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maverae said: Hey! I’m a relatively new BTS fan and I’m really starting to wonder at the potential for actual romantic feelings between jungkook and jimin (thanks to your blog!) But I’ve been wondering about the nature of their relationships with namjoon?            
Just from watching old bombs I never really got a sense that jimin and namjoon were particularly close, but it does seem like him and jungkook have a special bond? And they are roommates, correct? It seems like recently jungkook has been somewhat aggressive in his dislike/jealousy of namjoon and jimin interacting. This puzzles me a little as I had always thought of namjoon and jungkook as having a good relationship. If I were to get on my tin foil hat I would almost wonder if namjoon does this on purpose to mess with jk because he knows something. But of course that would he crazy hahahahah right guys???! But really tho it seems like we’ve had an increase in jeonlous over rm/jimin in the bs&t era unless I’m missing something.

Tinfoil hats are allowed, right? Because if it is then I’m gonna share some of my own head canons about kook/min/rap.

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I know you've talked about kook/min and v/min a bit, and I wanted to know what you think about jimin's relationships with other bts members and their dynamics (In any form)? Do you think they all treat Jim similarly?

I briefly answered this question here. But just to add to that, Jimin is sort of the pseudo-maknae of the group (along with Tae, the model dongsaeng). He acts and does things that a real maknae would usually do (i.e. things Jungkook refuses to do) - act cute for his hyungs, be attentive to their needs, etc. The rap line in particular adore Jimin, you can see them flailing and melting in the background on occasion. And Jimin’s the only one who consistently laughs at Jin’s dad jokes, so uh, there’s that. I’m kidding, Jin loves Jimin like he’s his own child (Jimin totally takes after his good looks).

Anon: i just saw your ans to an anon’s question about jimin’s popularity in korea and I was wondering is that why most idol fanboys of bangtan choose jimin as their bias? like jimin is considered one of the more popular members there?

Yes. He’s cute, talented, sexy, charismatic, and hardworking - plus he’s ridiculously pretty. I can almost certainly say that Jimin is the most popular member in Korea at the moment.

Anon: I’m sorry, but I need to fangirl… How fucking BEAUTIFUL is Park Jimin?? Honestly, he’s like an angel in human form. Lovely, sexy, pretty, hot, cute… he’s got it all. He goes from being the cutest little fluffball (like in the Christmas vlive) to devilishly sexy on stage. He’s so sweet and darling and I hope he gets everything he ever ever wants and he deserves every bit of love and recognition he gets. I have so many feelings about Jimin and his incredible beauty inside and out and UGH

I have a praise kink for other people praising Jimin. I’m happy he’s going so much easier on himself now and that he knows how much he’s loved.

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