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every time i walk by this damn window i think the reflection of the flowers is a face and i’ve jumped out of my skin like three times my poor fragile heart can’t take this

PSA: Need Help?

If you’re ever in need of someone to

  • listen to your problems
  • give advice on certain topics
  • discuss insecurities and worries with
  • make you feel better about yourself/comfort you
  • blow off some steam/rant to
  • just be a friend

just let me know, ok? Life is hard sometimes, and I’d like nothing more than to lend a helping hand to those who are struggling. 

psa - mental health.

it really shouldn’t have to be said but clearly it has to be for people who can’t seem to understand how wrong inappropriate it is to have groups created for the sole purpose of roleplaying mental illnesses and the atmosphere of a psychiatric hospital. there is nothing fun or quirky about joining a group with a character diagnosis of schizophrenia, bipolar, borderline personality disorder, DID and other illnesses that aren’t your typical run of the mill depression and anxiety. this isn’t fun. this isn’t a creative plot device for you to use to develop your muse - psychiatric wards are not good settings for your rps. use your brains to think of something creative and new. i am sick and tired of people demonizing mental illnesses that are different. also having a mental illness doesn’t make someone dangerous or a murderer. don’t fucking do that.

i’ve always been very open about my mental health because there is such a fucking stigma around it and people constantly demonize it. as someone living with bipolar disorder, mild ptsd and anxiety who has been through the hospital system multiple times personally, it’s not fun. it’s not something to joke about or use to create quirky fun rps with your friends. if anything - take it seriously, understand that there are real people fighting everyday just to get out of their fucking bed. that are fighting to function. that there are people who have lost their lives to suicide - - i was nearly one of them. don’t joke about it, don’t romanticize and diminish the struggle that MILLIONS of people are fucking living with.

just please don’t do it. just don’t. there are other things to make cool rps with and i can literally give you so many cool ideas. just please don’t diminish the struggle that i face and that so many others face. it’s disrespectful and makes it very hard to believe anyone who says that they are an ally or supporter of a mental illness or their mentally ill friends if they are gonna do other things like that.

and if anyone has questions about bipolar disorder - ask. i’ll answer them honestly and truthfully. if you honestly feel in your soul that you HAVE to rp content like this - do it properly and respectfully - or just, don’t do it?

i just called az mmj medical group (azmmjdr.com) and was told the total would still be $250-$300.. i thought since i had my card prior itd be less but that isnt so.

- $50, renewal fee
- $50, to see onsite doctor
- $150 azdhs fee (gov fee)
- $50, submission fee

at minimum i would need $200 (this is w/o the onsite doctor fee and filing/submission fee)

please boost or help if u can. im really scared of being w/o anything for my depression and other conditions (like i said; anxiety, chronic nausea migraines and dizziness. the last 3 leave me bedridden quite a bit and mj minimizes this a lot and lets me try to live a normal(ish) life)

my paypal is sp4cek1ngCM@gmail.com and i also have a donation button on my blog

pls boost this one bc i mention the amount total id need and didnt have all the information in my original post breaking down the cost.

thank u

archiving notice

This blog will go into archive status soon! it will be moved to another account, and no new asks will be answered. it will stay dormant, so you can still reblog and like and such.

we had a total of 822 followers, thank you so much guys! even with the horrible lazy art i give you guys y’all still stuck around, thank you so much!!! but my juice for this blog is really running out so…i’m so sorry but i have to end it here.

meanwhile i might be setting up for a new askblog where all of bangtan is up for ask. it will be a concert band/high school orchestral band au of sorts, please look forward to it!

thank you for your support on this small journey!

hi it’s me again. on your dash. 

SO COMMISSIONS *rubs palms together*

I’ve opened up (2) writing commission slots! Only 2 for now because 1) I have a long queue of regular prompts to wade through and 2) I also have to finish my 1k giveaway fics. Of course, though the commissions will take priority over all of these, all requests that I have received and all giveaways I have confirmed will be done. Just… Give me a while *sweats*

What am I willing to write for?

- Tokyo Ghoul (mainly HideKane)
- Yuri!!! on Ice (mainly Victuuri)
- Voltron (mainly Klance)
- Haikyuu (mainly KageHina)
- Original fiction (mainly fantasy/sci-fi)

NSFW is ok?

Yup! You only need to say the word (and the kink you want >:3) 

What isn’t ok?

Noncon/rape, underage, incest stuff
(generally these, I’ll let you know if there are any specific things I feel uncomfortable writing!)

