We opened a shop!

Good morning, rebel army! I’ve been asked a handful of times if I’m selling my designs as prints, stickers, t-shirts, and other products anywhere. The other day I was talking to @virginialy about it, and it gave me the idea of opening a RedBubble store!

So now it’s official, here it is!;


I’ve uploaded a handful of my Dragon Age illustrations, including some from this blog! Throughout the week, I’ll be creating some more, most of them featuring Apostate Hobo Life’s Solas on them since it’s the thing everyone requested the most. We all love our Stinky little elf.

Please share this post and feel free to send me any suggestions you might have, if there’s anything you’d like me to draw so that you can purchase that design! I’m more than happy to comply. 

Thank you all for your endless support and love. Solas and I love you back with all our little elven hearts. Stay safe! ❤ ❤


Don’t Swim in Rock Quarries

I was recently reminded of a problem that I think Tumblr might need to know about. So, to preface, in the United States (and quite possibly elsewhere) there are probably thousands of small rock quarries–holes in the ground where mining once took place–that have since filled with water. These are sometimes called “blue holes,” and they are especially found in the Rust Belt (parts of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and possibly Illinois).

These holes look kinda neat, like a fun place to jump off a small cliff and take a swim. And while they are typically on private property, there is often little stopping people from getting to them, and sometimes no warnings posted at all.

But they are insanely dangerous, and you should never ever jump into them or go swimming in them.

Here are some reasons why.

  1. You have no idea how deep it is. It could look deep enough to jump but be shallow, or the bottom could vary wildly in depth. Moreover, some of them may have weak false bottoms that could give way and take you with it.
  2. The water is often much colder than you think it would be, since the source is typically an underground stream. The shock of jumping into it could cause deadly cramping, or you could end up with hypothermia, especially if you have trouble getting out.
  3. The water is likely filled with objects, such as old machinery, abandoned cars, trash, etc. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean you won’t hit them, and in some cases you could also become trapped by an object and drown.
  4. The water is disgusting and dirty. It could have any combination of heavy metals, chemicals & toxins, oil, etc., along with the stuff you’d find in a stagnated pond. Even if it looks clean, it isn’t.
  5. The walls may not be stable. Depending on the location, disturbing the walls of the quarry (by being on top of them or trying to climb them) could easily cause a collapse. These quarries can be very old, and they are not designed for use as a swimming pool.
  6. If you get into trouble and live, and somehow you can signal for help, you will put rescue workers at risk when they come to save you. You could get somebody killed just because you wanted to swim in a dirty, dangerous hole in the ground.

Where I grew up in Pennsylvania, we would hear about deaths every now and then, of people who didn’t consider or know the risks and got into trouble in one of these places. Sometimes they drain them and find you months or years after you disappeared. In one case, they also found several cars people ditched and a crane from the mining days. The top of the crane was just below the water surface but not visible. This shit is not something you want to fuck around with.

Please don’t even consider it. If you’ve done it before and survived, lucky you, but it’s not worth your life or your friends’ lives or the lives of rescue workers. Find some other way to cool off this summer.

Warning: shitpost against anti-RickxMorty

Look, I get that some people don’t like RickxMorty. They think it’s gross and wrong and THAT IS OKAY. I GET IT. I REALLY DO.

But you have to understand that this is a fictional ship. It isn’t real. And it’s like people can’t wrap their heads around it. Its almost like the fact that some people like the ship says so much about a person, but it really doesn’t say much other than they like a ship.

It’s almost like y'all are assuming that liking RickxMorty will cause people to act out the ship in real life.

Which is exactly the same as saying, oh I don’t know, something like violent video games is a direct cause of violence in adolescents.

Neither of these statements are true.

I don’t care if you don’t like RickxMorty. But stop trying to hate on people that do like the ship. You like seeing RickxMorty all over the place? No. You don’t.

Well we don’t like seeing your stupid hate all over the place.


Heads up, rebel army.

From tonight onward I’ll be closing my inbox for a few days because the number of messages has piled up to 358 and I, unlike Solas, do not possess enough years of my life to answer all of them or catch up unless I stop the influx for a bit. During that time I’ll be deleting any repeated questions and trying to answer as many of the older messages as possible. 

However if you’ve got something very urgent to tell me, if you just want to send some love <3 or you are struggling with something and need some support, please send me a submission about it, that takes priority and I’ll take a look. 

