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Notes: Kagamiiiii! Finallyyyyy! Psh, it only took me five and a half months to write it. Also, a cheap research on the dislike of yellow (I’m almost ashamed to be linking to a site that has a name like that, but like I said: CHEAP research).
Wordcount: ~2800

“What is your favourite colour?”

The point of the question was supposedly to get to know one another, to “break the ice” in what had to be one of the most awkward team assignments ever. But ten-year-old Kagami Uchiha was not easily fooled and he knew that the Senju who stood in that training field before him, the Hokage’s own brother, could not care less about favourite colours or favourite animals or any other of those inane things he had asked about so far.

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anonymous asked:

How do I tell someone I have feelings for them?

{im not good at anything, i’ve never told someone my feelings for them, i’ve only obsessed over a boy in first grade and literally there wasn’t a single soul who didn’t know i liked this kid, but that isn’t going to help you.

first grade aside, i’ve never been good at people skills and tbh i don’t have feelings for anyone right now, but i found a website that i liked and thought it could be useful to you or anyone else facing the same problem. just make it kind of gradual, but make sure you don’t go too slow that you get friendzoned!!! after a while or when you think they might even feel partially the same way for you, go ahead and ask them out! good luck my anonymous friend!}