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I’ve had some people ask me for psds I used, but since I almost never save them, I made a bunch of psds to show how I color my scenes. I think you can use most of these on different scenes, if you adjust them accordingly.

please like or reblog this post, then send me an ask off anon asking for the psd you want (example: hey! i liked/reblogged your post and I would like the link for the amaya psd).

Under the cut you’ll find more info about the psds and how to adjust them! 

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Editing Manga Icons for Skintone: A Guide

Well, as long as I’m in the process of editing these icons, I might as well throw a tutorial together for anyone who might need it.

As you’ve probably noticed, there are very few manga faceclaims out there with darker skin colors, which seriously limits FC options for some muses, since not everyone is comfortable with live faceclaims or can draw their own. SO, here’s a simple guide for how I edit my icons

I’ve found this method is easier with icons that are already cropped & resized, so it’s probably in your best interest to make the icons before editing. It’s pretty quick (even if you’re like me and use a crappy laptop trackpad); editing one icon usually takes under 1 min. once you know what you’re doing. 

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anonymous asked:

Your character posters are so cute! May I ask how you made them or even go about finding pictures for a color scheme?

Sure thing! I’ve never made a tutorial before so forgive me if this is a bit all over the place. 


  • photoshop (I use CC 2015) 
  • four photos with preferably white-ish backgrounds (I recommend Pinterest for this. If you’re having trouble finding a a white-background photo, a good alternative is finding one that would be easy to paint white around such as this one or this one and painting around it with a soft 95px brush at 0% hardness). 
  • a few pastel psds that you’re going to put over one another. I don’t remember which ones I used but feel free to scroll through this tag for ones to experiment with! 

feel free to give this a like / reblog if this helped at all! 

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