Don’t worry, the inbox will re-open soon enough. But I need to gather my bearings for a bit.

xoxo - Red

Dahlings! In light of more ridiculousness in the Voltron fandom, I want to reiterate that this blog is a safe space away from the discourse. I am here to post cute art and write cute fic revolving around pretty much all the ships in the Voltron universe (because I can’t stop myself; seriously, it’s becoming a problem I love all these ships sfm). If you want to talk about the recent events, I am here to lend an ear but I won’t be posting any replies. 

Have a lovely Monday, blueberries!! Remember, if your dash is filled with upset, block blogs and tags! Create your own experience. You got this. 

Hey, so a blog I’ve been following for a while, @multisexualsafespace (tagging you because it’s only fair), has opened up on their stance that the community is for people who face homophobia and transphobia, and that someone attracted to multiple genders but not their own doesn’t belong in the multi community or the LGBT+ community because they don’t face homophobia. They also said some things about non binary genders that made me uncomfortable (attraction to male-aligned nb people is attraction to men), but as someone who’s cis I don’t feel like I’m in a position to say anything beyond this about it.

This is a warning to anyone, like me, who doesn’t share those views that this blog isn’t a safe space for us. Also a general warning to look through a blog thoroughly before you follow it.

(In case it isn’t clear, my stance is that anyone attracted to multiple genders is multi, and does face some marginalization/discrimination under mspec antagonism regardless of what those multiple genders are. Biphobia/any form of mspec antagonism is not a subset of homophobia and can be experienced without it, and therefore all people attracted to multiple genders belong in mspec spaces and the LGBT+ community.)

Reading PSA

Guys I used to judge audiobooks but really… let me tell you… audiobooks are THE SHIT.

Like some of them suck, that is inevitable. But really good ones make for such an exciting reading process. Plus, I feel like my day is so much more productive when I can listen to books while walking my dog, driving through town, going between classes.

Audiobooks. Are. The. Shit.

A Big Thank You


I just wanted to shoot a big thank you to the community for sticking with me through this latest semi-hiatus!

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So I have finally completed my MA, and though I’m still in the middle of looking for a job I will now have time to FINALLY start creating content for this blog again.

Because I will now have time to FINALLY start reading again. Hooray!

SO thank you all again, for your patience. I look forward to coming to you with more reading posts, and reviews, and pictures, and discussion. This romance community means the world to me and you guys are really what got me through the last two years.

Here’s to many more!

💡💡💡 hey peeps! please read! 💡💡💡

the illness i was hospitalized and treated for a few months back has relapsed and needs further treatment. if you were following me then, you might remember that there was a period where i was offline and running on a queue.

this relapse will not require such an intensive hospitalization, so i will not be running on a full queue or completely offline

however, starting around may 24th, i will not be as active as i have been recently and will be queuing more often. i’ll also have a harder time keeping up with new happenings and ~drama in the fandom so feel free to update me in my inbox if you’d like!

this won’t be a hiatus and i will still be essentially online!

sorry to clog your dash with this but i wanted to give y'all a heads up 💫

feel free to rb this if you want


It's here!

Some people only have hours left, for some people it’s already May 22, but we’re still super excited!

The week is starting! :D

We hope this week is going to be as great as it is going to be for each and everyone of you. Even if there’s small content or a lot, we’re glad that you’re participating on this.

That being said, please remember to tag your work as juminzenweek in the first three tags, and specify which day and prompt you’re working on (if there are any late entries) so we can classify it properly.

Have a purrfect day!

psa: please don’t write about my God in a disrespectful way, i understand poetry but i don’t understand degradation and appropriation of religion. 

(Mini?) Hiatus

Hey guys so since thid next month and a half will be extremely busy, I’m going to take a mini hiatus, Ill probably still like content but I think Im going to take a break from posting for several reason:
1.) I’m running out of quotes to do
2.) I’ve noticed I haven’t really enjoying posting on this account as much as I used to.
3.) I simply don’t have the time to post anymore, it takes about an hour a night for me to find good quotes, and with my busy schedule I don’t have the time and I rather not half-ass this account.

Now my asks and my messaging will still be open and I will most likely be active on that, but I will not be posting. I’m calling this a mini hiatus for now, but it might become permanent, but Im going to reassess once I have more time during the summer. Till then,

How to Role Play on Tumblr: For The Greenhorn.

Tumblr Role play is meant to be fun! A time where you can decompress from the day and write some crack or feels that make you cry with joy or sorrow (If you are into that kinda thing) 

But there are some things need to be understood. The unwritten (until now) rule of Tumblr RP. 


Talk with your writing partner. the two of you are going to create something together. A  relationship, a friendship, a hate ship. Basically you are making your own corner of the universe with someone and you need to talk it out. 

