friendly reminder to not let anyone tell you that the arts are any less important than stem. you can make a career in the arts. you can change the world with the arts.


My laptop died last night ;_____; I was on Tumblr and suddenly poof, it switched off and I couldn’t get it back on again…. I checked the connector cable and it is fine so it’s something internal. 

I have taken it to a laptop repair shop and they said they will contact me on Monday or Tuesday to let me know what the problem is and cost of repair/ if it can be repaired. I have a queue of Simblrwe’en prompt posts until Friday next week but otherwise will be scarce until I either get my laptop back or buy/ borrow a new one…..

If you’re using Chris Savino’s actions as an excuse to rub your “Loud House sucks!” or even “Nickelodeon sucks!” attitude in the fandom’s face, kindly go fuck yourself.

One man’s actions do not reflect the actions or opinions of others. And it certainly doesn’t mean you can act like a douche-canoe toward everyone who liked or even worked on a show of his.

Direct your hatred toward that one man, not anyone else. Otherwise, you can go suck a thousand balls.

Psa: Jeans that fit the booty

People, if you happen to have an althetic body like me (ie. Big butt and thighs, smaller waist) and struggle to find jeans that don’t have something lacking, I have the jeans for you!

American Eagle outfitters 360° flex and flex 4 are the most comfy jeans that have graced my thights. They fit the waist, the booty, have REAL pockets, and pass the squat test (I can even kick over a person’s head in them 😭, happy tears don’t worry)

How did I find these unicorn Jeans?

I accidentally bought men’s jeans at a goodwill shop. I didn’t even realize until later. I was bragging to my brother about having pockets and then it hit me, women’s pants don’t have real pockets. A quick Google and confirmation. I was wearing men’s pants and GDI they looked good on me.

I only have two complaints.

  1. The pockets are a tad low (like 1-2 cm) for the ultimate pocket to booty raito (but that can be fixed with a bigger booty, yay squats!)
  2. The ankle end of the jeans aren’t fitted. 3 things to resolve that: cuff them, wear boots, or sew them.

Other than that…go forth and enjoy jeans you can move in!!!

tl:dr - AE 360° flex and flex 4 jeans are the ultimate “holy smokes, I can move without ripping my pants” jeans. Good for big butts/thighs without leaving a huge waist gap. Bless

                as you may or may not know, i have been struggling with being on this blog for a while and recent events force my hand into this decision.I ABSOLUTELY, WITHOUT TRACE OF DOUBT, LOVE SATINE.she’s the one character i will ever relate the most to, and i do not plan on ever abandoning her. however, i will need to go on an unfollowing spree, mainly for my own sanity and comfort. that being said,


                   i will probably reduce the number of people i follow at around one hundred, but please, only like this post if you have the intention to interact now or in the future. i will proceed to go to my following list next week, and will reblog this post thorough the weekend, so as to make sure that nobody misses it. it’s nothing personal, i promise, but i feel the need to reduce the number of people i am exposed to on here for obvious, but also not - so - obvious reasons.

PSA: Beware of Art Theif resellers

Thanks to one of my followers on DA who stumbled upon it this weekend, I found one of my oldest works of art being sold on a freakin t-shirt.This is petty how this seller has, quite possibly started selling this on Amazon, WITHOUT MY CONSENT.

Atm, the item’s unavailable, or better yet, the link might be broken. This only means that justice has been served. I was fortunate to have Amazon swiftly take this one down through their customer service once I got word about this item’s existence.

I ultimately felt like it was my fault that I let this happen to an image that was incredibly easy to edit, despite how terribly this was put together with how the shadows were really showing along the bottom.

Despite this, these are my best recommendations to protecting your artwork that you post online:

  • Upload your images as JPEGs, as it might discourage any thieves from trying to edit it
  • Downscale your images to more than half of its original size
  • Include your signature, but put on a spot that is NOT surrounded by one solid color (use color blending effects wherever possible!)
  • In extreme cases, use watermark images (DA can do this automatically in your image’s settings, otherwise, create one of your own)

Also as a side note, browse through this seller’s inventory and see if there’s anything that you recognize at all.

There’s no doubt that this seller just straight up pulled images off of the internet to sell as t-shirts, whether they know that they’re stealing other people’s artwork or not.

Boost this post into the sun, if anyone can!

🚨Do not fucking stare at a dog through the window of a car if they’re in a car🚨

Especially if a person is in the car with them. I was waiting for my boyfriend to come back from the store and I was waiting in the car with our dachshund (ac on) and some creepy old guy stood in what he thought was the blind spot of the car and STARED at my dog for at least a minute before I happened to see him. If he stared any longer I was going to make one hell of a scene.

1. It makes you look creepy as fuck.

2. Making eye contact with a dog like that sends signals to their brain that you’re challenging them and going to make them worked up (nervous, aggressive, etc.).

3. There is no reason to stand there looking like you’re about to spring on my dog from outside the car. It’s creepy and predator-ish.

It’s fine to go “oh look, cute dog” and then keep walking the fuck on. DON’T stare, DON’T try to work it up (teasing it, pointing at it, etc.), DON’T be a creep (how would you like it if someone stopped by your car and just STARED at you for a good minute plus?).

