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Tom Hiddleston lifting Ladies not so gently with only one arm

Imagine attending an after party with Tom. You haven’t been dating very long, so you’re not ready for the publicity of a full-on red carpet event just yet. He can’t stand the thought of celebrating without you, so he insists you come to the after party. He sees you from the moment you walk into the room - you can see him mouth “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” to the whole table of his Marvel co-stars as he walks towards you. You don’t even get the chance to sit down before he whisks you onto the dance floor, holding you in his arms as you sway to the music.


Bringing your boyfriend, Tom, home to meet your parents. After having dinner and as soon as you and your mom leave the room, your stepdad, Jeremy, wastes no time in threatening Tom and telling him that he’ll never allow him to marry you because he doesn’t deserve you and you’re only his. This upsets Tom because he finds Jeremy’s jealousy way too odd to be “parental”.


EXCLUSIVE! Thor: Ragnarok Funko Reveal on THWIP! The Big Marvel Show!

We’re revealing the Funko Pop! vinyl inspired by Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok with a fun game of Intern Olympics! It’s time for THWIP! The Big Marvel Show!

30 Days Idol Challenge - Day 21

My sister in crime @noclevernamelbr has already posted a gazillion lethal gifs and pics, so I’m going with something else today: VIDEOS. Yeah, baby, buckle your seatbelt - this is going to be a ride you won’t forget! ;-)

What Car!Tom would you like?

Adorkable passenger?

Darkly seductive Jaguar!Tom?

Very real cutely confused TopGear! Tom?

Loki in a car?

Adam driving (starts at 1.45 mark)?

As usual, @hiddlesbumlustalot and @noclevernamelbr have more treats for you.

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Thor ragnarok Funko Pops

These are not promotional images from Funko Pops just screen shots I took from the video above

It’s 6am in London, it’s a foggy morning and the city is barely awake. He is sitting at a coffee shop in front of your house, still wearing his suit from the movie premiere of last night. He texted you to meet him there. You hear you phone buzz and you read the text: “I couldn’t wait another minute to see you. Have breakfast with me. Tom”

Pictures not mine I just played.

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