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How can I make gifs easily and at the highest quality? I've had Tumblr for about 2 years now and I'm still a newb.

well i’ll try and give my best advice, cause im definitely no expert! also it might seem like complicated & hard, but once you get the hang of it, its quite easy.

if you want to be making high quality gifs, i would look into getting photoshop. once you have photoshop and once you have found/made your gif you are going to want to sharpen it before anything (it just makes it look better…more sharp) once sharpened, you can then do what you please, you can colour your gif yourself, or you can download a psd, crop the gif, shorten it, put text on it whatever. once all is done, you will have to save your gif. if you want highest quality, be sure to make your gif suitable to the dimensions on tumblr (or else it’ll look grainy.)

other than using photoshop im not really sure how else you could make a gif at highest quality. 
perhaps ill make a gif tutorial for y’all, that kinda goes more in depth? and will probably make more sense. - if any of you want that, im open to do that! 

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tutorial on gifs and re-coloring? :)

hi love! personally I am horrible at gifs, like I haven’t made a gifset since last september hahaha. so! instead of muddying up everyone’s dashboard with a lengthy tutorial, here are some that may help in the process:

  1. make your gif: here is a really basic tutorial, here’s another one if you like
  2. sharpen your gif:
  3. color your gif: (if you are a beginner, download psds. just do it. your life will be changed.) 
    1. this tutorial will introduce you to the photoshop adjustments I usually use for regular edits, not gifs: 
    2. (how to use psds)
    3. (psds you can use!)

good luck!