Don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed of your size. I cannot even stress to you how blessed someone would be to have you in their lives. You don’t have to explain yourself. You don’t have to apologize for your existence. Stand tall, exhale, and strut. Let your presence be known. Be you, and be proud of it! XD


!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS NOT PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve never felt like this before.

Lately I’ve have this weird feeling and I couldn’t really put my finger on it .


I would think to be the best word for this feeling lately. I’ve stopped trying for everyone else .For years and years Id spend my time worrying.

who will love me ? 

How can my friends love me?

How can any one love me ?

I’m going to be  alone forever.

no this isn’t a story about finding a guy who liked me for who I am its about me ,This year I am finding myself and realizing that rest will come along .

I tried and tried to do things for others to love me and kinda lost track of myself, I let others hurt me beyond belief and took it because I thought that’s what i deserved. Id silence myself and put myself in situations where i would be unhappy to just feel the smallest taste of acceptance.I did things to fill voids and it cost me a lot of my esteem.

When I look at these photos it makes me so happy, because they are for me, because I love myself ,because I think I’m beautiful, and because I’m complete without anyone else. I don’t need to fill voids I just need me.


Wear what you wanna wear! Who cares what other people think?! If they’re judging you for how you appear on the outside, then they’re not too great of a person on the inside. Surround yourself with people who love and support you. Don’t choose to stay with people who degrade you. You know you deserve better than that!


For all the people getting bullied out there:

Hate can make people do terrible things, but your kindness has the power to change them.