pseudo pod

  • You know they say bacteria cells out number human cells 10 to one... I know this because I fell out one day. Fell right out of the body I had been steering from birth dropping out of an unassuming pore on the skull of my gigantic humanoid form I grasped with my claw appendage only by reflex for I would have to figure out how to use them later hanging from a pillow thread forest among the other dust mites and other beasts and beings on the pillow where my head still lay sleeping. Being Unaccustomed to my form I gathered that I could wiggle my pseudo pod, and crawl as a snake in a wave pattern. Noticing my gravity much lighter as if on the moon was surprisingly pleasant, but it soon came to my attention that my cell membranes had begun to dry out. A raging hunger for water told to me by my new body. As luck may occur at times I sensed a flow in the distance and after a few days crawl feeding off moisture droplets, found a waterfall flowing through the fabric fibers, emanating from that mountainous crook of my dumb mouth. I could now sense and see with this sense that was new it was made up of millions of other organisms like myself plugged into an immense galactic-scale city but that somehow functioned at the will of the human I once was. Consciousness switched with a bacteria was my first theory.