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Pro tips; high school version

-do not skip a class you have anything lower than an A in. Trust me
-do your homework, you will regret it later if you get a C in a class you could have gotten an A in all because you wanted to scroll through social media instead of do math
-it’s high school, there is going to be drama. Don’t create it, try to stay out of it. It doesn’t do anyone any good to be an instigator
-don’t lie about stupid shit to seem cool or “edgy” it’s not cool to be fake.
-don’t talk shit about people, especially your friends. Letting off steam is okay, but don’t make it a habit
-pack your bag every night, spare charger, ear buds, papers, books, binders, deodorant, lotion, pencils, markers, highlighters, extra lead/sharpener, anything you need for the next day
-it’s not odd or weird or dorky to pack lunches, but if you pack them bring extra snacks to eat because you will eat in class
-most high school teachers don’t give a shit about gum, that’s middle school bullshit
-cursive almost never comes up, I don’t know why but I was taught and retaught it seven times in my 10 school years and haven’t used it past 7th grade.
-bring gum, and snacks and pencils, and WATER you will need it
-it’s okay to not share stuff, if they didn’t bring it don’t feel the need to give them it. This includes papers, foods, drinks, pencils and pens, markers, sharpies, gum, anything
-make new friends, it’s actually really easy.
-almost every one goes into high school thinking they won’t go to college, or having some massive Harvard plan. It’s okay not to know at all, or to aim for a community college.
- try not to plan too much, life does things to plans
-work hard at classes you don’t do well in, summer school sucks, you don’t want to be there and neither does anyone else.
-smile at people, compliment them, if they are rude to you, don’t worry. Nobody remembers anything really
-study, do what study method works best, don’t watch tv while you study, or try and be on your phone as “breaks” use a book instead. So you aren’t tempted to just say fuck it and quit
-plug your phone in every night
-get a job as soon as you can/want to the spare cash is a good way to motivate you to do things.
-don’t disrespect teachers, be their friends, laugh with them about things and remember they are here to teach, not babysit
-don’t fight on school grounds or bring anything illegal unless you absolutely have to. If some one hits you, don’t hit back, if they are gonna beat the shit out of you before help arrives, then hit back.
-seriously don’t do drugs at school
-take your medicine for whatever you need
-always have period supplies in your bag and locker(s) because even if you don’t start randomly some poor girl will and nothing is better than helping out other girls
-don’t be afraid of eating alone, no one notices and if they do they will probably invite you to sit by them
-do not talk shit about your friends, you will get caught and it has lead to some nasty things
-don’t ass kiss either, it is annoying and most people actually don’t like it
-be honest not blunt
-you will make friends, don’t worry about it
-dating is not a big deal, it mostly just ends in heartache
-don’t expect anything from the world, it owes you nothing
- try and find a hobby that makes you happy, electives are good ways to do that. You like music? Piano, band, orchestra, choir etc. You like dance? Dance, drill team, cheer leading, gymnastics etc. You like arts? Art, graphic design, etc. Languages? Spanish, ASL, sometimes French or German.
-try to find one person to lean on, or many. Don’t worry about how many friends you have, it’s quality, not quantity.
-seriously, I have like seven best friends and I love them all equally and we all get along fine
-don’t be afraid to cut people out of your life, rumors die, and nobody will remember this in ten years except maybe you.
-high school is stressful, I’m not gonna lie, and it sucks a lot of times. You will probably want to quit, just remember your goals and morals, and try to find people to go through life with.


Quick guide to the light test and black light test for determining fake MtG cards

The top pic shows a real card on the left and a fake on the right using the Black light Test. It’s not as prevalent in the photo but the fake has a brown tint to the black. Keep in mind, MM2015 cards show this too!

The bottom pics show the standard light test. This works best with an LED flashlight because you can see the bulbs. Once again, real card on the left, fake on the right.

These tests are quick, easy, and can be done with a $10 flashlight off of Amazon. Bonus! If you live in the southwest, these also help you find scorpions because they’re really just fake spiders

Let me tell you about a thing

LearningExpress Library is probably one of my very favorite library databases. It’s got a little something for everyone, whether it’s job information, honing skills, or getting help with test prep. Here’s a rundown!

