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Little PSA

So I never really wrote these kinds of posts before, but I felt obligated to do this. After some messages exchanges with some anon regarding my Frisk and Chara’s gender, people messaged me telling me the amount of hate that they were getting for giving their interpretations of these characters gendered identities/pronouns.

I am really saddened for this. People refusing to rp and unfollowing blogs with gendered Frisks and Charas? Making events where gendering these characters is NOT allowed as one of the main rules? People receiving anon hate? Jumping at people’s throats when they see something they don’t agree on?  People being called out? No, this is not OK.  Policing people’s interpretations and art is not OK.

We’re all for equality, we’re all tolerating differing opinions, we’re all for inclusion, isn’t that ut’s main message? People are being forced to change their own interpretations of Frisk and Chara out of FEAR.  (me being one of them)

Just let people have fun, let people express themselves freely, let people interpret Frisk and Chara how they want.  This has reached the point of fear mongering.

I am not attacking anyone here, contrary I just wish people would get along. What I am saying is, please, don’t be mean, and just let’s get some beer. K?.(or tea or whatever)

And for those who’ve been bullied, thanks for your messages, stay stronk, lil Hawk loves ya <3

Something I really need more people to understand is that I, as a trans non binary bi ace, am not here for people who’s only queer identifier is that they are gay or lesbian. 

This is not to say that I think cis allo non intersex gays and lesbians shouldn’t be a part of the community or that I hate them or that I am going to advocate against them or anything of that sort, just that it’s pretty ridiculous the number of people who not only feel entitled to my absolute support for (cis allo non intersex) gays and lesbians but somehow feel that my lack of support entitles them to punish me as they see fit.

Misgendering someone is an act of violence

Gaslighting someone is an act of violence

Telling someone that YOU know better then them about THEIR orientation is an act of violence

Being unwilling to put your energy to supporting a group you hold no power over is NOT an act of violence. Being unwilling to put your energy to supporting a group that has shown a consistent pattern of violent behavior towards you and people like you is NOT an act of violence.

I do not owe cis allo non intersex gay and lesbian people my support. If you feel that I am taking something away from or somehow harming cis allo non intersex gay and lesbian people by saying this, it is because you made the false assumption that they are entitled to my support to begin with. 


Wow, so I got a huge influx of requests when I reopened and thank you guys so much for the love and support! Unfortunately, it’s quite a lot so I’m closing requests again to catch up and then I’ll reopen. In the future I will come up with a more effective way of controlling the flow but this will have to do for now. Thank you everyone for understanding, please wait patiently for your boards and flags 


Story Time!

I want to start off with a little project I did for my college speech class.

I was so enamored with this game called Undertale, that I for real sat down the day before I was due to present (after a week of debating what topic I should do) and wrote a three page, paragraphed presentation and 8 page powerpoint as to why one should take time out to play Undertale by Toby Fox.

The topic was persuasive. And it was, at the time, my highest grade in the class.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and present that to you, you’re here because of course, you’ve already played Undertale, and it clearly had enough impact on you that you’re in the fandom, following AU blogs, and enjoying other people’s characterizations of the characters Frisk, Chara, and the like.

See where this is going yet?

One of my main points in the presentation was this, and I quote from my paper:  “… but the main sprite was left both gender ambiguous AND ethnically ambiguous

Which I also stated to be one of the main attractions of the game. It’s submersiveness. Getting to know the character, becoming the character. Yes, I understand the argument that Frisk is their own person in a sense, but not everyone will necessarily feel that way. Hell, my name sure isn’t Frisk, but I had no qualms self inserting myself into the role. The game is what you make of it, there is no set interpretation. You see Frisk and Chara as two children who are being influenced or not-so-influenced by the otherworldly force (the PLAYER), then cool, bud. Fine. That’s completely ok. You see yourself playing as Frisk, or as Chara (or Narra-Chara if you’re into that theory), then yes that is also totally and completely ok. No one is attacking you or your interpretation.

Except. They totally are.

And for the life of me I can’t understand why. I can understand people being happy about the birth of possibly canon Nonbinary Characters, I am nonbinary myself. One of my best friends is nonbinary. I’m more than happy to have a video game in which the protagonists and more than just a few side characters use they/them.

