anonymous asked:

how can i put a link in my description?

That depends on the theme you’re using.

In some themes you just have to go to customize, scroll down and you’ll find something like this:

Link1         (for example:                         

Link 1 title   (e.g:psdland)  

Just add your link & the name of the link to it. Easy one

But in some themes, you’ll have to use some HTML codes to add links to your description:

Add to the body section:

<div id=“slinks”>      

{block:ifLink1}<a href=“{text:Link1}”>{text:Link1 Title}</a>{/block:ifLink1}              ^               ^                                                         
</div><br>                   your link       name of the link

P.S: the body section starts at: <body>

You’ll definitely see these links when you’re right. (it’s usually more than one)

Hope this helped you! If not,message me again (:

xoxo, Julie