Adult Learning Center - The Adult Learning Center can assist in improving basic skills, like math, reading, writing, and grammar. Resources include tutorials, ebooks, and practice sets. It also includes a section for preparing for the US Citizenship Exam, which has articles about helpful hints on different sections and a practice test!

Career Center  - A way to prepare for career exams, explore different career paths, and improve workplace skills! There’s a section to Learn More About a Career, which could be a good resource for writers, as well as sections to prepare for entrance exams for nursing school and health programs. You can also prepare for occupation exams for things like Air Traffic Controller,  firefighting, plumbing, social work, ASVAB, and many more. There’s also info about workplace skills, job searching, and interviewing. 

School Center has resources for Elementary, Middle, and High Schoolers. Resources differ by library, but in general they should help students build and hone core skills.

College Prep Center is where it’s at for the college-bound student who doesn’t want to/can’t shell out for courses but wants to practice. There are practice exams for: ACT, SAT, PSAT, MSQT, AP tests, TOEFL IBT, and THEA. What I love about these practice tests is that you can take them in 3 modes: Simulation, meant to model the time you’ll have on the test; Practice, where you can see answer explanations after you’ve finished the test; and Learner, where you can view the answers to questions as you go to help you study. There are also some test guides for these tests.

High School Equivalency Center is for people who need GED prep (including GED prep in Spanish), HISET prep, and TASC prep. There are also a couple of skills assessments for different subjects to help people assess where their skills are. 

College Center has skill reviews, grad school admissions test prep (GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MAT, MCAT, PCAT) and a ton of other stuff like ACCUPLACER, ASSET, COMPASS, and CLEP prep.

And finally, there is Recursos para hispanohablantes, with  skill builders for reading, math, and writing/grammar, as well as GED prep. 

The different “Centers” offered by LearningExpress Library might differ by library, but all of it is super great!

tl;dr LearningExpress Library has a ton of shit to offer for different types of people and you should all check it out!

Sideblogs & Blocking

tumblr updated their ignore/block feature and made it stronger.

If you have a sideblog, your sideblog now has its own block list, which you can find at

You can go to this URL and block people from your sideblogs if you so choose.

If you have a group sideblog, it now has a combined blocklist made up of the individual blocklists of each blog member. On my own group sideblog, the sideblog blocklist turned out to be very long. So if you are the owner of a fandom sideblog and any of the people who run it with you have been very quick with the “ignore” feature in the past, you might want to filter down your sideblog’s new blocklist. (Or not idc.) If you unblock someone from your sideblog, they remain blocked from your personal blog

public service announcement

a lot of people want more information on the other gangs sO

if you wanna know about the Rumble Fish gang, come to me @changesxnight

if you want info on the Tiber Street Tigers, go to Avery @eastsidecigarette

and if you’d like to hear about the Brumly Boys, I’d go to Maddie @brumlyboy

there’s lots of blogs about the Shepards, including @timcurlyshepard @curllyshepard and @shepardtrash

i don’t know if i already made a post like this, but for any of you that are self diagnosed and feel invalid because you don’t have a “proper diagnoses” i would like to remind you that my psychiatrist googled “ADHD Test”, printed the first one she saw, and that’s how she diagnosed me. so if you take those test and quizzes online for diagnostic reasons you are completely 100% valid

anonymous asked:

ah I'm sorry if this comes off as weird, I'm still trying to educate myself, but what does Judaism have to say about being gay and transgender ? and does that opinion change depending on the type ? (like Reform, Orthodox) sorry if this makes no sense

This isn’t a weird or nonsensical question, but for the record, it’s also very easily google-able. There are literally Wikipedia entries on Homosexuality in Judaism and Transgenderism in Judaism, not to mention a whole bunch of nonprofit resources. This is my personal blog, not really an ask blog, and I’m not going to chase anyone away for asking a question in good faith, especially because I do generally like talking about Judaism, but I’ve gotten a whole lot of anonymous asks in the last few days, and in general I’d be much happier having conversations with people off anon so I can get a better sense of there being like. a person at the other end of this. just fyi. Doing a lot of work for anonymous people can get tiring.

But I’ll still answer your question. Yes, the movement matters hugely.

