25 Synonyms for “Deceptive” and “Fake" By Mark Nichol

Assumed: pretended, as in “an assumed name,” referring to a pseudonym used to conceal one’s identity (and, as a verb, to pretend); also, several unrelated meanings Beguiling: deceptive, duplicitous, or diverting Bogus: not genuine Contrived: false or unnatural Counterfeit: imitation or insincere Delusory: deceptive Dummy: imitation (and, as a noun, a mockup); also, several unrelated meanings Ersatz: imitation or substitute (and generally inferior to the real thing) Factitious: artificial or false Fallacious: deceptive Faux: imitation (usually in the sense of a design element or fashion item that deliberately mimics a more expensive material or fabric such as marble or fur) Feigned: fictitious, or not genuine or real  Forged: imitation with intent to deceive; also, an unrelated meaning of being created by pressure and perhaps heat Fraudulent: deceitful Jive: deceitful (said of talk); also, superficial or foolish, or other unrelated meanings Misleading: deceitful Mock: imitation, in the senses of not being genuine or real Phony: counterfeit, false, or fictitious; also, hypocritical Pseudo: false (also a prefix in hyphenated and closed compounds such as pseudo-event and pseudopod) Put-on: pretended  Sham: false, not genuine Simulated: fake but intended or made to look genuine Specious: deceptively attractive, or appearing genuine or truthful  Spurious: deceitful or imitation Synthetic: not genuine; also, several unrelated meanings

Free Time Event Review

I should have done this on Sunday, but clearly foodposting is a huge priority.

Arguably spoiler-free:

  • Rantarou Amami: 4.5/10. The events did an excellent job making me learn a lot about Amami. What it didn’t do was make me like Amami though. In fact it made me like him less and the last event felt like a scam. Highlights were the second event (amazing demonstration of Amami’s emotional state regarding the killing game) and him taking a jab at my country’s politics in the 4th event.
  • Miu Iruma: 1.5/10. Believe it or not, I was really looking forward for this one. Iruma was a character with a lot of questions I was curious about. Why does she swings so easily from ridiculous arrogant to ridiculous unassertive? Where do her abondonment issues stem from? And the most interesting for me is her obsession with time. Almost every time someone starts conversation with her she complains about wasting her time, her main series of inventions are things that allow people to act while their sleep so they can have more time in a day and even her dislike in the report card is idle time. That’s what I really wanted to know about. Iruma’s humor is unreadably unfunny, but I was very willing to tolerate that to get the answers I was curious about. What I got instead were 3 purely comedical events, 2 pseudo-romantic waifubaiting events, 1 event that half-answers the least interesting question and 1 stupid and pointless backstory that doesn’t tie to any of her main personality traits. I dug through all this garbage and the interesting parts of Iruma’s personality were barely acknowledged. I would give it 1 but I’m giving it an extra half point because Kaede can punch Iruma in one optional dialogue. It would be 2 if said scene wasn’t optional.
  • Kokichi Ouma: 8/10. Ouma’s events also don’t answer any questions about him, but in this case it’s not a problem because the main story clarifies a lot about him. The events do have great hints for it though, specially 2 and 5. The rest of his are mostly comedy (except the last one, which is more shipbait), which is great because Ouma comedy is top tier. The event where he challenges you to a card game and starts roleplaying Kaiba is the single most funny event in the entire franchise.
  • Ki-bo: 8/10. An unexpected favorite. Half of his events are wasted in 2 events of him showing off his functions and of 2 comedy events as boring as Ki-bo comedy is, but the remaining 3 are pretty great. Event 2 is surprisingly actually funny Ki-bo comedy, event 4 is a backstory adds quite a bit of emotional weight to Ki-bo’s main story role and the last one gives great focus to the thing I like the most about Ki-bo.
  • Gonta Gokuhara: 6/10. Gonta’s events were good and nice to read. That’s it, I guess. I have absolutely nothing to complain about, but nothing spectacular to praise either. It’s just Gonta being Gonta and that’s very nice. It has some good comedy and I like how the events tie in with each other.  I absolutely loved the direction his wolf backstory took and it contains some bits of foreshadowing hidden in it. 
  • Shuuichi Saihara: 4/10. I already talked in more detail about this one in a spoiler tagged ask, but so you can look that up in my Saihara tag. I was really conflicted on how to grade this one. In one hand, it has two of my favorite events in the game (2 and 5). On the other hand, it has the sixth event spitting on the reasons I like Saihara at least three times. To make things worse, it has a good ammount of romance events that barely adds anything to either character. I know SaiAka is the main pairing of the game and I even ship it, but I don’t want 3 entire events wasted on that. Well, as you can tell from the 2 events I love, at least it’s not as terrible as Nanami, who wastes all her 5 events with minimal information about her. 
  • Tsumugi Shirogane: 7.5/10. Biased opinion time. Nothing special happens in her events, but they are actually better this way. The main charm in Shirogane is how her dialogue feels like a normal conversation with a real friend, more so than any of the other characters. Quoting myself “Talking to Shirogane feels exactly like reading my Twitter timeline”. The event where she brags about her blandness is also pretty funny. The foreshadowing here is also pretty clever and subtle.
  • Korekiyo Shinguuji: 9/10. Don’t ge me wrong, I still hate Shinguuji as much as the next guy, but also don’t forget he used to be one of my favorites before I got to know him better. Unlike the main story, the Free Time focus almost completely in the good parts of him. I love his talent and hearing him talking about culture is always enjoyable. That aside, we also have the event about his mask, which is absolutely hilarious and would probably be my favorite comedy event if wasn’t biased by my love for Yugioh. Speaking of comedy, as his bonus mode dates prove a lot, Shinguuji is kind of a goldmine for dramatic irony-based fucked up comedy, so if you’re into that, I STRONGLY recommend doing his second event before chapter 2.
  • Tenko Chabashira: 5/10. I love Chabashira and it was a very fun ride from event 2 to the end (event 1 is just Chabashira trashtalking men for an entire event), but it has a few issues. Mainly her backstory and the discussion about it relying on her being unbelievably dumb. But overall, it had some great highlights that made me like her even more, like the talk about idols and superheroes on events 2 and 5 respectively.
  • Kirumi Toujou: 2/10. Same idea as my comments about Iruma, but with only one question: why is she so dedicated to her maid job if it’s described only as part-time job her? She clearly denies her own individuality for the sake of serving and we get no explanation for it. All we get is 7 events of Toujou just being her completely unnapealling self. No traces of humanity detected. There’s one time it feels like Kodaka thinks he is giving her a character flaw but he really isn’t. She’s somehow even worse than Kamukura. This events were a great reminder why I despise maid characters and made me appreciate a lot more the characters I used to compared Toujou to (Hisui from Tsukihime and Medaka from Medaka Box) because those two managed to be good characters despite belonging to this terrible archetype.
  • Maki Harukawa: 7/10. They are kinda bleak and completely lacking in comedy, but they expand on Harukawa’s already great backstory in interesting ways and really shows her worldview much more comprehensively. I just find it bad that the final 3 events talk about her backstory but you can access them before Harukawa reveals her backstory in the main story, so the characters allude to a conversation they haven’t had yet (happened to Jess).
  • Ryouma Hoshi: 8.5/10. Overall pretty nice set of events. The first event is cute cat event very similar to Peko’s first, second is not great one of just him being edgy, third and fourth is tennis backstory and fifth and sixth is the part of the backstory we all wanted to know about. Overall nice and very solid events with a great balance between good characterization, comedy and foreshadowing. I would give a 6/10 if they ended there. Yup, you read that right, I’m entire 2.5 extra points just because of Hoshi’s last event. So good. Easily the most heartwarming event in the entire game. Hoshi being happy is something extremely satisfying to watch.
  • Kaito Momota: 7/10. Pretty solid and expansive on Momota’s good qualities. I like how they tie-in a lot of his traits to his astronaut talent. His backstory is also a fun read, but the highlights there go to the inner reactions to the story, like not believing the story is real and constantly going “This story is way too long, when are we getting to the part about space?”.
  • Himiko Yumeno: 7.5/10. Like with Sakura, the events are a single story told in multiple parts (except for the first two). It’s good characterization, fun and resonates well with game’s central themes just like Chabashira’s, but with much more respect to Yumeno’s intelligence. Also, the second event is all about my favorite thing about Yumeno and the first has optional dialogue saying Yumeno eats books and that never stops being funny.
  • Angie Yonaga: 0.5/10. Free Times that do the thing that needs to be done: makes understand a lot about Angie. The problem is that the more you know about Angie, the worst she gets. Her 5th event in particular was infuriating and repulsive enough to drop this grade from 5 to 0.5.

