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A Quick Guide to Professor Oak and his Grandson’s Relationship

1. “Professor Oak interacts with Ash more!!!”
     ↳Ash is literally the main character of the series. 

2. “Professor Oak is abusive to his grandson!!!”
     ↳ A) Please research what an abusive relationship is.
          ↳ B) And then research Parental Supervision.

3. “Professor Oak can’t even remember his grandson’s name!!!”
    ↳ Clearly a game-mechanic so you can customize your rival’s name.


Nathan Prescott

- is mentally ill
- is on meds used for treating ptsd and schizophrenia, and ones for anxiety
- which he is probably not taking in regular doses
- and is also drinking and smoking and doing plenty other drugs while on them
- said meds were given to him by his damn drug dealer out of kindness because his parents and his doctor are shit
- his only doctor is literally a self help book writer that wrote a book about dealing with being a teen, how to be the best dad and how to be the best mum, who is (when the game is set) on a book tour and can’t exactly help his patients
- has at the very least toxic parents, potentially emotionally or physically abusive parents
- his dad literally arranged all of the dark room shit, “passed down knowledge” or w/e the phrase was on how to smartly kidnap and abuse girls, most likely arranged Jefferson to help Nathan in a way he thought would somehow help
- is very clearly not a psychopath like Jefferson, can’t control his outbursts or dissociating as opposed to Jefferson’s “I’m a nice person who smiles and teaches kids” act which he held up 100% of the time
- BUT while he has still done a lot of bad things and is still not a good person, he:
- is also a victim of his mental illness and the people around him who worsened it and refused to help
- deserves to be removed from the environments that contribute to him lashing out and hurting people and given actual support and help
- deserves love and care (aka saying you shouldn’t ship him with anyone simply because he’s a cluster a/b mentally ill person in a very bad situation is v ableist and detrimental to the health of real mentally ill people who read that stuff)
- is not inherently a bad or evil person

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