Reform, Reconstructionist, and Conservative Judaism (the three major liberal branches) are all 100% welcoming to LGBT individuals. Now when I say that, I mean that the governing body of each movement has affirmed the rights of LGBT Jews, approved the ordination of LGBT rabbis, accept LGBT converts, perform same-sex marriage, etc etc. You may find that individual synagogues may be more or less knowledgeable or welcoming, but the movements as a whole are welcoming. The Conservative movement actually just in the last few months issued a document looking at issues of trans people and halacha (Jewish law) - oh, actually, I meant to tag @keshetchai in this!  [Sorry anon, quick side note]

Remember a few months ago there was a thread wondering about circumcision/hatafat dam brit and conversion? At the time I think it was mostly speculative because there weren’t many rabbinical sources. This is a pretty good one. I think most of the people in the thread came to the conclusion that the ritual is about bodies rather than gender, and that’s the conclusion the Rabbinical Association came to. Relevant parts:

In proposing rituals for transgender converts, I would make an analogy to the medical setting. If a physician is to examine a trans woman, she should be treated like any woman patient: She should be addressed as a woman, a chaperone should be present during the examination, she should be draped modestly, etc. But if she has a prostate, the physician would be remiss not to examine it or do a PSA test if indicated. Similarly, a trans man should be treated like all male patients, but if he needs a pap smear, the physician must do it.


1. Trans men who have not undergone genital surgery will obviously never have undergone circumcision nor will they have a foreskin, so neither circumcision nor HDB are required.

2. Trans men who have undergone genital surgery will usually have been treated by either metoidioplasty or phalloplasty. Neither technique creates a foreskin or anything resembling or analogous to it. Therefore they are like someone nolad mahul, born circumcised, except that there would be no doubt whatsoever of a suppressed or hidden foreskin. Like group 1, these men will never have undergone circumcision nor will they have a foreskin, so neither circumcision nor HDB are required.

3. Trans women who have undergone genital surgery will have neither a foreskin to be removed nor a site (i.e. circumcision scar) at which to perform HDB, thus neither is required. They would convert with immersion alone.

4. Trans women who have not undergone genital surgery are perhaps the most difficult group of all in terms of sensitivity and shame issues. They still have a penis, which may or may not have been circumcised. In addition to questioning the appropriateness of a conversation about their genitalia, some rabbis have asked whether the mitzvah of circumcision, which applies to kol zakhar, every male, even applies to trans women. It seems to me that it does as I will explain more fully in the section on brit milah further on. That being the case, they require either circumcision or HDB as part of their conversion ritual. There are a variety of ways it can be accomplished, e.g. the candidate may do it to herself, or it may be done in a medical setting with appropriate witnesses.

There is other language surrounding it about the sensitivity that’s needed, and it goes on to say that trans men may choose to do hatafat dam brit but it’s not obligatory, and there isn’t a standard blessing for it for anyone, cis or trans. So there’s that.

Anyway, anon, back to your question, sorry, I got sidetracked. The Rabbinical Authority is part of the Conservative movement which examines major questions of halacha. They’ve released several papers on LGBT people in the past decade which cover a wide range of topics. Likewise the Reform and Reconstructionist movements have also issued a lot on the topic, and there are many many LGBT Jews and organizations dedicated to them. It’s totally a thing.

Things get more complicated when you look at Orthodox opinions. There’s a pretty wide variety of Orthodox opinions and to my knowledge there has been no INSTITUTIONAL statement of support for LGBT Jews. However, there have been a handful of prominent gay rabbis (women can’t receive ordination as Orthodox rabbis) and some prominent transgender figures in the Orthodox community. Orthodoxy generally holds firm to the idea of two halachic/natural sexes, but some see gender confirmation surgery as being enough to “change” one’s sex. More rabbis now, I think, are willing to see homosexuality as… not a moral failing, per se, even if it’s still something that goes against halacha. I’ve seen Modern Orthodox rabbis liken it to someone who has intense cravings for pork–it doesn’t make them a bad person or undeserving of acceptance, but they should still try to resist that craving because them’s the rules.

Yeah so obviously this is really broadstrokes, there’s a lot of nuances I’m not going into and organizations I haven’t discussed because being LGBT + Jewish is an immense topic and I know a lot about it lol.

