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Theatre Royal Adelphi
Nassau Steam Press W S Johnson 60 St Martin’s Lane
measures 460mm x 750mm

The Poster advertises production of Thirst of Gold and The Sea of Ice [or The Lost Ship and the Wild Flower of Mexico]
Monday Feb. 13th 1854 & During the Week
A New Grand Christmas Magical Spectacle
Number Nip and the Spirit Bride
An Entirely New Pas D'Action - La Tauromachie [Bull fighting]

The first play is advertised as being produced in Feb 1854 whilst the second is for a Christmas production so possibly printed late in 1853 for use through into the following year [as appose to advertising in the preceeding Feb the forthcoming Christmas production]

An exceptionally rare survivor -



Woman climbing a leaning tree. ‘Monkeyin around’ handwritten on bottom of snapshot. / source: simple insomnia

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I’m going to work late this morning because I was wide awake for about four hours in the middle of the night. I finally slipped into a most unwelcome lucid dream state where I was running from someone at around 4am. I climbed back out of that dream world fifteen minutes ago and feeling as if I’d been doing wind sprints all night.

I’m icing my knee and dreading the drive and amazed by how much my arms hurt from the impact. I should have forced myself to take another walk this morning, but I’m straight up exhausted.

I guess I need to postpone starting the barre class I found down near my job. I’m planning to go twice a week after work before commuting home, but I think it’s going to be a little bit before I’m going to be able to plié without bone-crunching pain.