouth clean before folding it over and resting the cool, clean side on his forehead. “You really ought to stop saying that.” Nico said, carding his fingers through the sweat dampened curls. “Be compliant for once in your life.” Nico teased, his smile tiny and gentle.

Leo had just enough in him to return the look, and Nico’s heart fluttered unexpectedly. “Love you.” He mumbled, simply and shortly, resting his cheek against Nico’s hand and closing his eye.

The nurse returned 10 minutes later with another antiemetic and some painkillers, but quietly insisted they continue to try with the contrast.

Nico sighed heavily. It was going to be a long night.

justalittlemeenah  asked:

I hope you dont mind if i just flood ur askbox! Ur honestly my fav ow imagine blog! (๑>◡<๑) So hb Mccree, Reyes, 76, Hanzo and everyone's new fav Sombra where they're in a heated argument with another agent and when their S/O steps in to break them up they accidentally shove/push them to the floor? Thank you!



  • Older Jesse has more control of himself, but I think Blackwatch Jesse would not hesitate to get physical if one of the other agents was giving him a hard time. Growing up in a gang environment kinda makes that normal.
  • “Jesse!” “Not now, sugarplum,” he’s gritting his teeth when you try to stop him verbally. The boy arguing with him is grinning smugly, and curious bystanders have started to notice, as it’s definitely going to end up getting physical.
  • So you decide to step in before that can happen. But neither you nor McCree were counting on the fact that you stepped between the two boys exactly when Jesse was taking a swing. He hesitated enough at the sight of you to where he only pushed you rather than sock you in the face, but that didn’t stop him from giving his opponent a good one.
  • After speedily giving the other boy a bloody nose, Jesse is kneeling right beside you, all apologies and sweet nicknames. “Darlin, i’m sorry, I-I won’t fight again-” a pause. “Okay I can’t promise ya that but ya can’t do that again sweetheart!” You’e not mad at him; it was an accident, after all! But he feels absolutely horrible and buries his face in your hair once he helps you to your feet. 
  • “If you stop getting into fights, you won’t have to worry about that ever happening again, you know.” “…Y/N, shut it and let me kiss ya.”

Gabriel Reyes: 

  • You, being a friend to both of them, also have a pang in your heart seeing them go at it again. So you decide to do something about it since you’re there.
  • “Gabe,” you say his name as you approach. Jack hears you, and looks behind Reyes’ shoulder to see you. He looks away guiltily. Gabe, however, didn’t hear you, and takes Jack shifting focus as a sign he’s not listening.
  • “And there you go! Ignoring me again, just like how you did when you took the damn position!” Those words send you into action. You know how much Jack surpassing him hurt Gabriel. You’d stayed up at night soothing him countless times. Your goal was to stand between them and plead with Gabe to calm down, but just as you reached them he shot his hands out in an attempt to shove Jack.
  • Jack is the one to help you up. Reyes is still shocked, and looks at his hands in horror that they had hurt you. You whisper to Jack that you’re able to handle things from here, and he reluctantly leaves the two of you. “Gabe.” He doesn’t look up. You sigh, stepping forward and cupping his cheek as he stares at the floor. He lets you, but doesn’t make any moves himself. You take the initiative and pull him into your arms. Only then does he respond, wrapping his arms around you and holding you tightly to express both his remorse and his need for you in his weak state.

Solder: 76:

  • It’s kinda funny; young Jack would be able to keep his cool, but 76 can be ticked off enough to tousle. He’s not the golden boy he used to be.
  • It takes a whole lot for Jack to lose his cool, though, so this person would have to be doing/saying some seriously bad shit. Like, really bad. Bad enough where I’m sure you end up being just as pissed as your lover is.
  • But you also know that arguing with this person won’t get you two anywhere, so after thinking on what the best course of action would be, you head over. But you got there as Jack pushed the guy with a growl.
  • They pumped super soldier stuff into him years ago, so a shove from Morrison can send anyone tumbling. Both you and the asshole that he meant to hit fall onto the floor, with you quickly sitting up and rubbing a spot on your head.
  • 76 is beside you in seconds, speedily helping you to your feet before pulling you away without so much as a word to the other human he knocked over. Once you two are far enough away, he practically tears his visor off and kisses you, running his thumb across your cheek as he does so. “I’m sorry…I let my anger get the best of me back there.” He rests his forehead against yours, and when you tell him you’re not angry he just chuckles and wonders what he did to deserve someone like you.


