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i made an ao3 account

heyo! just wanted it out that i have
made an ao3 under the username: 
not much on there as of yet,
but i’ll eventually be adding:

   my previous and future zutara writing under that user name and the pseudo:

   and my future sheith writing under that user name and the pseudo:

until then my writing can be found at:



day 4 - cyberpunk foods

I know the aesthetic doesn’t “scream” cyberpunk, but I imagine all food would come in it’s most processed form in the pseudo-dystopic future.

Random pseudo-comforting thoughts about future MCU vis a vis Steve.

(These are not really spoilers because they are not based on anything? This is just my opinion?  but I will tag for spoilers because spoilerphobes are fearsome and I respect them and some of my best friends …etc.) 

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K, but why are almost all RPGs I’ve heard of set in either the pseudo middle ages, the future, or the retro future?

Why aren’t they set in, say, an alternate victorian era where magic exists, or in an American Revolutionary War where Sybil Ludington was a level 20 rogue?

Have I just not seen them?

rembrandtswife replied to your post “Random pseudo-comforting thoughts about future MCU vis a vis Steve.”

Petite… and… fine-boned? Wha….

Yes.  YES.  Movie people are not like normal human people! Film crews call them lollypops - they have big heads and eyes on little bodies like Pez dispensers–and lightweight alien-bird skeletons that are like, hollow or something! I cross my heart on this! This is why Chris Evans is always like, “Uh, I disappoint in real life” because he is a naturally skinny Irish-Italian guy who is being force-fed grotesque amounts of chicken twice a year for vast amounts of money–the man is like human VEAL, this is why he looks so unhappy. 

(I also think, with great fondness, about James Marsters, who I love, who once gave an interview where he was like, (I am paraphrasing but only barely): I am so hungry, please help me. I have been hungry for ten years, but I make my living by my cheekbones and so I cannot eat anything at all. I hate this. it sucks. But someday I will have a cheeseburger again.  (All of the Buffy cast, fwiw, were not just lollypops but most were also like 5 feet tall.) 

(You know most movie furniture is ¾ sized, right? This is how people look tall.)

(I myself will have my furniture made so small that I am not just svelt but gargantuan and I can stomp around like Godzilla.)