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Is it considered a hallucination if, logically, you know it can't be real, but it still feels and seems real?

There’s a phrase termed pseudohallucination-
1. Hallucination known by the person experiencing it to be within the mind rather than external.
2. Visual hallucinations with preserved insight. [x]

I personally don’t like this term when discussing hallucinations experienced by someone with psychosis ‘cause “pseudo” means “not genuine, almost, imitation,” and just ‘cause you recognize the fantastical visual hallucination in front of you probably isn’t real or the voices you’re hearing aren’t actually coming from anyone doesn’t take away from the fact that they are hallucinations and they can still be distressing whether or not you’re aware they’re hallucinations. It’s also an ambiguous term, making it confusing, and I don’t see the point of it.
- Mod Alex


I understand and respect the fact that you are uncomfortable with a relationship like that, but given the fact that it is entirely legal, you cannot tell someone what to do. If this were real life, you would not just randomly walk up to people and tell them they cannot be in a relationship, no matter how loving and respectful it is, because you’re uncomfortable with it. Get real! You don’t like that kind of relationship? Don’t have one. Also, for further important explication, read this

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Jordan Parrish is a nice guy. Period. He never once made a move on Lydia, he was never inappropriate with her, he never insulted her, she never felt uncomfortable in his presence, he always helped her when she needed it. He’s a nice guy. You don’t need to call him an asshole just because you feel he’s a threat to your choice of ship. He isn’t guilty of anything yet so stop punishing him.

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Regarding the “Who will save Lydia from Eichen House?” question (from the season 5B trailer): Apparently, to some people, the important thing is not getting Lydia out from a place where she’s constantly tortured, no, what matters to some is who exactly gets her out of there. Personally, I don’t care who takes her out of that place as long as she gets out, but for some other people, if isn’t Stiles, or whoever, she might as well rot in there.

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Listen. I’m not an expert on supernatural hallucinations and I’m certainly not inside Jeff’s brain, but some people don’t even know the definition of hallucination in medical terms. A hallucination (A perception of something [as a visual image or a sound] with no external cause usually arising from a disorder of the nervous system [as in delirium tremens or in functional psychosis without known neurological disease] or in response to drugs [as LSD].) is not voluntary. In our context, I believe that the hallucinations are a direct result of the link/bond/connection that Lydia and Parrish share (they’re both harbingers of death) and, probably, it can be used as a form of communication, seeing as that’s what happened in S05E11, where Jordan hallucinates Lydia and then goes to find her.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A hallucination =/= a fantasy/fantasizing about someone. Or anything else. (A hallucination is a perception in the absence of external stimulus that has qualities of real perception. Hallucinations are vivid, substantial, and are seen to be located in external objective space. They are distinguishable from these related phenomena: dreaming, which does not involve wakefulness; illusion, which involves distorted or misinterpreted real perception; imagery, which does not mimic real perception and is under voluntary control; and pseudohallucination, which does not mimic real perception, but is not under voluntary control. Hallucinations also differ from “delusional perceptions”, in which a correctly sensed and interpreted stimulus [i.e., a real perception] is given some additional [and typically absurd] significance.)

For all we know, the hallucinations could be created by Lydia herself. I propose we wait until we’re given an explication in the show, if we’ll be given one.

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Calling Jordan a “pedophile” and a “rapist” (or similar words) makes you an irrelevant ass who downplays the horrific experiences of people who actually had the misfortune to meet a rapist/pedophile.

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The difference in the power dynamic: Jordan Parrish has never used his authority over Lydia against Lydia. Yes, that would be problematic, especially if he did it with malicious intent, but he has NEVER done it. IT NEVER HAPPENED so it’s irrelevant. Also, as someone else already stated: In this context, Jordan, doesn’t have authority only over Lydia, but also over everyone else who is not part of the police or doesn’t have a higher status than him, power wise. By people’s logic, Jordan might as well die alone because WHAT IF!!!!

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Please stop dismissing Lydia’s needs, wants and feelings. There are people out there who are not only hostile towards Jordan, Malia or any possible love interest of Lydia’s (or Stiles’), but towards Lydia herself. Lydia can’t be happy unless she’s happy with who they want her to be happy. I’m not saying you should be happy about Parrish/Lydia, I’m just saying that you could respect Lydia a little bit more and not shit on her happiness and turn it into something nasty.

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Gonna clear a few things first: I’ve never liked Stiles that much and then I started to hate him. I think he’s selfish, self centered, he’s entitled, he’s a victim blamer, he’s ableist (this is a sensitive issue for me), he’s abusive, he sometimes doesn’t know how to take “no” for an answer, he treats his friends poorly (especially Scott) and he treated his ex-girlfriend, Malia, pretty poorly too. He also had (maybe still has???) a creepy obsession with Lydia which I’ve never considered “love”. I also think he’s boring. Now all of these things would make sense if he was a villain, or just a bad guy, but he’s supposed to be the good guy and he’s constantly placed in a good light by a lot of people and that is annoying.

