psg style!


Moon Butterfly in PSG style! Ever since I discovered Moon acquired her boots through poledancing classes I’ve been meaning to draw this crossover. xD I’ll likely add more to this idea later (like her butterfly form and more redraws of the psg transofrmation sequence) but for now enjoy the first completed piece of art I’ve made in forever! :’D

 (Also, I’m including my other versions of this drawing because I keep changing my mind as to which is my favorite; I would love to hear which is yours!)


We have officially hit rock bottom.

Enjoy these sketches of some idea some twitter mutuals and I discussed XD Hehehe…

(And to clarify, I love PSG’s art style. The art style and music in the series for me is AAAAAH. Love it.)

Just a little drawing of my OC.

Wasu Sawai. Drawn in the PASWG (Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt) style. I love that anime.

It’s so good. You can watch episode 1 on Youtube:

Just a heads up, it contains mature content. But all the naughty visuals are censored so…

Hope you like the image anyways. I’ll make up a bio soon…


Whew!!! that took a while to get done!!! Anyway, here we have actual assassins that I’ve had the pleasure of playing at least the majority of their games as. I might post just the backgrounds (if you can call it that) later.