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Okay, so now I'm completely caught on the VAB verse. Do you plan to write a fic or HC about when they tell the rest of the RFA about their relationship?? I'm so in love with this!!!!

Okay, let me get my comfy chair for this

So. Yes and no kinda. I drafted a fic but I didn’t like it because it lost a lot of the nuances of what I wanted. Nine tenths of polyamory when Jumin is such a big public figure and V is pseudo famous too is discretion and I imagine that, while everyone would have their respective suspicions, the only real confirmation of anything in the inner RFA circle is when Eunha comes along and starts calling both Jumin and V dad and then Nari/MC has a boy with the last name of Kim. Worth noting here also is that I don’t think any of Jumin’s kids, regardless of poly, would be permitted in the media spotlight as smol beans and all information about them would be closely regulated anyway, so the layer of poly would not change too much about their childhood.

The main objections I can see coming are from Chief Han and possibly V’s family, but we know Chief Han is more liberal than Jumin and I think it’s naive to assume he never had a failed polyamorous relationship at any point. I think his main point of concern would be ensuring the birth of a Han heir to carry on legacies blah diddy hence why Eunha’s birth was actually not in the least bit coincidental. The discretion part is pure Jumin and I know not a fuck about V’s family in canon. Everything I’ve written about them so far is pure head canon and I’ll probably change my mind about it three times before I write anything for sure.

It would be very easy for Jumin to explain (read: lie through his teeth about) V’s presence in their home (esp the new one built circa Memento Mori) as some form of recovery, therapy or other photography related pursuit. That’s pretty much the tone, I think. Everyone kind of suspects, but the entire thing is private and any slip up or event that potentially exposes the relationship is pretty quickly explained away in the interests of everyone’s personal safety and/or privacy.

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ɴᴏᴡ ғᴇᴀᴛᴜʀɪɴɢ: ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ’s sᴘᴏᴏᴋɪᴇsᴛ ᴅᴊ

The banner that hung outside a popular club boasted their special guest of the evening as a selling point for the night. Door tickets sold for over 80 G per person, all the drinks at the bar were at least triple the price they would be on any other night, and a line outside the door almost stretched down to the end of the street.

Like most clubs, the inside was loud, dark, and full of people and monsters alike. A few pseudo-famous people mingled in the crowd, drawing in unnecessary amounts of attention to themselves, and this only added to the chaos of the whole thing.

How Napstablook managed to agree to something so out of their comfort zone was beyond them. One minute they were at their nice, quiet home working on their computer, and the next thing they knew they were in front of a crowd of drunken partygoers playing songs that got everyone even more riled-up. Thankfully, they were able to take a quick break backstage so they wouldn’t collapse from sensory-overload.

At least nobody they knew was at the club.

Nobody that they noticed, anyway.

My experience with comp het has almost exclusively been in the “ugly-cute pseudo-famous weirdo with talent” category with a small side order of “incredibly feminine man” (Legolas, my first love) which is really nice because it’s easily disguised under what I have always called a “talent crush” where I don’t really like them but I admire their talents. It fools the hets every time so I don’t have to be invalidated as a lesbian by them lmfao

No. I don’t like this. I am sad.

The saddest thing about Future-Kevin is that it seems like no one from Desert Bluffs even went to look for him. It’s not clear where he is when we hear him in Triptych, but it’s strongly implied he’s still stuck in the Desert Otherworld.

A famous pseudo-celebrity in Desert Bluffs. And not a single person thought to retrieve him from the Otherworld.

And it’s clear that he’d be capable of reform if someone did rescue him. Years outside of the Smiling God’s influence, and he seems almost back to normal (if scarred).

Maybe he just needs a hero.

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Ok can you please explain to me what happened with those blogs and their ads???? I've heard about some blogs doing something illegitimate, but I don't know the story. Could you explain?

Several blogs were contacted by a third party company to have them use their follower base to reblog a post that contained a link to a “diet pill.”  It’s against tumblr’s guidelines for you to harm minors or reblog deceptive links, and I assume the post they all reblogged failed both of these terms. 

The diet pill wasn’t FDA-approved, and even if it was, using your follower count to promote a drug is ethically shady.  So it comes down to a lack of judgment, a bandwagon mentality between these pseudo-famous blogs (everyone’s doing it), and a general lack of foresight to even bother reading the rules.

I’m not the best person to ask questions about this.  I wasn’t following any of the blogs that got deleted (I unfollowed pizza a few months ago after she reblogged a post of someone from AHS stabbing their eye out and didn’t even bother to tag it with anything), I never saw the diet post in question, and most of the information I got was from reading the tumblr user pizza tag over the 24 hour period after she got deleted.