(◕д◕✿) This request is turning out a lot more angsty than I thought it would be…

  • I can only see him going as far as physical blows with Genji. If anyone else bothered to start anything with him, he’d be able to simply walk away and meditate on his thoughts to let the anger fade away. But considering his voice lines to Genji in-game…yeahhhh.
  • Hanzo doesn’t see Genji as his brother anymore. Er, at least, not the cyborg one, anyway. His Genji died years ago, and his guilt won’t allow him to accept another. So, it’s likely the two would be in a spat because the younger one tried to reconnect with Hanzo yet again. 
  • “You are not the Genji I knew!” “You are not the Hanzo I knew, either, brother. We have gro-” “You are no brother of mine.” A statement, spoken as though it were fact. It was this that alerted you to their current conflict, and at his shout you quickly made your way over.
  • Genji is reaching out to put a hand on his brother’s shoulder when you get close. In a flash Hanzo’s eyes are narrowed, and he tries to shove the cyborg away. …But you take the blow, not wanting either Shimada hurt.
  • And you may have saved Hanzo from physical injury, but the minute he sees you lose your footing his emotions are a wreck. There is so much guilt swirling through him, and it’s just worse with the extra that being around Genji entails. Speaking of which, he left you two, knowing Hanzo needed a moment with you. The archer is just kind of stuck in a stupor as you pull yourself to your feet. “Hanzo..?” He blinks and looks at you, the emotional whirlpool evident in his eyes. You take his hand in yours softly. “It’s okay.” At the sight of your warm smile, he pulls you to him and settles his head on your shoulder, breathing in your scent to calm himself down as you reach up to run your fingers through his hair. 


  • Sombra seems to me the type to brush off any harsh words said in her direction. If someone were to actually upset her, I think they’d have to be talking negatively about a cause she’s passionate about or a person she cares for.
  • Say someone was talking shit on omnics or something. I believe she likes them, especially after her Los Muertos days. So if someone didn’t shut up after she told them to shut their mouth, then she’d actually be bothered to argue. 
  • The few times Sombra gets heated, she get heated. Like, burning. She can completely flame people’s lives in seconds. And while you agree that this person is a dick, you don’t need Sombra causing a scene and attracting attention to herself. You know she wants to avoid that, so you chose to stop her before she could regret anything later.
  • She was getting awfully close to this guy, and he was being a jerk. “What, you’re gonna hurt me? Psh, just try.” “You asked, gilipollas.” You know you don’t have enough time to stop her when you get there, so instead you jump between them, taking your girlfriend’s shove rather than letting the dude do so. 
  • “Y/N!” This just makes her more pissed at the guy, but for your sake she leaves him with only a glare before attending to you. “Lo siento, Y/N…” She helped you up, but kept her gaze from yours in a sheepish display of guilt. It was actually kinda cute, and you smiled at her as you said it was fine and that you weren’t hurt. No one meant for that to happen, least of all her. At your response she sighs with a smile of her own, before laughing softly and shaking her head. “I am lucky you’re mine.” “Very lucky,” you joke and she can’t help but laugh and kiss your nose. You’re such a cutie!
  • husband, comes into the room, sees me drawing reylo: you're shipping them again.
  • me: hush. you should ship them too!
  • husband: DEATH TO THEM BOTH!
  • me: psh please. you should totally ship them! IT IS POSSIBLE IN THE STORY! I CAN GIVE YOU SO MANY METAS!
  • husband: you fanfictioners are intense. *continues to stare while i paint*
Written Promises - Act I - One

Originally posted by callmeminseok

This is the prequel to ‘Rewriting the Past

↠ Pairing(s): readerXbaekhyun, readerXkai

 Word count: 8.3k

↠ Summary: When you met the love of your life at sixteen while dating someone else, you didn’t expect to be thrown into the whirlwind that was your first love. While there was love and happiness at first, it quickly turned into the biggest roller coaster of your life. But not only did it affect the two of you, but your whole group of friends.

↠ Notes: This series will contain mature content such as harsh language and smut. If you’ve read any of my stuff, you know the deal.

Act I: One |

“Tell me you feel nothing then. That me touching you is doing nothing.” 

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