pset by me


IU as seasons: a winter knitted into warm solace

they were quite the lame pair. they spent all their winters in a blue room traced with their icy blue fingertips. bundled up in blankets in all the colours that matched the blush on his nose. she never got to finish the sweater she promised him, because they were just a pair of puppy lovers who got so excited at the sight of knitting string, they’d pounce around till they were completely tangled up in each other. her frowns woven into his cheeky smiles. her button nose, a victim of his sneaky kisses.
“i’m not leaving you alone until you say it right.” 
“you know i can’t gurgle my throat around his na- ugh fine! Gogghhh away!”
winter was their favourite season because it seemed to last all year. he swore he’d be her summer breeze and she promised she’d be every storm.