psd version

fox eyes - default eyes for humans + vampires

  • comes in original ea swatches
  • all ages + genders
  • vampires pack needed for the vampire eyes
  • human defaults are base game compatible
  • let me know if there are any issues !!

tou: feel free to include the mesh if you recolour them or use them as a base, just credit me :+)

credits: @ridgeport for preview inspiration + @cupidjuice for the inspiration to make some default eyes as all of hers are amazing

edits: now updated to include facepaint versions !!

download, psd


“Oh, he made it,” Andrew said. “That’s interesting.”
He pressed two fingers to Neil’s throat, checking his pulse. When Neil tried to bat him away, Andrew caught his wrist with his free hand. His smile was small and fierce as he leaned forward into Neil’s space.

“Remember this feeling. This is the moment you stop being the rabbit.”


you think we’ll still be friends when we’re dead?
i will if you will. 
− happy birthday, tina!

「Life is Strange: Before the Storm’s Chloe」メイキングGIF  


‘Life is Strange: Before the Storm’s Chloe’ painting steps!
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