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hey about that allura-is-a-hoe situation: i checked out the tags on the posts and they're also posting in the shallura, shidge, hance, heith, kallura, shance, shatt, shallura, kallura, and shidge tags as well


I checked their blog and you should really not go on the webpage unless you have a very strong stomach. I suggest going to dashboard settings and blocking the URL there.


I love vegan food, but maybe you should tell people about your food before you serve them. 

I watched once a video were a guy made sloppy joe’s out of Jaca, and didn’t tell his friends. Is kind of important, because this fruit is exotic, can cause allergic reactions and skin rash, also, can give problems to people with diabetes :s

This is highly important if you dont wanna kill your friends also. My sibling, allergic to soy, is right now in the bathroom and cannot go out because someone in their DD group wanted to surprise everybody with soy Tamales :s  

Vegan food is great, but even if you fear regret from your friends, remember also that nuts, gluten and soy are in high rates of allergenes :s

Memos in the Citadel (27/?)

To: Everyone

From: Titus Drautos

Subject: Citadel PSA

For the duration of this Valentines Day period I’ve been told that I am to allow the use of the term “daddy” and other familial names when I am given…. Things.

Don’t over do it.

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Follower PSA
I get why plenty of people in the fandom do not ship Otabek and Yurio, or Yurio with anyone at all. However, what I don’t get is the blasting or blacklisting of every individual who posts or reblogs a canon interaction between them without anti’s assuming they ship them.  
The thing is, even when including this Welcome to the Madness content, the interactions are completely ambiguous.  There’s no defining line that clearly divides them from: bros being bros to: explicitly romantic/sexual DOA.
I don’t know what kind of friends you’ve had in your life, or what experiences you’ve shared together, but one thing’s for sure: I’ve done arguably more suggestive things with and/or for my friends and, just because I’d let them stick their finger in my mouth to pull off their glove with my teeth for a shock-n-awe performance, does not mean I want their cock down my throat, etc., etc..
There’s a difference between shipping Otabek and Yuri, and posting Otabek with Yuri; please don’t be presumptuous the next time you consider un-following, blocking, or shaming someone because you couldn’t be bothered to look beyond the post that showed their faces in the same image, or their names in the same sentence.  
This is a YOI blog.  I post YOI content.  Otabek and Yurio’s friendship is YOI content.  I love Otabek.  I like Yurio.  You will see them on this blog, sometimes in the same post.  Thank you.


I see a lot of people using 𝔱𝔥𝔦𝔰 𝔣𝔬𝔫𝔱 for their tags, and I just wanted to put it out there that this font breaks your tags. Not all of them, some are going to function, but the majority of them will not work if you wanna search them, it will tell you there are no posts in that tag on your blog. I had this issue when I retagged my blog and then I had to use the search function on my blog to retag everything by hand to a tag that wasn’t broken, and I wasn’t even capable of getting it all because the search function eventually refused to continue searching for tags with this font. I thankfully caught this before I completely finished retagging my blog.

I just wanted to throw it out there tbh because if you haven’t noticed and actually care about being able to search your tags, you miiight want to know about this, haha. Check several of your tags if you don’t believe me. Some will work, some won’t.

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I wouldn't say head collars or front attach harnesses are positive punishment. It's management, you shouldn't be giving corrections with those tools, so they work through negative reinforcement. Gentle pressure to turn the dog toward you isn't a strong enough aversive to work as +P in any of the cases I've seen, and the dog shouldn't be able to hit the end of the lead hard enough for a correction either as that can be dangerous.

This is not meant to sound aggressive, but…

Gentle pressure to turn the dog toward you isn’t a strong enough aversive to work as +P

Says who? Because my own dog says that “gentle” pressure on his nose is way more uncomfortable than a correction with a prong. Remember that the dog decides what is more aversive, not the human. For Creed, a halti might be gentler for someone to look at, but he’s made it clear that he is very much bothered by that pressure on his nose. He was introduced properly to it, he wears a muzzle without issue. It’s the pressure itself that he is not okay with. This same dog can and has hit the end of the leash with prong on without vocalizing or flailing.

