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And it’s a damn shame that not enough people appreciate that side of him. But I think that’s mostly because a lot of fans seem to find him hard to understand in general. There are two fiercely divided camps when it comes to Jimin’s personality - those people who believe he’s completely soft, and those people who think he’s some wolf in sheep’s clothing.

It’s a topic that a lot of fans have already discussed at length so I’ll just skip ahead and say the obvious conclusion, which is: They’re people. They can’t be shoehorned into one role or stereotype.

What I’m saying is.. I love sassy, unapologetically savage Jimin because that’s a part of who he is as a complete person.

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maverae said: Hey! I’m a relatively new BTS fan and I’m really starting to wonder at the potential for actual romantic feelings between jungkook and jimin (thanks to your blog!) But I’ve been wondering about the nature of their relationships with namjoon?            
Just from watching old bombs I never really got a sense that jimin and namjoon were particularly close, but it does seem like him and jungkook have a special bond? And they are roommates, correct? It seems like recently jungkook has been somewhat aggressive in his dislike/jealousy of namjoon and jimin interacting. This puzzles me a little as I had always thought of namjoon and jungkook as having a good relationship. If I were to get on my tin foil hat I would almost wonder if namjoon does this on purpose to mess with jk because he knows something. But of course that would he crazy hahahahah right guys???! But really tho it seems like we’ve had an increase in jeonlous over rm/jimin in the bs&t era unless I’m missing something.

Tinfoil hats are allowed, right? Because if it is then I’m gonna share some of my own head canons about kook/min/rap.

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