psds i hate you

katya-sims  asked:

Hi! I was just wondering how you edit your photos of sims? All your sims and edits are amazing

Hello! You’re v v  vvvv sweet ;v; <3! I can show you a little tutorial*, and I did make a speed edit I’ll upload (eventually) but for now I’m going to use a few pictures of the edit & then just some pointers**

** this is how i do things and im sure there are better ways && along with that i’m not an artist so light source, etc, is bad but!!! yeah!

* also this is called a ‘tutorial’ but rlly think abt it as like… tips

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anonymous asked:

I really like your gifs! Is it okay to ask what steps you take to make your gifs? Yours are so neat and sharp!

haha thanks for liking my stuff… my gifs aren’t that great really :’y i’ve outlined my entire giffing/psd method here if you’re interested! I kinda hate just redirecting people to another post tho so here’s a few more things I got in mind when i make my gifs

  • find the highest quality video possible, in the highest fps possible (”60fps” videos that repeat every frame are not 60fps)
  • I NEVER skip frames unless iit’s not possible to fit the subject’s action in 1 gif using a 60fps video (never skip frames with a 30fps video. it looks choppy. i love 60fps gifs so i keep them 60fps)
  • go thru all the frames to delete any repeat ones. this does wonders for the smoothness of your gif
  • always crop out logos/captions/text unless doing so cuts off too much of the subject from the frame, like their head or their action
  • videos in indoor lighting usually make skintones too yellow or too green so I recolor that shit as best as i can
    unless it’s under some intentional 2-color filter or mood lighting in which case it can’t be helped :/
  • on that note the skin shouldn’t look patchy or overly bright (i’m tryna fix my methods rn to rid of the patches of brightness)
  • please for the love of god don’t oversaturate
  • the gif should loop as best as it can! I remove a few frames at the beginning or end if the subject’s eyes are elsewhere, if a limb from off-frame is in the frame, etc.
    the subject should finish their action within your gif, unless ofc the video itself cuts them off