I got a request a long time ago about how I cracked Photoshop; I answered to the best of my ability though I received an anonymous ask about it so I thought I would make a tutorial (that and one of my friends wants to know how to do this as well). I’ll break it down in steps, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to understand — being that I had trouble doing the crack after my Photoshop CS5 trial ran out. For this I’ll be downloading and cracking Photoshop CS6, both of which can be found in the links below.

Both links require something such as uTorrent, so if you need that you can download it here. I’m not sure if the last download for Mac is the Extended version, if it’s not then send me an ask and I’ll try and find an Extended Edition for you! Once downloaded you’ll have to extract the files; I use WinRar, which can be found here.

Or if you want you can download the Trial Version and crack it from there, which I’ve also done. CS5 is no longer on the Adobe website, but I’m sure if you do some digging you could find it.

Anyway, the tutorial part is under the cut. I hope it helps! Enjoy!

Step 1 would be to download whichever version you’ve decided on. Then extract it to your Documents (or wherever you’d like it to initially go).

Install the product. You can download it with a serial code (if you happen to have one, you can try some on here if you want) but I’m installing it as a trial for now. It would initially ask me for a serial code, but after the crack it won’t ever ask again and free Photoshop!

Once it’s installed, don’t start up the program. Just exit the installer. Go back to the “Adobe Photoshop CS_ ~” folder and open “DLL FILE”.

If you install the Trial version straight from the Adobe website, then you can download the DLL files here.

Next you’re going to open another window and go into your Directory. Which would be “Computer > Program Files (x86) > Adobe > Adobe Photoshop CS_”. Then copy and paste the necessary file (32 or 64 bit) into the Adobe Photoshop window. It’ll ask if you want to replace the files, click yes.

It’s recommended to restart your computer after this, before you open Photoshop but I’ve opened it and it works. It should be cracked then, and the Adobe window shouldn’t come up at all.

I hope this was helpful, if you’ve got any questions don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll do my best to help you!

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for what it’s worth your license should transfer!! so you should be able to download it again as long as you know where the codes are!!!!

okay the thing is i didn’t get any codes? the program was downloaded entirely digital and iirc wacom said it was a ‘one-time’ download (which is stupid!!!!) so i don’t think it’s going to be possible to transfer it

like i guess i should probably go search for my PSE11 code just in case i did get one and don’t remember getting it but i’m fairly certain i don’t have one

i have PSE6 for sure though, on disc since i got it with my first tablet….

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