I’ve had some people ask me for psds I used, but since I almost never save them, I made a bunch of psds to show how I color my scenes. I think you can use most of these on different scenes, if you adjust them accordingly.

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Under the cut you’ll find more info about the psds and how to adjust them! 

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hey, here is a small list of my favorite stuff, hope u like them!! ♡


psd 246 by sixcoloring // psd 042 by vannilapsds // 
psd 270 by pswonderland // psd pack by completeresources // 
psd 117 by stupidresources // psd 270 by wasirauhlpsds // 
psd 052 by whoaps // psd 113 by stupidresources // 
psd 1273 by l-agallerrie // psd 132 by selenapastel // 
psd 216 by wasirauhlpsds // psd 121 by selenapastel // 
psd 064 by materialsps // psd 112 by selenapastel // 
psd 004 by whoaps // psd 005 by dashiconsxo.

other things:

doodle pack by vcnilla // doodle pack by nikrps //
doodle pack by astraewrites // action by breakdash // 
001 atn by royalepsds // action 016 by twilixo.


i know this show is a bit of a pain to color, and while i’m no miracle worker, i’ve developed a few psds that have helped me to color my own icons  !   the pack includes psds aimed at coloring the diner scenes, dark scenes  &  many more  !  (  be sure to sharpen your images before applying the psd as this can affect the outcome quite a lot  !  ) i haven’t tried these psds out on gifs, but please let me know the result if you do choose to do so   !  

this psd pack includes FIVE psds !  to download please go here  &  request the download link   !

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