Midnight. Why Midnight? Well, no matter. One by one the prisoners flooded the performance hall, some taking seats while others choosing to stay near the walls. The ones rubbing sleep from their eyes, the ones looking at the stage with irritation, others with more caution. Curiosity, concern, really their feelings mattered little in the end, none of them were going anywhere anytime soon. 


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Let’s talk Ski Lodge

And all the things that stuck out like a fucking sore thumb. 

Note: I just watched the clips on youtube lmao so sorry if this is fucked up.

1. Lucaya being concerned parents af. I mean… 

“are you really going to make me explain myself?” 
“what do you think?”

I need a parallel between this and them in Rah Rah pls and thank u

2. After Lucas got all passive aggressive on Riley’s ass, why did Riley turn to MAYA to deal with it? Methinks it’s pretty telling that even Riley knows Maya can handle Lucas better when he’s not sugary sweet. 

3. “Why did you want to be me?” “I felt like I needed to make sure what you were feeling”. Look at how Maya says that - her eyes widening, her head movement, and her intonation tells me it’s suchhhh bullshit. 

4. “What are you protecting me from?”. Well if we go back to GMNW, remember when Maya asked Riley to protect her from the shiny ring?? You can expect a long meta post about this preeeeetty soon. 

5. “How do I know if he’s good enough?” “You’re the only one who’s good enough”. Yeah but also… ‘For the rest of our lives, let’s never settle for anyone less than Farkle.’

6. Lucas gets jealous over Riley talking to other people - maybe bc talking to each other is all they have. Meanwhile, Lucaya.

7. I know they say conversing is the most important part of a relationship, and that’s definitely true. Communication is vital. But it’s not the only thing that makes a relationship, relationships are more than just talking to one another. If there’s anything the Cory/Topanga/Ricky situation taught us…

8. Cory’s the falcon, and Lucas is the “eagle that soars above the mockingbird”. This is just big ass meta bursting at the seams, tbh. DON’T WATCH THE BIRDIE!

9. Ok I personally don’t like joshaya, but that capacity for love part was adorable.

10. Anyways, Maya listens to Josh and ‘cuts the red wire’. But you guys realize that Josh can be wrong? (more on that later ahaha). And GOD guys PLEASE don’t get into a relationship with a guy who’s three years older than you until you’re old and mature enough. If you’re 15, PLEASE don’t believe it when a college freshman feeds you lines because chances are he just wants to get in your pants.

11. Maya practically convincing herself she doesn’t like Lucas bc she was Riley is shattering my heart bye. See, so many people have convinced her that the way she feels about Lucas isn’t legit because she WAS Riley. But here’s the thing: we’ve all seen the evidence that she never was Riley, that feelings can’t be absorbed. The one thing Maya knows is that she believes Riley no matter what. And Riley’s incorrect diagnosis has left Maya playing right into the ‘old Maya’ stereotype. The old Maya isn’t supposed to like nice guys. (But the old Maya was 14 and do 14 y/o kids really know what they want when it comes to love? Love isn’t what you know you want. Real loves takes what you think love is, and gives it a whole new meaning. You can do the math.)  

12. ‘Someday’. Okay so you mean like… SOMEDAY Riley will give Lucas his shoes back. SOMEDAY Lucas will ask one of them out (of his own free will when he’s not pushed towards it. yeah that’s right i’m still bitter)

13. Rilucas talking about thinking about talking makes my head hurt. And for a huge romantic, why is Riley setting for no asks to a dance and some snacks?! 

14. So help me understand this logic: Lucas finally has ‘his moment’. Right after Maya sent him there. Because he couldn’t break it off with Maya without hurting her. So Maya ended things between them because Riley and Josh’s wonderful and COMPLETELY logical theories have her believing that she’s the ‘old Maya’, and that Maya can’t like a nice guy. A+ logic here, guys, A+.  

15. ‘I do’. Next episode: GM I Do. In which Maya’s a damn wreck. And, ‘those are just words’

16. ‘Our first boyfriends, Maya. Who knows how that’s gonna last.’. I’m happy they’re not sticking to this whole “your first love is your last love” concept. But if I recall correctly: ‘Boy meets girl. Boy stays with girl. Nothing bad happens.’ *waits for perception vs. reality lesson”

17. Rilaya makes my heart so happy


Eureka pilot aired 10 years ago (July 18, 2006)

Eureka isn’t just a town, it’s an idea. A place where intellectual aptitude is celebrated, not ridiculed. Not only is it okay to be smart, geeky, or obsessive… it’s required. Don’t let all the explosions, AI takeovers, and space-time disturbances fool you. Eureka is a damn fine place to live. - Amy Berg (co-executive producer/writer)