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One of the things that made me angry the most is how the writers used Scott/Kira to further push a Stiles/Lydia agenda. I’m sorry, but the fact that Scott and Kira, both being Malia’s friends, would talk about how Stiles still has “feelings” for Lydia is not only insulting for Malia, but also to Scott and Kira themselves. Personally, I find that whole scene to be OOC for both Scott and Kira. It was either fanservice or complete bullshit. Scott and Kira would say something to both Stiles and Malia if they knew Stiles wasn’t fully committed to his relationship. That’s how I see Scott and Kira and that’s how I see their friendship to Stiles and Malia.

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There’s a part of this fandom who worships Void!Stiles. It’s not that I’m against villains, but I’m against Void!Stiles. Allison Argent is one of my favorite characters in the show and she’s no longer alive because of Void!Stiles. There hasn’t been a funeral or so much as a mention or moment of grief since season 3B ended with the exception of her father, Lydia Martin and Jordan Parrish.

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“Stiles has loved Lydia ever since…” Okay. So what? Does that mean Lydia owes it to Stiles to love him back? No. Love doesn’t work that way. He could have loved her since he was in his mother’s womb and Lydia would still owe him nothing in this context.

There is this complete and utter disregard of Lydia’s feelings/needs/happiness. Stiles wants Lydia so Lydia should want Stiles. No. 

In my opinion, Lydia never showed any sort of romantic interest in Stiles and I see no chemistry between them. You could argue with me, tell me to remember that time when they kissed, but let’s face it: LYDIA KNEW STILES LIKED HER and if she liked him back, she could have done something about it a long time ago, but she didn’t, not yet. Either it’s bait, she’s not interested or God knows what Jeff wants to do.

I’m not going to fight you, Stiles/Lydia could ultimately be endgame, but from my perspective, I’d say not to fool yourself. If it would be endgame, that’s not going to happen because Lydia loves Stiles, but rather because the fans want Lydia to love Stiles and seeing as Stiles/Lydia is the bigger fandom, as I’ve previously stated, the writers, in case it’s needed, will do what is necessary to stay on track.

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Lastly, what bothers me about the fandom’s (a part of it) relationship with Stiles and Stiles/Lydia is that not only they don’t accept the problematic aspects of this character and this relationship, but they worship and would “die defending” Stiles even when it’s obvious they’re wrong. I would probably be less annoyed with Stiles if he wasn’t put on a such high pedestal.  

No one is telling you not to ship it, but you have to admit its fault when you’re called out on it and/or when you go out of your way to tag your posts in the wrong tags.

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DISCLAIMER: This is purely my opinion. 


DAY 2426

        Hyatt Ahmedabad, Gujarat      Dec 6,  2014     Sat  8: 01 am

When time plays foul .. when the essentials during the night refuse to shut .. when uncertainty of the restlessness revolves around the ‘tossing and the turning’ .. when the anticipation of the set alarm, alarms you even before it alarms .. then ..

Then, does one fling away the covers, walks somewhat shakily to the adjoining room, detaches the overnight cables and wires that hold the connective element, and settles down among the pillows again, cross legged and warmed up by quilted feet, to do what comes best ..WRITE to CONNECT !!

And so quite unexpectedly, I am, whether you appreciate it or not, by your side, after a brief encounter with the other two - the one that limits us to that, wonder how they determined, figure of 140 and the one that neither has a 'face’ or a 'book’ !!

What does one say this early, here in this circumstance. There could be description of what lies ahead. But that would be such mundane bumf ! There could be analysis of the past few days and the talk of film just wrapped. But that would be such mundane bumf2 !! There could be the glorification of the medium and the excitement of waking up or putting to sleep so many of our own. But that would be such mundane bumf3 !!! There could be a gentle but subtle shift to morning religiosity, a factor so extensively portrayed on all living breathing Tv channels. But that would be such mundane bumf4 !!!! Notice how the exclamations keep time with the bumf’s - 4 bumf’s 4 exclamations. I mean there has to be some appreciation to my ingenuity … do you not think ? Or thinking in such early hours would progressively increase the, no not the exclamations, the question marks, silly. Oh .. baby, in the cradle Mother of all things bright and beautiful .. these morning hours are intellectually so much more challenging than those midnights going on to early morning blabberings which have invariably been immensely sleep induced hallucinatory non sensical … what was it ? ahh .. yes … hallucinatory -

 a perception in the absence of external stimulus having qualities of real perception. Vivid, substantial, located in external objective space, distinguished from the related phenomena of dreaming, which does not involve wakefulness; an illusion, which involves distorted or misinterpreted real perception;  an imagery, which does not mimic real perception and is under voluntary control; and pseudohallucination, which does not mimic real perception, but is not under voluntary control, or maybe “delusional perceptions”, in which a correctly sensed and interpreted stimulus (i.e., a real perception) is given some additional (and typically absurd) significance.

Hahaha .. hahahaha !!! A perceptional illusion that came straight out of the 'Look up dictionary’ column in the meaning application ..

But what the hell .. it is morning .. time for the best thoughts and ideas - other than what comes when under the shower - to blossom and brighten up the forthcoming .. 


Time to pull the curtains, switch off the night light and give reason for the 'LIGHT’ to enter the portals of this surrounding ..

Time to wind up, to travel and to travel again …

This intrusion, unexpected though, is accompanied by oodles and oodles of morning love affection and wishes for a pleasant and wonderful day ahead. It is a Saturday remember .. and the middle of the week end .. if at all it carries any meaning .. that is !!

Amitabh Bachchan