I’m just going to leave you with these fun facts which I tell to literally everyone: The author of Heather Has Two Mommies, Leslea Newman, was a member of my synagogue (before my time), as was “Heather” and both of her mommies, and my rabbi has been performing lesbian weddings since before my state or my movement officially recognized his right to do so. So that’s pretty cool, huh?


I *might* have done a little jig when I saw Idhar Udhar had been uploaded on youtube. Much nostalgia given this was one of a clutch of iconic TV programs on Doordarshan in the 1980s. Featuring my girl crush Ratna Pathak, the very lovely husky-voiced Supriya Pathak and the under rated Ravi Baswani. And a whole host of 1980s fashions :) idk about the laugh track though!


so i was on my personal account and I clicked that personality types post that’s been going around, and let it have access to my tumblr

AND now it keeps posting stuff here without my permission. :/

I’m trying to figure out a way to get it out of my account, but until then it will probably keep posting shit on my behalf. I’ll try to stay on top of it and delete ASAP but I figured I would pass on the warning to my followers.

DO NOT click that link, and DO NOT give it access to your tumblr. IGNORE any posts like that you see on this blog.

the website that it’s from has no real contact information, and is just a scam. be careful. or at least more careful than I was 

So the personality type virus is back…I’ve seen this reposed every few hours by the same two simblrs today, no doubt hacked by this thing. Whatever you do, if you see this posted on your dash DO NOT CLICK IT! Like otehr personality test viruses, it’ll post itself multiple times and take control of your blog.

Pregnancy Tests PSA

When I found out I was pregnant I was already 9 weeks along. After my abortion I swore I would never let a pregnancy sneak up on me again. My new contraceptive has stopped my periods so I got into the habit of taking a pregnancy test every two weeks just to be sure.

As you know, home pregnancy tests are expensive. I don`t have the time to go to the sexual health clinic every two weeks just for a pregnancy test so I had to find an alternative.

I discovered that you can buy 30 `dip stick` style pregnancy tests on eBay for 2.76 GBP (about $4.50 USD) I checked their accuracy with a health professional and they told me that these dip stick tests are the exact same brand and type that they use at clinics so they`re pretty damn reliable.

The brand is proMatris and they come in discreet packaging too.

I urge you all to buy some. Stock up. If you or anyone you know needs a test, you`ll have one on hand. Hopefully this will save some of you in the USA from having to visit a PP surrounded by protesters or being lured into CPCs.

The eBay seller I got mine from is called `klackstar` but there are plenty of other options too and most ship internationally.

Please spread this around!!

        Friendly reminder that dashes DON’T work in the Tumblr tagging system! Tags with dashes aren’t searchable on blogs; I’m like 95% sure they don’t alert people when there’s a new post in their tag- or at least it’s shotty as fuck as to when it will work. If you want to tag someone in something, tag them with the dashes deleted so ‘test-tag’ would be 'testtag’ or just put a space where the dash was 'test tag’.

PSA about that blog personality test thing

I keep seeing that “what personality type is your blog” post on my dashboard and I feel like I should warn you guys:

If you’ve done this “test” please be aware that you’ve given them unlimited permission to post to your blog!

This means that whatever person/group is doing this can now post whatever they want on your blog–this is probably the entire point of setting up that personality thing. It’s a regular scam on Tumblr to get people to agree to this so that they can then be allowed to make posts linking to malicious websites/viruses. I’ve seen it done so many times to the people I follow.

To revoke this permission, follow these steps:

1. Click the “Settings” button. That’ll be the button up top that looks like a gear.

2. Click “apps”.

3. Find the app that’s related to the personality thing.

4. Click the x next to it to revoke permission.

While you’re at it, you should probably change your password too, just in case.

In the future, always be wary of allowing posting permission to apps/websites you aren’t familiar with!

Operation Fake It ‘Til You Make It Day 2 in the books.

I know I always feel better after a good workout, but the motivation to get out the door has been so badly lacking. Today’s playlist was all Michael Jackson, so that alone was worth it! I’m going to be singing Man in the Mirror all night now…

PSA: Ladies, ALWAYS test your gym pants by doing some squats or just touching your toes–something–before wearing them in public! Poor woman in class today must’ve skipped that step…