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How do know if I actually need a psd? It's not just me wanting a dog - I have wanted a dog for years BUT a psd is something I've researched and thought about for months, and feel like it could help me. However, I don't know if I need more of an emotional support dog or an actual psd. My issues (depression, anxiety, crippling paranoia) are something I could definitely use a task trained psd for, especially since I hate going places by myself, even if it's just a quick run inside the (1/?)

(2/?) inside the grocery store. I feel very paranoid and anxious, and sometimes tend to get inside my own head and zone out, which makes me even more paranoid and anxious that someone could take advantage of that. But, there are certain places (namely the hippotherapy barn where I work, and babysitting, although even there I could use reassurance when I get paranoid that something will happen or someone will break in or something) where I feel I could survive without a pad. I don’t know if
(3/?) it’s just me not wanting to inconvenience people or not knowing how I would navigate a psd in a barn (or if I would just have to stop volunteering), because I know a psd is a dog you take everywhere to navigate your mental illness(es), so I feel like I couldn’t pick and choose where I take it. Or it could be I just don’t need one? I definitely feel it could help me and improve my quality of life (and there are a number of tasks it could perform), but maybe I really do just need
(4/4 - sorry this is long!) maybe I really do just need an emotional support dog, who could perform tasks at home? I was just wondering if you had clarification on how to actually know which one you need - esa or psd. I don’t go to a therapist or psychologist or anything so I can’t discuss it with them, so I really don’t know.

Hey there! The only person that can tell you which one you need is yourself. Service dogs aren’t for everyone just like medication or certain types of therapy aren’t for everyone. It’s all about what’s best for you and your disability.
While service dogs are usually dogs that you take everywhere, there are certain places they are unable to go with you, or places you don’t need to take them with you. Depending on what your work is at the barn, you might not be able to bring a PSD with you. But just because you can’t or don’t need to have a service dog with you everywhere you go, doesn’t mean that you don’t need one. For example, myself, there are certain people that if I’m going out with, I don’t need to bring my dog.
A way you can work out which one you think would be best for yourself is going through a task list and the symptoms they mitigate (you can find one in our FAQ.) Ask yourself how much your symptoms affect your day to day life. If they make life very difficult for you and a task performed by a service dog could make it easier, than it is very possible that a service dog would indeed benefit you. 
There are also such things as in-home service dogs. They are in between ESAs and Service Dogs™. In-home service dogs perform tasks, but aren’t public access trained because their handler has decided they don’t need or don’t want them out in public.
So the questions you should ask yourself are: Do you need a dog to perform tasks for you out in public? What are those tasks? How would they help you?
Do you need a dog to perform tasks for you just at home? What are those tasks? How would they help?
Or, do you need a dog that is around just for emotional support to help ease your disability?

Try and answer those questions, and they should hopefully help you have a clearer idea on what would be best for you :)

I really hope this helps! And I wish you luck on your journey! If you still have any questions or need clarification on anything, please feel free to send in another ask or IM us ^^

- Riley


Melanie Martinez + Songs titles.


“It’s an honor to receive this meaningful award and thank you so much. First, someone who lead us here and believed in us, CEO Yang Hyun Suk, I really really want to say thank you to you. Teddy oppa who writes great songs for us and thinks about us, thank you very very much. 

And to people who always work hard at backstage, hair, make up artist director, staffs and unnies, oppas, thank you very much. Management team, teachers, I always thank you and I love you.

 And most of all, to our parents and families of BLACKPINK, I want to say thank you so much and we love you! For last, our fans who love us and cheer for us, thank you very very much. This award will be the start, and BLACKPINK will develop and show great sides of us. Thank you!”