pseudo leftists

i still get so mad when i think about how much these really abstract and unrealistic ideas about queerness contributed to my abuse. like, if you ever wanna know why i’m so bitter towards post-modern queer theory (aside from the more surface level stuff, like…fuckin’ ace discourse and who’s allowed at the pride parade or whatever) this is it. it’s real and it’s common and it’s happening to more women than anyone wants to admit.

you have these predatory, pseudo-leftist, pseudo-feminist men finding ways to claim queer identity, and then using this self-ascribed status to more effectively prey on women. and let’s be real here, they’re usually lesbians. but because “queer” has become this ambiguous term that can literally mean anything, we’re taking away women’s agency to name their own abuse and we’re pretending that these inherent power structures no longer exist as soon as a man finds a way to identify into queerness.

my abuser literally changed nothing about himself. he still used male pronouns, still dressed the same way he’d always dressed, still only dated other women, and still functioned as a man in the world at large. but because he told me that he was queer and non-binary, and because i was so fucking entrenched in these immaterial and abstract ideas about queerness, he abused the shit out of me for a year and i wasn’t allowed to talk about it or confront him about it or stand up for myself, because he wasn’t *really* a man and i wasn’t *really* a woman. 

he convinced me that, because i have masculine features, i wasn’t actually a woman, so if anything, i was posited as the bad guy for being the one who was actively displaying and embracing masculinity, whereas he supposedly didn’t possess any masculinity. 

but let’s be real here. i was a woman, he was a man, and i was being abused in the same way that men have been abusing women since the beginning of fucking time. and i know i’m just being an evil, gatekeeping dyke or whatever, but it’s so fucking frustrating to feel like i’m the bad guy for wanting us to be cautious in our use of the word “queer” so as to avoid this really ambiguous term that allows for the concealment of abuse and manipulation. 

i still feel like i’m not even allowed to talk about this, because i’m doing something wrong by questioning his identity or whatever. but i know what i experienced, i know what other women have experienced, and it’s so fucking immaterial to keep acting like this isn’t something that can and does happen.

Any other fellow South Americans tired of fanatical pseudo-leftists, actually-central-right-ists being the sole voices of the conversations on social issues? Anyone else tired of their condescending, pitiful, affected as hell “we accept everyone, even you poor brown immigrants”? Aren’t you tired, too, of being told that if you don’t vote for them you will Literally Die On The Streets when they’ve been in power YEARS before and they never even showed a tiny insignificant bit of interest for minorities except to LIE? As if people don’t die on the streets when they are in power? They only care about minorities when they want to steal from the poor (and) brown (and) immigrants (etc) because they are all disgusting snakes and I want their corrupt asses all rotting in jail RIGHT THE FUCK NOW, and I want all the shit they steal to be GIVEN BACK TO THE STATE AND REDISTRIBUTED OR AT LEAST USED ON IMPROVING HEALTH OR HOUSING OR EDUCATION or something jfc.

I’m so fucking tired of being lied to, of people thinking I’m fucking stupid, of the blind ignorance (not an ignorance born of a lack of opportunities, but one that comes from believing in words instead of facts and actions) that their ‘followers’ spread.

I find the silence on the link between imperialism and islam in the current (mostly) pseudo Leftist pop “scholarship” quite troubling.

The fact that the Muslim conquests (and the subsequent obliteration of countless cultures in the process) resulted in an empire stretched from the borders of China and the Indian subcontinent, across Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Sicily, and the Iberian Peninsula, to the Pyrenee seems to matter very little to those embracing the “cultural / identitarian Left”.

If one imperialism is bad, then all imperialisms should be bad.

I believe in discrimination. Discrimination is a moral good and a moral law! Of course you discriminate! You discriminate over who’s your enemy and who’s your friend. You don’t treat people all as the same, except in some universal ninnydom which only exists in the minds of people who’d like human nature to be different from what it is.

This is the problem with all Marxist theory: it’s counter-propositional to what we are, what all races are, what humanity is, and all mankind is as a whole. The reason for the extraordinary rapacity of communist terror is, I think, a sense of disappointment, on a cosmic level. When you get into power you realize that human beings are partly avaricious, partly sexual, partly territorial, partly group-identifying–everything that your theory said that they weren’t! And there’s a strong element of concealed–and not so concealed in the regime phase–misanthropy in communism: that if humanity can’t be redeemed in that way we’ll fall on them anyway. It’s almost a secularization of the idea of sin. “They’ve disappointed us and so they’ll suffer”.

Marxism is false in almost every area of life; that men and women are interchangeable (false); that the family is an enemy construction of man when it’s the basis of human dignity in all groups. That economic activity between human beings is always a form of oppression, when in actual fact almost everybody at one level or another gets something out of it otherwise it couldn’t subsist in the first place. That man is nicer than he is, when human nature is dualist. Human beings are kind and nasty. They’re avaricious, but they have a capacity for self sacrifice. They’re endlessly cowardly and lying, but they also have a penchant for courage and glory. That’s what we are!

The great religions actually have always known what we are. They shift utopianism and the desire that we could be different from what we are to another world. But the leftist pseudo-religions of modernity have brought it down to this level, and tried to counter-propositionally achieve it through violence and political struggle. And it’s got bloodier and bloodier, until in the end they become sickened of it themselves. This is the emergence within the Soviet bloc of neo-liberals like Gorbachev who realized the whole system was a fraud, and it didn’t work, and they could hardly produce anything economically. And you went to the West, and you went back home, and people were struggling to get razor blades and bits of cheese and bits of soap and so on, and you thought to yourself “This is a Superpower? We slaughtered tens of millions for this?”

—  Jonathan Bowden, Marxism & the Frankfurt School

Fuck you Huey P Newton Gun Club, how dare you drag Huey’s name through the mud with this bullshit? Huey P Newton was pro-LGBT, you’re obviously a bunch of reactionary fucks. Did they think about how this sort of language affects trans WOC? They just removed this post but I screen capped it. Sorry if this is triggering for anyone but pseudo leftist organizations need to be called out

imperialism (and anti-imperialism) can be reactionary liberalism and so on. if one accepts that Russia is anti-imperial against the USA one has to accept that it isn’t due to the want to destroy imperialism but rather is an intervention which furthers Russian imperial goals

as always, one should critique from a place of content not form, and the content of Russia’s “anti-imperialism” appears to be something for pseudo-leftist tankies to get excited about while supporting a different geopolitical wing of Empire