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One time, she killed an Assyrian king in Single Combat

(It was awesome).

For being a being a self-serving hedonist who just wants to eat some people


Rockstar 101 - Rihanna | Problem - Natalia Kills | 6 Inch (feat. The Weeknd) - Beyonce | Miss Jackson (feat LoLo) - Panic! at the Disco | Creator - Santigold | Killin’ It - Krewella | Massive Attack (feat. Sean Garret) - Nicki Minaj | Hard (feat. Jeezy) - Rihanna | Dangerous Animals -Arctic Monkeys | Kill of the Night - Gin Wigmore

bonus: Maneater - Daryl Hall & John Oates


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I have to win and stay on the court! | Kageyama Tobio Haikyuu!! 20

My future is promising,
That’s why I take rests sometimes.
–Don’t Say “Lazy”, K-ON!

Arguably one of the most popular ending sequences in K-ON, spawing hundreds upon thousands of pieces of fanart of the girls in their respective outfits, ‘Don’t Say “Lazy”’ not only stands out as one of the more memorable segments of the series visually, but lyrically as well.

Most K-ON fans know the music of the series is not half-assed–not in the slightest. This song proves that fact and while the lyrics can seem just like a jumble of personal thoughts and trouble, along with the music video being a big moment for the series artistically, there lies some good messages, themes, and interesting tidbits laced throughout the two mediums. Taking apart the lyrics and music video separately, beyond the read more cut we will analyze the lyrics and music video in depth and connect themes and such that give this great song an ever greater clarity.

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