because the new world they make in homestuck will be entirely populated by the surviving characters, that means their utopia portrayal is one that is entirely white humans, because the humans are all white. (like, fanon races being condoned aside, hussie pretty clearly wrote them as white and just poorly tried to backpeddle and the trickster-mode incident is confirmation of that. John references Bro as being white. Roxy is drawn as white by Calliope. Jade’s grandpa is called an “English Gentleman” and portrayed as a colonial “explorer”,  Trickster-John was an easter-egg drawing him as white. and since they’re all clones of each other, they essentially all end up being white.  ).

their multi-species utopia cosists of white carapace (the least human/sentient-portrayed species since they can’t speak), black carapace, trolls, and white humans. Among the trolls were a few characters explicitly coded as corresponding to different human races (Aradia and Damara are pretty clearly meant to be east asian. Tavros and Meenah are pretty clearly meant to be black.) but none of those characters survived or are portrayed as existing in the new utopia world. Hussie’s ending is a portrayal of a White World.  and we know there were other races on Hussie’s Earth at the beginning cuz of referenced celebrities and in dialogue. Dave draws a black character in SBaHJ so clearly race exists in their world.

In Homestuck, Andrew Hussie has told a story of all people of color being wiped out by a pseudo-divine event which had the purpose of sacrificing those deceased so the all-white survivors could go on to make an all-white utopia. All portrayed as a “higher purpose.” 

Edit: for some reason some people assumed I was a person of color because I wrote something relating to race. I should clarify for those people that I’m white.

AFTER being called out by Azealia Banks, Iggy Azalea posted half-ass, vague, pseudo-remarks about current events…or as she said “world issues”. Except she spent the posts telling people how they should be productive, defending herself, telling Azealia Banks that posting about it on twitter isn’t enough, and NOT ONCE DID SHE ACTUALLY STATE THE CAUSE: she didn’t call out any of the victim’s names, she didn’t mention police brutality, she didn’t mention anti-blackness, she didn’t recognize her white privilege. She says there are actual ways to promote change and twitter doesn’t mean anything. Yet 6,300 people favorite’d that comment. So apparently twitter does matter. If there’s one thing Iggy has its the attention of white people, if she really cared she’d use her platform. If she really cared she wouldn’t have waited until she got called out to post links on “how to really help." 

Just more and more proof that Iggy ain’t shit.