pseudo bohemian

The Dark Side of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the optimistic adventurer of the zodiac, the playful and carefree archer everyone loves. I am a Sagittarius myself, so I am especially biased. However, I wanted to shed another light on this sign because their shadow aspects seem to be the lesser known.

Sagittarius can easily develop into some pseudo-spiritual ~bohemian~ know-it-all. They travel once, and they tell you that they’ve seen the world and know it all. A sagittarius will read a few inspirational quotes and feel destined to become everyone’s personal motivational speaker.

They’re ruled by Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system, the planet of expansion, abundance and wealth, so they can blow things out of proportion easily. A sagittarius can be the biggest hypocrite with an awful holier-than-thou attutude. They’re moral preachers with zero integrity.

As much as they’re the optimists, they’re also lazy bums. They push their luck way too much and their carefreeness can blow the limits from time to time. And if you complain about that, you’re obviously just “less spiritually developed” and “killing their vibe”.

Sagittarius, you are awesome, but remember to stay grounded.

Sincerely, a sagittarius.

- Marina