A piece I did of Pseudonym’s Cassiopeia Quinn from the Self Titled Cassiopeia Quinn comic I did for the live stream last night.

I’ll admit I haven’t read much of the comic, however I do dig the character design of ‘peia here.

While I don’t think this is my strongest piece, and ultimately there are some details I ended up missing, overall I’m satisfied.

But I’ll leave you to judge on that one.

Credit to pseudofolio for the prompt-randomizer.

“Pinkie Apple Pie” is what was on when I looked up.  I made this a double challenge, because Applejack is, well, my least favourite pony.  So drawing a character I don’t like much in a random prompt was a real challenge, but I think I did okay. 

Oh, and for those of you who do yoga, that’s Tree Pose she’s attempting.  Because I figured if she was gonna try any pose it’d be that one.

concept generated using pseudofolio’s click and drag drawing generator [link]

i got “that one character your friend won’t stop talking about” and “wearing exactly what you are wearing right now!”

so, my friend cody constantly talks about Power Girl, and this is what i’m wearing–loose grey sweater, green leggings, and sparrow skull necklace. :3

tools: SAI, intuos 5
time spent: 1hour

I definitely think I wasn’t totally awake when I got up. It was after about a two hour nap and I think my brain was still in it’s deeper sleep phase(s).

I remember everything very clearly up until the moment. I remember getting up, pausing Doctor Who, going into the bathroom, peeing, zipping up, starting to wash my hands, but then I’m suddenly on the floor in a daze and stuff if knocked off the bathroom counter and the soap dish is flipped over and all broken up in the sink.

All-in-all, very weird. This has literally never happened to me before. Just a weird occurance.