So uh, if you’re interested, head on over to my Commissions page for the price rates and other details!

Reblogs are appreciated!!!


finally getting into that mindset where i truly believe i am a boss ass bitch and any guy that can’t see that and that aren’t willingly to stick around to see what i truly have to offer- aren’t worth my time.
so my message to you all is, know your worth. because if someone is bringing you down and making you stress and worry in the worse ways, there is someone out there better for you eventually. either that be platonic or romantic, friendship etc.
never let anyone invalidate you!
this goes for all genders, all situations- if someone isn’t treating you right, you have every right to leave that toxic situation.
put yourself first. love yourself. find inner peace within yourself by being single before you get into a relationship. believe in yourself and constantly surround yourself with positive vibes and loving people. if you ever need anything, i’m here for all of you x

much love,


public service announcement

a lot of people want more information on the other gangs sO

if you wanna know about the Rumble Fish gang, come to me @changesxnight

if you want info on the Tiber Street Tigers, go to Avery @eastsidecigarette

and if you’d like to hear about the Brumly Boys, I’d go to Maddie @brumlyboy

there’s lots of blogs about the Shepards, including @timcurlyshepard @curllyshepard and @shepardtrash

PSA for RPers

No one is obligated to RP with someone just because they follow you. Many blogs have rules for this that you should respect.

And if you do not read these rules, you have no right to be upset with them, especially if they did nothing to antagonize you to begin with.

Rping is first and formost for the user’s enjoyment, and should not be made to feel obligated to rp with everyone who follows if they do not want to.

Regarding the TOP Smut Listing...

Guys, I’m receiving some very impolite asks about it. Some of them are cool, bringing suggestions for the list, which I appreciate and welcome very much.
But I am only one woman. I don’t know all the fanfics that’s out there, I am busy, I am recovering from a recently discovered illness, I am during an extended holiday from my country. “Why isn’t ____ here?” Is kind of rude for a number of reasons, so can you please be a little polite when you suggest something for the list? I told you over and over again, the key to talk to me is to be polite.
Also, the list isn’t mine alone. It also belongs to @chanyeolspout. NONE of it that’s in there is approved by ONLY one of us, but by us BOTH. I’m not the only one who reads it, we both have to approve it, to guarantee top quality.
So, I’m gonna bring some things that could explain why a fanfic was turned down (or maybe it wasn’t, maybe I just didn’t read yet because I’m busy, but here you go):
1. Obvious plot (these have everywhere, we want special);
2. ABUSE, anything that goes against our rules, improper portrait of BDSM relationship or lack of safe word (if you’re just here for the list, I’m gonna go ahead and say there so much more about me and if you know just a little bit you know that I’m an advocate for the dissociation of BDSM and abuse);
3. I don’t know the writer (in that case I’d love to read the story);
4. Badly written with too many cliches (tipos happen, we’re talking about crazy structured sentences, impossible positions, too many limbs or cringeworthy material).
I’m so much more than that list. I created that for my readers to enjoy but it kind of makes me upset that people who are not my readers come here and demand me to do things a certain way. Because if they were my readers, they’d know me enough, I wouldn’t need to say it. I’m gonna review, edite and put these on the list later.
Love, 🆑💋

my mmj (medical marijuana) card expired and i need to renew it so uh pls.. if anyone can spare money pls hit that donation button. im not on anti-depressants or any sort of mood stabilizer and even if i did have my meds they dont help my anxiety, chronic nausea, dizziness, and migraines. ive found card renewals for $50 but i also need to see their practitioner as i havent been to the doctor in nearly 2 yrs so id need $100 total plus the gov. fees (not exactly sure how much this is tho?)

ive been going through someone to get my weed and its much more expensive and the quality isnt as good. so if u can help i rly appreciate it.. thank u ;_;

also pls pls dont mention weed or anything in the donation comments or that will get my account frozen even tho im trying to legally medicate myself and im not directly buying any w this money the mention of drugs or anything illegal in paypal payment notes could get me banned/frozen

Internet security PSA

Cloudflare, a service that serves millions of sites, had a major exploit announced earlier. They don’t know how many of these sites were truly impacted, but at least a few big sites have had sensitive data leaking like a sieve, most definitely in a form that can be scraped, saved, and sold.

A partial list of sites using Cloudflare is being compiled HERE. If you use a site on that list with private data you care for, clear your cookies and change your password. Sites aren’t necessarily affected if they’re on the list, but better to be safe. Cleanup is still going on and full impact is unclear.