Listen. If you own a car or a vehicle of any sort, please make sure that you have the following with you at all times:

- a spare tire
- a tire changing tool kit
- jumper cables (for your battery)

And just in case you don’t know how to change a tire, or recharge your battery:

How To Change a Tire
How To Jump Start your car battery

This has been a PSA (brought to you by having to stand in your driveway in the pouring rain at 5:30 am in the morning as you frantically try to figure out this shit singlehandedly!!!)

We stand with the transgender community.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for support if you need it today.

There are many resources available to help, 24/7:

  • Trans lifeline: A crisis hotline by and for the transgender community. Available at 1-877-565-8860.
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Available 24/7 at 1-800-273-8255.
  • Crisis Text Line: Free, 24/7 support for anyone in need. Text START to 741741.
  • The Trevor Lifeline (@thetrevorproject): Suicide hotline for LGBTQ+ young people. Available 24/7 at 1-866-488-7386.
  • The GLBT National Help Center: Provides LGBTQ+ people free and confidential peer support at 1-888-843-4564. Youth Talkline: 1-800-246-7743.


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  • Anonymous is disabled on this blog for multiple reasons surrounding negative messages that have nothing to do with my actual content, as well as for the purpose of replying privately in order to prevent my followers’ dashboards from being spammed with random asks.


For A VERY useful fact, click here

Back to School Resources

Need help with your science homework? We’ve got you covered! Here are some out-of-this world (pun intended) resources for your science and space questions.

Let’s take a look…

NASA Space Place

From questions like “Why does Saturn have rings?” to games that allow you to explore different galaxies, NASA Space Place has a variety of content for elementary-age kids, parents and anyone who likes science and technology topics. 

Visit the NASA Space Place website or follow @NASASpacePlace on Twitter.


Targeting middle-school students and teachers, this NOAA and NASA partnership has games and useful information about weather and other Earth science subjects. 

Visit the SciJinks website or follow @SciJinks on Twitter. 

NASA Education

The NASA Education website includes an A-Z list of education opportunities that we offer throughout the year, as well as education programs, events and resources for both students and educators. 

We have a diverse set of resources for multiple age groups:

Visit the NASA Education website or follow @NASAedu on Twitter. 

Want to get NASA Education materials for your classroom? Click HERE

A Year of Education on the International Space Station

Although on different crews, astronauts Joe Acaba and Ricky Arnold - both former teachers - will work aboard the International Space Station. K-12 and higher education students and educators can do NASA STEM activities related to the station and its role in our journey to Mars. Click HERE for more. 

Sally Ride EarthKAM

Also on the International Space Station, the Sally Ride EarthKAM @ Space Camp allows students to program a digital camera on board the space station to photograph a variety of geographical targets for study in the classroom. 

Registration is now open until Sept. 25 for the Sept. 26-30 mission. Click HERE for more. 

NASA eClips™

NASA eClips™ are short, relevant educational video segments. These videos inspire and engage students, helping them see real world connections by exploring current applications of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, topics. The programs are produced for targeted audiences: K-5, 6-8, 9-12 and the general public.

Space Operations Learning Center

The Space Operations Learning Center teaches school-aged students the basic concepts of space operations using the web to present this educational content in a fun and engaging way for all grade levels. With fourteen modules, there’s lots to explore for all ages.

The Mars Fun Zone

The Mars Fun Zone is a compilation of Red Planet-related materials that engage the explorer inside every kid through activities, games, and educational moments. 

Fly Away with NASA Aeronautics

Frequent flyer or getting ready to earn your first set of wings? From children’s books for story time to interactive flight games, we’ve got Aeronautics activities for students of all ages that are sure to inspire future scientists, mathematicians and engineers. 

On Pinterest? We have a board that highlights NASA science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) lessons, activities, tools and resources for teachers, educators and parents. 

Check it out here: 

Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space:

Hurricane Harvey: What’s Happening & How You Can Help

Resources for those affected and those looking to give.