But, buddy pal. Gender ambiguity does not equal nonbinary. It can be nonbinary, sure. But, it does not equal nonbinary.

Now, Toby can one day state that, yes, they are canonically NB, but until that day comes, step off your high horse and stop attacking people for choosing to gender/partially-gender/give another identity to Frisk and Chara. They/Them is more than used for NB people, it is also respectfully used to refer to someone who’s gender you don’t yet know or cannot fully discern. Which would be understandable for a game like this in 2015, right? Moving towards a cool future and respecting that the little boy/girl you meet on their adventure may not actually be a little boy/girl, but maybe a little child, or the opposite of what you initially viewed them to be.

I don’t care if someone goes with them being cishet, genderfluid, transgendered, hella homo, straight asf, etc etc. And neither should you. It’s never that serious. Since when should other’s personal headcanons and interpretations affect how you live your life? It’s unbelievably childish.

And you know what, yeah, there’s a lot of children in this fandom. But, now’s a good time to start growing up, especially if you’re not an actual kid. Especially if you’re choosing to participate in a public platform and activity (a.k.a, a Fandom). If you see someone with headcanons that aren’t problematic or don’t affect you in any way, then you block them, unfollow them, etc, move on with your day.

Don’t vague. Don’t vague bash. Don’t go into their inbox or messages with clap-clap receipts™. Hell, write your joke threat posts and vocalize your discontent all you want because they can follow the above advice, and I encourage it, scroll scroll and go on with their day.

But in all seriousness, some people can be seriously affected by this whole completely unnecessary debate and feel personally attacked. When a character they love, a character who is essentially a blank slate and can be written how they like, and built how they like, is bashed because gender headcanon debates- that can hurt people, guys. Seriously, grow up, keep your anger among-st you and your friends. Don’t promote hate and bashing. And don’t force your not-confirmed-but-you’re-oh-so-positive-it’s-canon-headcanons on others. Have your headcanons and be respectful about ‘em, too.

There’s a reason Toby said “skip” to the gender questions in his interview.

He wanted to avoid all of this with certain confirmations and allow people to believe what they want.

But, here it is anyway.

psa for my job-seeking mutuals

You can totally list me as a reference and I’ll upsell the hell out of you. You were always early and very thorough with cleaning. Your interpersonal skills are excellent. You’re a quick learner and very reliable.

You don’t even gotta list my actual job title if it’s not what you need. List me as your old manager if you want. Just gotta help me prep so I’ve got what I need for a backstory.

I want to use my incredible lying skills and Professional Phone Voice™ to help out my fellow victims of capitalism. Shoot me a message

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My $1000 rifle build currently. Just got its paint last night. The light will change to something less expensive and he’ll get a Primary Arms Micro Advanced tomorrow.

This is a full PSA build. Just $700 with the Daniel Defense fixed sights. Can’t wait to run this rifle more.


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Okay guys, so here’s the deal.
I’ll be out of work for three weeks in order to adjust better to my new medication away from the high stress.
This is the first time something like this has happened to me and the fact i’m living on my own entirely makes it kind of scary.

I don’t think i’m in any emergency for money, as I currently have about 500-600 dollars in my checking, but if you guys could spread the word, my commissions are open and it would be super helpful if I got some sales.

If you don’t have money, that’s okay. Reblogging this will be just as helpful and i’ll appreciate it just as much. <3

in case the link to my commissions above doesn’t work:

Guys, I’m okay, thank you for asking. I’ll reply as soon as I have my wifi back and from my pc. At the moment I’m at home. It was a bit scared, actually so scared since I was totally alone at home anyway I’m good. I spent the rest of the night with a family of my building. Gosh what a hell. The most terrifying 142 seconds :(

Mun Mania!

hey everyone! Mun Scummy here!
I know its been awhile and I apologize for that! 
However I am back and ready to kick off our next event

Mun mania will be starting September 1st. 
whats going to happen:
-instead of being in cosplay our cast will be playing themselves.
-you can ask them questions about their characters/lives/cosplay
-any negativity will be deleted. you wont get validation here bros
-We’ll be happy to entertain you with our antics and wit. 

this will continue until September 29th.