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This tutorial will show you how to make any amount of icons you so desire - IN ONE SITTING!  (up too 500 at most to respond properly without lag).  This is largely an image based tutorial, but if anything is unclear, please send me your questions!

you will need:


-some screencaps or images you wish to edit

tutorial below the cut:

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Hello! So I’m back at it again with the back at it again! I am reposting this to my active blog so that I don’t have to continuously log into my non active blog and check my I.M.’s and also because my funds are low for reasons I will and explain to those who ask me privately and also because I enjoy making things for those who ask and what not! Doing commissions is actually fun. I will only be accepting Paypal, the exchange will happen after I reveal the finished product and adjustments are a possibility as well if wanted. Here are a few examples and prices:

ICONS: $20 for 50 , $30 for 60 , $40 - $60 for 70 - 100.


BASIC CODING ( no popups, no scattered links ): $10
COMPLEX CODING ( popups, scattered links, scattered info, etc. ): $14

*all art used will have to be accepted for use by original artist before i can begin anything. all creators of textures, psds & art will be credited. p.s. i will not be charging for artwork, textures or psds ( unless their mine ) but for the time it takes!


Tutorial how to make gif in hd by sistaroundpsds, this tutorial is very simple, just follow the instructions and this tutorial is to make gifs with screencaps no videos. Please if this tutorial is/was useful to you REBLOG/LIKE I appreciate it. You will need kmplayer in this tutorial and not the QuickTime | I used CS5 in this tutorialI don’t speak english, but this tutorial it’s in english to all understand, so if the tutorial have errors of grammar, please ignoreLet’s learn how to do gifs! if questions still remain  ━ ask me ! 

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                                DANGERICONS IS BACK!!!

Since we’re back and we reached10k, we decided to make a pack. Thank you so much for everything and we hope you enjoy it! The pack has 80 dash icons, 845 emojis (pngs), 246 fonts, 225 instagram pictures, 140 random pngs, 20 psds, 2 actions, 6 templates and a photoshop cs5 with timeline.

To get this pack you have to:

  1. follow dangericons;
  2. reblog this post;
  3. ask here for: 10k pack.

Please be patient and do not ask two times. Again, thank you so much for everything! 💋


Hey guys, as you may or may not know the blog turned 2 this year so we wanted to thank everyone who has been with us until now (old and new followers) and decided to make this very special pack just for you.

  • please like / reblog when downloading (keeps us motivated ;))
  • the whole pack (except for fonts) is made by us so do not claim as yours/redistribute
  • no credit needed but mind the point above^
  • download: like or reblog the post and ask us for the link
  • if you have any questions / problems ask here

This pack contains:

  • 47 icons
  • 20 psds
  • 6 textures
  • 3 Katherine bagdes
  • 38 fonts (from various sources, free for personal use)

Enjoy, we hope you like it  :)

Hey galaxians, como estão? Como sabem, chegamos a 1k e queríamos agradecer imensamente por tudo, tudo mesmo. Sem vocês o galaxy não seria nada. Então, fizemos esse pack em forma de agradecimento por tudo o que fizeram por nós, e também pra comemorar a criação do galaxyavatarsque a maioria já sabe, é uma extensão de icons aqui do galaxy. 

O pack contém: 

  • 400 dash icons (64x e 100x)
  • 70 psds
  • 20 actions
  • 30 fontes
  • 99 gradients
  • 5 sharpen atns
  • 11 templates
  • 77 texturas
  • 550 screencaps (OUAT, OITNB, PLL, TW, TWD e UTD)

Para conseguir o pack, basta // to get this pack, you just need to: 

  1. Seguir aqui e aqui (iremos checar) // follow here and here (we’ll check)
  2. Reblogar este post, (likes não irão contar) // reblog this post (likes doesn’t count)
  3. Pedir na ask: “galaxypack”. // Ask us “galaxypack”

Esperamos que realmente gostem. Obrigada por tudo. Equipe Galaxyps