View this post on our blog to see the embedded tweets.

On behalf of the staff and our 5.5 million members, we are thinking of everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey and hoping you are safe.

Rescue operations in full swing in Houston as people flee flooding from Tropical Storm Harvey.

— Robert Gauthier (@rgaut999)

August 27, 2017

This man is a preacher checking for people inside cars at 610 & 288 PC Brian Roberson Jr @KPRC2 #Harvey

— Sara Donchey (@KPRC2Sara)

August 27, 2017

Here is the latest: At least five people are dead, with many more injured and up to 450,000 seeking federal aid, as a result of the hurricane which pummeled southeast Texas over the weekend. With massive damage and dangerous flooding, the people of Houston and surrounding areas need all hands on deck. Here’s how you can find help and how you can help others.

How to Get Help if You’re Affected by the Storm

If you’re in areas hit by the storm, call the US Coast Guard.

Widening #USCG communications for #Harvey rescue ops in #Houston: Call 281-464-(4851)(4852)(4853)(4854)(4855). Get on roofs. Mark locl w/SOS

— U.S. Coast Guard (@uscoastguard)

August 27, 2017






You can also visit the City of Houston Emergency site for, among others:

How to Help Those Affected

The orgs below are providing crucial support to those affected. If you have money to give, check out these tips from ProPublica before donating. If you aren’t able to donate, use social media to tell others about these resources.

For more, Vox and The Huffington Post have also compiled resources. is the largest tech company exclusively for young people and social change. We’re activating 5.5 million young people (in every US area code and in 131 countries!) to make positive change both online and off.

Developing Characters by Threes

Whenever I create new characters - for writing, for tabletop RPGs, or for video games - I look for character creation tools and charts to help me think through their personality, but the ones I’ve found have either been too long and complicated (”describe your character’s relationship with her paternal grandmother”) or too culture-specific (”does your character believe in God?”). So I made one for myself. It’s meant to be a quick exercise, designed to get down a few important aspects of a character and a few anecdotes to flesh them out. The questions are also very broad - you can interpret them in whatever way you find useful, and they should be interesting to answer whether your character exists in the modern day or in a fantasy world. Since I’m sure I’m not the only one with this issue, I thought I’d share it here. Enjoy - and if you have any questions you think would be neat to add, please comment with them!

List or describe three…

Names (first/middle/last or first/nickname/last):

Positive qualities:

Negative qualities:

Neutral qualities:


Things they are bad at:

Favorite things:

Things they dislike:




Beliefs (moral, religious, or personal):

Instincts (beyond those commonly felt - eg. an instinct to protect the weak, or to become passive-aggressive when insulted):

Important moments in their life:

Unimportant moments in their life (funny stories, anecdotes they like to repeat, or small moments demonstrative of their character):

Important relationships in their life (at the beginning of your story):

Things they want or need:

Things about them that changed before your story:

Things about them that change during your story:

Objects they own that are important to them:

short, sweet, & to the point back to school tips

An anon recently asked for some back to school tips, so I thought I’d give a few for both high school and college.

For high school & college:

  • Need new stuff? Have you checked your backpack? Is it falling apart? Make sure your most basic needs are covered.
  • Be certain you have the right supplies for each class, such as a folder and a notebook for each.
  • Of course, make sure you have pencils, pens, paperclips, tape, post-it’s, index cards, and anything else you might need.
  • Prepare your workspace! Clean out your desk and make sure everything has a designated space. Clear away clutter. A cluttered desk makes for a cluttered mind.
  • Freshen your wardrobe! If you have the extra cash, use some to buy yourself new clothes and shoes. It’ll definitely get you in the back-to-school spirit.
  • Did you do your work for over the summer? Please do not wait until the last week/day/night to do this. Try to enjoy the rest of your break!
  • Do you have a reading list for the upcoming year/semester? If so and if you have the time, get a head start on your reading before you start getting busy.
  • Get a planner or a bullet journal! Set it up and fill out as much as you can: important dates, big projects, etc.
  • When picking a seat on the first day, sit at the front of the classroom. You’ll be free from distractions, be able to hear & see better, and more likely than not your questions will be answered.
  • Start organized, stay organized. Keep all your handouts in separate folders or binders. Use a color coded system: match your folder/binder to your notebook for a particular class.
  • Get on a good sleep schedule. Gradually start going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. It takes two weeks to establish a new sleep schedule.

