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hello! i’ve briefly come up for air so that i could fill one prompt and write this! i’m sorry i’ve kinda fallen off the deep end but college is hard, yo. anyway, i hope you enjoy! don’t take this too seriously haha. have this fic in which mj accidentally gives peter a coupon book for sexual favors.

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this coupon is good for… (ao3 link)

A List of Things Michelle Only Found Out About Peter After They Became Friends:

  1. He doesn’t know how to use chopsticks properly. (Michelle’s had to show him several times and he’s still helpless.)
  2. Peter isn’t the most well-read. He spends most of his time reading comics, graphic novels, books for class, books about physics, and books that in some way help him build tech for the spidey suit. (Michelle has thrown several books at his head. She’s seen a bookmark in one, so she’ll take what she can get.)
  3. Perhaps most egregious, Peter Parker is, without a doubt, single-handedly, the best gift giver. And it’s infuriating.

See, the thing about being friends with someone who’s great at giving gifts is that you just suck at it. Michelle can spend hours thinking up something to get Peter for his birthday or Christmas or graduation and it will be like getting a rock compared to anything Peter gives her. A signed copy of her favorite book, an exclusive interview with Steve Rogers, a year-long subscription to a sock of the month club.

Michelle manages to get Peter this vintage comic book she happened upon once at an antique store and that was the greatest gift she got him. It wasn’t even a comic he’d read. But he still smiled and gasped and thanked her. Even though it was a really lame present. Michelle is determined to do better.

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"Songs of the Spirit Hunt"

More pseudo-academic fanfiction inspired by ghostfiish‘s thing inspired by my other thing so basically this is turning into a ouroborus of science fiction, pesudo-academia, and hot ghost-aliens.

Private notes of Dr. Rubert Haldeman, Phantom Expedition

Day 15:

Adjusting here has been a challenge. The longer days remind me a lot of working on my thesis off-world; just stims and busywork until I finally adjust to the new solar cycle…or have a small psychotic episode. Again.

What’s really proving to be difficult are the temperature extremes. I thought that semester in Stellegarra was rough, but here the days are long and sweltering, then the nights dip so low that snowfall isn’t uncommon- and it’s supposed to be summer, here.

The halphas don’t seem to notice much either way. They go about in those light, thin leotards that leave too much skin bare whether it’s fifty celsuis or frost starts clinging to their hair. Aderyn just about cracked a rib laughing when he saw me bundled up in heavy winter gear for the first time. Just floated right in front of me, curled into a ball clutching himself trying to breath again.

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7.17.16 | Gettin’ back into the groove of things and realizing I have a lot to do before school starts in September😨 | ig: coffeesforstudiers |  🎧 ghostbusters - walk the moon 


there i was last night, minding my own business, when suddenly my personal blog was inundated with a shitload of messages like “MARALIE MARALIE DO YOU SEE WHAT’S HAPPENING ON NEOPETS” and i hadn’t been on the site in literally months but i went… and i saw…

and then i saw the articles on buzzfeed and kotaku and i’m a little sour about the fact that it wasn’t me reporting on the decline and fall of the neopian empire because i feel a strange sort of ownership over this corner of internet pseudo-journalism on which i once had kind of a monopoly

anyway this blog still has 4300 followers somehow, despite the fact that i haven’t reliably updated in two years, and after all i’ve been hearing about neopets i… kind of feel an obligation to document its dark ages so here i am i guess, maybe, i really loved running this blog once