REGARDING WHERE I FOUND THE PRINT SCREENS.  here is a preview for now ( i will live stream when i get back home ) of my full conversation with this “throwaway” account and their telling of the story ( which we’ve been told is fake ) all i want people to pay attention to is the A) date b) print screens and when they say “oops i should cross out the name”  thank you!

So to avoid spoiling people, any relatable pics will be uploading the following Sunday from when the episode airs. This’ll give people a full day to watch the episode on youtube so to avoid spoils.

So Episode 1′s images will come this sunday. And Episode 2′s images will come The Following Sunday etc.

I will try to make that timeline for headcanons too but if I forget I apologise and will tag things as #RWBY5 or #RWBY Spoilers :)

No more pornbots. So fucking sick of these lifelessly disturbing accounts following me. I’d rather see CORNbots. Accounts that don’t absentmindedly post nudes but accounts that just show you the goodness and endlessness of corn

please read this!

so um. you all know im very attached to red. but to recover from my extreme attachment issues and bpd problems my boyfriend and i had a talk and… i figure it’s time to start distancing tumblr red as a character and not the red im familar with (personal red.) they are different!! and.. people flirting with the character ‘red’ on tumblr aren’t flirting with my boyfriend or the red i know.

so ive decided to take a step forward in recovery and try to handle my breakdowns whenever people flirt/are sexual with red on tumblr..

to make this clear… im still uncomfortable with people being flirty/pda/sexual with red, but it wont be forbidden to send red those things anymore. you’re all free to send red and my bf asks about red in any way you like.

ill be working on my attachment issues and breakdowns whenever i see the answered ask, and my boyfriend will be here for me to help me deal with it. i wont make posts being mad at any of you, and ill vent privately, and get it all out there. it’ll be healthier for all of us!

thanks aah this is hard for me so please be gentle and dont go nuts

So gonna post something different today. It’s gonna be Wincest. I want you guys to be open minded with how I do this but I also want you guys to fucking critic me. Like, for real! Just let me know where it can improve.

Bare in mind. I’m not a big Wincest-Shiper, but as a writer, based on the dependency the brothers display, if it were to become canon, the show would lose nothing but wouldn’t gain anything either.


You shame his addiction when you know 2 years ago he got in a horrible car accident where he got put on pain medication and got dependent on them. They drug tested him and came back he had THC in his system because the medication worked better when he smoked with it. Because of this they cut him off completely not leaning him off just completely cold turkey cut off. Cut off of something he really needed because his back is permanently fucked now for the rest of his life and he’s in constant pain. Cut off from something he was already dependent.

He turned to look for pills on the street and then it turned into heroine because pills were harder to find and once he tried it was a better pain “medicine” than the pills.

His doctors were the one that cut him off. If they never did that he would of never done heroine. He had no other choice he felt like. Every other doctor he went to wouldn’t give him anything and then insurance became a problem too. So instead of shaming someone for taking an opiate or have an addiction.

You’d be surprised how many “addicts” started using because they got kicked off pain meds. When you’re in that much pain you’d wanna do anything to take the pain away.

I just recently met a girl who is a cancer survivor. She had her leg amputated. She’s in constant pain. Her doctors will not give her any pain meds because they don’t feel like she needs it and they clash with her other meds (when in fact they actually don’t at all). She contacted my bf as a last resort to see where she could get pills for her because she admitted if she couldn’t find it she would of most likely turned to heroine because the pain was so bad. She’s not an addict. She’s a patient in pain and needs help and no doctor wants to help her. She’s now looking for more doctors but reading the texts she sent him made me want to cry because no one should be going through something like this. She’s a survivor, an amputee and a mother. You kick her off the meds that help her with pain how do you expect her to function like a mother? Or a human for that matter when she’s in constant pain? She can’t. Her bf had to put her in a shopping cart because it was too painful to keep walking.

It’s really really disgusting when people shame addicts and think they’re better than them because they don’t smoke or do drugs. You don’t know the entire story. Before opening your mouth again maybe you should take a good look in the mirror. It doesn’t make you a better person. If you have nothing nice to say then shut the fuck up. Most do not choose to be this way so please stop trying to knock them down when they’re already at their lowest.

It makes me sick to my stomach that this is still a thing and it blows my mind that you think you’re a nice person when you say the most horrible cruelest shit I’ve ever heard. Disgusted.

It sure would be nice if people realized that stalking is “unwanted attention” in general and refers to a certain degree of persistence and lack of respect for established social boundaries, therefore someone does not need to physically show up outside of your house to be stalking you. It would also be nice if people could acknowledge that organized stalking exists and so do other manners of stalking aimed entirely at manipulating a victim and concealing the stalking from people around the person. 

Anyway, “believe the victim” doesn’t only apply to sexual assault or harassment. It also applies to stalking. If someone says that they are concerned and if that concern spans a long period of time, consider helping them out even if what their stalker does seems small or forgettable.

Finish my meeting with a smile. Discussed all the people I needed too (I work in a hospital) and merrily heading back to my office with my trolley of notes. Move to open a door for myself, smack myself in the face with the door.

Fucking brilliant.

As always, I outdo myself with my clumsiness.