pseudo famous

No. I don’t like this. I am sad.

The saddest thing about Future-Kevin is that it seems like no one from Desert Bluffs even went to look for him. It’s not clear where he is when we hear him in Triptych, but it’s strongly implied he’s still stuck in the Desert Otherworld.

A famous pseudo-celebrity in Desert Bluffs. And not a single person thought to retrieve him from the Otherworld.

And it’s clear that he’d be capable of reform if someone did rescue him. Years outside of the Smiling God’s influence, and he seems almost back to normal (if scarred).

Maybe he just needs a hero.

anonymous asked:

Ok can you please explain to me what happened with those blogs and their ads???? I've heard about some blogs doing something illegitimate, but I don't know the story. Could you explain?

Several blogs were contacted by a third party company to have them use their follower base to reblog a post that contained a link to a “diet pill.”  It’s against tumblr’s guidelines for you to harm minors or reblog deceptive links, and I assume the post they all reblogged failed both of these terms. 

The diet pill wasn’t FDA-approved, and even if it was, using your follower count to promote a drug is ethically shady.  So it comes down to a lack of judgment, a bandwagon mentality between these pseudo-famous blogs (everyone’s doing it), and a general lack of foresight to even bother reading the rules.

I’m not the best person to ask questions about this.  I wasn’t following any of the blogs that got deleted (I unfollowed pizza a few months ago after she reblogged a post of someone from AHS stabbing their eye out and didn’t even bother to tag it with anything), I never saw the diet post in question, and most of the information I got was from reading the tumblr user pizza tag over the 24 hour period after she got deleted.