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anonymous asked:

May I ask how you get your in game screenshots to look so good. Like the quality is amazingggggg. HOW??

Why hello there nons, 

For pictures I keep my settings all on Ultra! I also use my own personal PSD in Photoshop to edit gameplay pictures making them smooth/sharp. Compare

With PSD Action II Without PSD Action 

I’d also look into Topaz Clean. It’s a good program for smooth/sharp pictures and I know a few people/sites that can hook you up with a free copy. 

Keep in mind that Tumblr LOVES dropping the quality of pictures due to resizing them. So for edits use size 540[width] x __[height] pictures. As for gameplay go with 1000[width] x __[height]. 

Bonus: Here are some PSD I’d recommend for edits!

One II Two II Three 

Hope this helped! (◠ω◠✿)