pset by iu loveattack


happy 22nd birthday lee jieun!♡ 
ahhhh can’t believe another year has gone by so quickly!! you’re literally growing up in front of my eyes… still can’t believe you were a tiny lil sixteen year old when i first saw you!! it’s been SIX YEARS how did that even happen?? even though you’ve matured so much, you still have childlike joy within you and it makes me so happy! watching you grow up these past six years has been an absolute blessing and i know that in all the years to come you’ll continue to always make me be so, SO proud to be your fan. keep smilin’ and keep slayin’ jieunah!


happy 6th anniversary, lee jieun!
you’ve accomplished so much in the last year! a new drama, your third and fourth albums, your first written single (and an all-kill without promotions at that!), countless concerts, new endorsements and so much more! your growth as an artist has never been so clear. we’re so proud of all your accomplishments! and all throughout the year you’ve remained just as sweet, adorable and dorky as you’ve always been. thank you for always thinking of your fans, and for giving us fanservice no other artist’s fans can get! uaenas will be here for you next year and for every year after~ we love you!♡ #6yearswithIU