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“The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed…It is indeed a precious gift to understand the forces that guides oneself…”

Characters of The Hierophant Arcana

I’ve reached 15 000 followers and I want to celebrate it with another resources pack to show my gratitude for all your love and support. It contains my most frequently used resources made by me and some made by others. Please like/reblog if you download it and i hope you like it! :)

  • 32 psds (mine, not mine)
  • 3 graphics psd (mine)
  • 45 textures (not mine)
  • 45 Merlin icons (mine)
  • 20 fonts
  • 2 gif actions (not mine)

{download here}

*Also i want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your love and support, because without you my blog wouldn’t be possible. Thanks for doing Tumblr a better place ♥

*:・゚ Pack 2500 followers! *:・゚✧

This pack contains  for your enjoy!

  • 30 fonts
  • 148 Pixel png
  • 100 Textures
  • 8 Header Templates
  • 300 Png’s
  • 44 Text Png

to get the download link you must:

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Como fora pedido, abaixo do read more terá #30 psds, #03 actions, #12 texturas e bordas para gif icons. Ao total, foram #45 resources para gif icons. Tive ajuda da Tauriel, então uma parte vai para ela também. Caso usar, por favor, dê like ou reblogue. Esperamos que goste.

{{ As requested, below the cut will have  #30 psds, #03 actions, #12 textures e borders for gif icons. In total, they were #45 resources for gif icons. I had help from Tauriel, so a part goes to her as well. If you use, please give like or reblogue. We hope you enjoy. }} 

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I know that I’m late but it’s finally here… Our 4k photoshop pack.

I’m thinking of making another pack full of icons and sidebar pictures, asap.

  • 36 Actions
  • 103 Fonts
  • 5 Patterns
  • 3 Polaroid Png
  • 6 PSD
  • 112 Textures


So, as usual, I’ve selected and made some resources for you!

Thank you for follow and like my stuff. I love what I do. I love this blog. I love FATM. So it’s just me having fun in my free time. Thank you. Thank you and Thank you.


this is for those of you that want to know how to make your OWN rp icon overlays/borders/coloring and psds.  you WILL need photoshop for this, and though i won’t be providing a link to download it free-there are videos and other links out there that can get you it for free (bc we are all sneaky ppl that dont want to pay our life’s savings just to edit photos).  

This will teach you to-

go from this:

to this:

And also just how to make your own borders basically.


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Why do people insist on making gif icons so small? I SWEAR I seen a gif icon the other day that was literally 60x60. WHY? What’s the point of you even using gif icons that size when you can’t see what’s happening in the gif? I literally don’t get these people. 

*:・゚ 5k Followers!! *:・゚✧ thank you so much!

This pack contains for your enjoy! 

  • Icons templates
  • Lock screen templates
  • Header templates
  • Pngs
  • rare emojis
  • Pastel textures

to get the download link you must:

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Because I’ve explained this to people a lot lately, I’ve decided to publish a guide video on how I make my gif icons. Before I get into the tutorial, you will need; a psd/texture of your choosing and a sharpening action. This guide will take you from a video file, to multiple gifs as a result!

As much as I’d prefer to do this all in the video, unfortunately TinyTake won’t show the video stream when you open it, so I’ll walk you through that part. File > Import > Video Frames to Layers, then choose the video you’ve downloaded to make gifs with, this will pop up a video to splice your section, keep in mind, photoshop will only allow you to make 500 frames at a time, so select your section accordingly. (In order to highlight your section, click the beginning, SHIFT + click your ending section. This is for windows, im not sure what it is on a mac.) This will generate a large gif for editing, but it may take a while depending on the size file you’ve created. After this point is where the video above begins. ENJOY!


“Dogs are our link to paradise…..
They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent.
To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden,
where doing nothing was not boring – it was peace.”
- Milan Kundera

Thank you so much you guys! I’m terribly sorry for being completely inactive on this blog over the last year but I’ll do my best to get more involved in making new resources and helping you out with any photoshop questions you might have! So, to thank you for believing in this blog and to celebrate the 800 followers, you’re more than welcome to make any requests regarding photoshop resources and I’ll make a big special resource post:

  • PSDs
  • Handwritten Textures
  • Tutorials 
  • Overall mixed texture packs
  • Themed texture packs
  • anything that might tickle you
  • go over to my main blog to request graphics or other graphicy things

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