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Under the cut are 120 100x100 icons of Tabrett Bethell in Legend of the Seeker. All were made by me. Please like or reblog if you save any of them. Do not edit these icons in any way or claim them as your own.

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First of all I want to say SORRY GUYS, some icons are with psd or stranger filters because those pictures are old, but I know how everyone likes to use xmas icons and I did it with soooo much love, I hope you guys like it and you all can forgive me. I’m so ashamed.

Anyway if you used or saved LIKE OR REBLOG PLEASE.

Be honest.

In this tutorial I’ll be going over the basics of using Pixlr to make manips. I apologize, the edit isn’t perfect. Partly because I was rushing and partly because you can’t use PSD filters in pixlr.

This is the finished product:

(As you can see, the lighting is off and the glass in his hand is a problem.)

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Editing tips for Photoshop! (IMVU)

There’s a huge difference of how your edits can turn out if your avi has shadows or doesn’t have them. Personally, I prefer without the shadows because it has a cleaner feel. You can go into the shop and buy a shadowless item for a very cheap price!

Next, you can go into “blending options” in Photoshop. (Or whatever program you use) and choose the bevel & emboss settings. Take off the contour and texture settings because you won’t be needing that. And the settings you decide to use are up to you! Here are the ones that I use: 

THE BURN/DODGE TOOL IS YOUR FRIEND! I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but use it. It makes a lot of difference. Again, it’s up to you how you want to use it. It makes your avi look more realistic! 

And lastly, actions, filters, PSDS! All extremely useful when editing. I’m not going to give out any of the ones that I use, but you can search some up on tumblr, deviant art or google and download a ton to try them out! (A bit of the filter got on the other side, sorry.) 

Hope that was a bit useful to some of you, let me know if you have any questions or concerns. - Hymn ♥