Positive punishment does not need you to deliver a leash correction- most dogs self-correct on a prong collar too. Positive punishment is the addition of something uncomfortable in order to stop the behavior. Adding pressure on the muzzle or chest which is uncomfortable to the dog to deter pulling is positive punishment. Negative reinforcement is the subtraction of something uncomfortable to encourage a behavior. In the case of these particular tools, I can understand someone arguing either way, as most people use them with the goal that the pulling will stop when pressure is added. However, because you are adding something to stop a behavior, and not subtracting something to encourage a behavior, it’s positive punishment.

Negative reinforcement is pinching a dog’s ear to encourage it to open it’s mouth (to yelp) and hold an item- a method still used today by some to teach the beginning stages of a retrieve. Negative reinforcement is putting pressure on a long line to teach a puppy to come towards you. Negative reinforcement is pushing a dog’s butt into position for a sit. You use the uncomfortable thing to encourage the beginning of a behavior and take it away once said behavior is completed.

To be completely honest, this is exactly what I’m talking about in that other post. Positive punishment is such a dirty word nowadays that people recommend tools and advice without full knowledge of how they work.

The “correction” that occurs with a halti is a slight-to-moderate downwards or sideways pressure, depending on the height of the dog vs human. The “correction” that occurs with most front clip harnesses is a slight squeeze to the chest and a loss of control over where their body is going as the harness directs their forward momentum back towards you. Dogs typically self-correct with these tools by receiving the uncomfortable pressure and immediately reacting (whether correctly by stopping the behavior and stepping back/to the side, or incorrectly by panicking). 

Positive punishment does not need to cause pain. It needs to be the addition of something the dog dislikes. Because most animals in general don’t like discomfort, there are a wide variety of tools that cause a wide range of discomfort with a wide range of applications and ethics behind them. Positive punishment can be the addition of a specific sound the dog doesn’t like- the shaking of a penny in a can or ruffling a newspaper is not causing the dog pain. Body blocking does not cause pain- in fact, if you do it right, you never even make contact with the dog, but most dogs don’t like that sudden appearance of your body in front of what they were just eating/sniffing/pulling towards/etc.


I see a lot of people who get attacked for calling someone by their incorrect pronouns and I wanted to offer my two cents. 

I am highly doubtful that anyone would misgender you on purpose (if they did thats a different story) , which means their slip was an accident. I understand the other side when people are constantly calling you by the wrong gender, I really do. I was born a girl but in my heart and in my soul I am not a girl, I’m a boy, everything inside me rejects the idea of being a girl. I am also not out away from my computer so all day I get called the wrong pronouns and I have to be someone I’m not. So I understand your frustration when all you want is a place where people treat you like who you really are and you can be who you feel inside without any negative people telling you you’re wrong or theres something wrong with you. It hurts too because you want to be comfortable but seeing somebody say the wrong pronoun it makes you uncomfortable and it hurts you, it brings forward all the pain you feel in real life when people do it. This does not warrant attacking somebody for saying the wrong pronoun, posting angry vague blogging and general nastiness. I know you are upset and you are frustrated but there are better ways to do it. If somebody misgenders you just hit them with a little message, a little reminder ‘Hi, I just wanted to pop in and say I actually go by these pronouns as they x (make me more comfortable) thank you for understanding.’ etc. People make mistakes and we need to avoid making unnecessary drama or arguments over it. Sometimes I post little reminders on my blog like ‘I just want to put it out there for those who are new or those who don’t know I go by x pronouns rather than any other pronouns, thank you!’. Sometimes people forget or they don’t know. Personally I forget everybody’s real names and call them by someone’s else’s name, it’s a mistake and it was not meant to be harmful. As frustrating as it is we need to treat others how we want to be treated, a little kindness can go a long way. And as a note to others, check their blog before assigning them a pronoun if you aren’t sure, if you can’t see one you can ask (they will appreciate it) or use their name or ‘soandso’ mun to avoid this slip up.