That goes for everything. Plots, ships of any kind and triggers. Communication comes into play with EVERYTHING. 

Here, an example. 
Player 1: I really like your character, what to RP?
Player 2: Sure! Do you have any ideas?
Player 1: Yes! I was thinking we could do this thing *Gives plot* 
Player 2: That sounds like a great idea, except I get triggered with the topic of Mother’s day. Can we base it around another holiday?
Player 1: Sure, do you think we avoid christmas too. I really don’t want to talk about it but I can’t do that holiday. 
Player 2: Sure…. How does 4th of July sound?
Player 1: I love that holiday!
Player 2: Sweet! Are we going for a ship?
Player 1: I would like to lean that way, but lets see how the chemistry goes between them. 
Player 2: Okay!
Player 1: I will go ahead and write the starter.

See here they talked about a lot of things and they understand some of the rules that the other person has. 

Speaking of Rules


A person generally has a “Rule” or “Important” or “Read me” section on their blog.  It has a lot f things you need to know on it. Like: Their triggers, about them, why they are RPing, things they do and don’t feel comfortable with, the list goes on and on. and it is really REALLY important that you read it. 

Other pages they may have, “History” or “About.” These are also important. For example, there are THOUSANDS of Loki RP blogs. All of them are different. There is so much creativity, you have to read these things to understand their character. 

Now it goes into head cannons, those are lie addendum to the about page. Things added on in order to understand the character more. They are good to know and really impressive if you incorporate them into the RP. 


You have a thread with a person, all planned out, and all of a sudden, someone else chimes in on that thread, that does not know anything, and throws everything off. Not cool. 

Good Idea: Liking the thread so you can keep track and read along. 
Good Idea: Sending asks/messages about the thread. 

Bad idea: Reblogging it. 
Bad Idea: Reblogging it for commentary reasons. 

Go ahead and like it, send in messages. That is SO FUN when people do that. But to reblog it to comment or jump in, that is taboo. Its not your thread. Same with drabbles. The rules are a big different there. If you want to reblog those, please ask the writer. Chances are they will say yes, but it is always better to ask. Its like you see a plate of cookies, someone made for the group.The polite thing is to say. “Hey, May I have one?” Then the other person goes, “Yeah sure, help yourself.” But if you went in and just took it, that would feel rude. 

Moral: Don’t take the cookies with out asking. 


or at least put a red more if it gets long. No one wants to spend 60 seconds scrowling past your ONE thread. I get it, sometimes you forget, I have done it too, but please, cut them. 


When you reblog move up, here will be a pen in a circle, click it. From your last reply, highlight up to the firs time your name appears in the line up. then delete it. Then write your reply. Its that easy!


These are not required to RP. They are supposed to add to the experience. Now when you go around saving gifs and Icons, please follow what the poster says. “Like if you save” “reblog if you save.” By doing that it gives them credit for their work. If the post says ask them before saving, ask them!  Send a message, its super easy. If they say, don’t use, DON’T USE THEM! 

What I do: I fllow the poster’s rules, like them or I put them in my queue and have it be pushed out when they are next in queue. It gives them credit and adds to the experience of RPing with me. 

The face may not be theirs, but the work they put in to make gifs and icons is. I can’t make them for the life of me, so I am so grateful for those who can. And giving them credit and a thank you message is the least I an do. 


A character may have different Verses. Child, teenager, adult. And then some with different characters, people they write with a lot, their partners. If you want to join a verse, ask them. Don’t just jump in. If you want to make it exclusive with that person in your own verse, ask them and plot. create your universe with someone. But don’t jump into other verses with out asking. 

Finally, Godmoding. 

This is a huge pet peeve. You control your character, I control mine. Don’t try and control mine. Okay you can say “Alice hit Jessica hard, trying her best to break her nose.”  Well I can take that and say, :Jessica reared back just in time that the punch just hit her cheek.” I can control what happens to my muse, you can intend something to happen, but I decide what happens, unless we talked it out before hand. 

Alright, that is the greenhorns guide to Tumblr RP, this is the basics, but really it is how you can start playing with people in a respectful manner. 

Have fun!

I’m back, and I've cleared my head!

I spent the last day or so with my best friend, and he helped to clear up my head and bring me back to earth. There’s been some changes to my blog that i hope you’ll all like! My best friend helped me with code changes. I thought now that i had 1000 followers, it’d be nice to update the appearance with my improved art since I’ve had the same icon on there since i made the blog!

I’ll answer your asks soon, and reply to your messages too. Thank you all for being so kind, sweet, and understanding

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