For college:

  • Make sure you have everything you need to furnish your dorm or apartment!
  • Stock up on some healthy study snacks.
  • Look at a map of your campus and learn the routes you will have to take to get to your classes. You don’t want to be late on the first day!
  • Get your books early to err on the side of caution. Professors are very unsympathetic to, “I didn’t do my reading because I didn’t have the book.” Figure out how much you’ll use your books and/or if you can effectively share, and sell your books back as soon as you can.

Best of luck to everyone as you get ready to head back to school!

Sensory Overload Tips

as someone who frequently gets sensory overloads, here’s some tips for helping a friend with sensory overload and some tips for coping with them yourself.

To Help:

1. Give the person space!
this might seem like the most obvious thing ever, but if someone’s having a meltdown they need space so they don’t accidentally hurt you while they’re having a hard time.

2. DO NOT hit, get physical with, smack, or tackle the person to the ground!!!
DO NOT DO THIS. a sensory overload and subsequent meltdown is NOT your chance to physically harm someone. slapping them or hitting them will not make them “snap out of it” and you’ll only make them have a worse time.

3. Try to get them to a place where the stimuli isn’t as bad
i know that oftentimes it’s hard to remove a person from a loud situation, especially if they’re at a dance or a club, but trying to get them somehwere quieter like a bathroom or a stairwell will help 100% more than just getting people to move away from them and leaving them in the area where they’re overloaded.

4. Quietly ask them if they need anything and try to get it if they do
PLEASE do not pester the person with questions, just ask them calmly if they need water or a stim toy or something.

5. Act like it’s not a big deal if other people ask what’s wrong
this one might not be the case for everyone, but i’m always so so thankful when my friends don’t make a scene when i’m overloaded. it’s embarrassing when people start to ask questions and if someone acts like it’s a big problem, that’s even worse.

6. Let the person stim in whatever way they want
even if the stims seem weird, their comfort is the most important thing in this moment. if they request stim toys or their personal items like their bag or phone, give it to them. they desperately need the stuff and now’s not the time to be preaching about how dependent we are on technology.

To deal with:

1. Try to recognize the signs as quickly as possible
is your heart racing? are you sweating for no apparent reason? feeling tightness in your chest or lightheadedness? it’s probably a good time to find a quiet spot or bust out a stim toy.

2. Don’t try to control your stimming/echolalia
trying to stop yourself from stimming really doesn’t help. i know you don’t want to cause a scene, but you need to get rid of the excess sensory input in order to calm down. if you really want to conceal your echolalia, hold your phone up to your face, everyone will assume you’re talking to someone.

3. Bring your stim toys/comforting objects with you!
i know my stim toys/comfort objects tend to be bigger, but just bringing a spinner, headphones, or a clicky pen or even hobby items like a knitting project can help. most other autistic people i know have stim bags that they keep on them, and that’s great for sensory overloads! bringing scented items helps me a whole lot, because smells tend to calm me down.

4. Grounding techniques
anything to remind you where you are/that you’re still real and in the present is helpful. rubbing your hands together (but not so much that they start to feel numb), touching something slightly warm/slightly cool, pressure stimming, or covering your ears can be very grounding.

5. Drink some water/eat some food afterwards
this one’s really important, you need to stay hydrated especially! i know it seems beaten into the ground, but some room temperature/cool water really helps me after because drinking is a grounding sensation to me. food might not be the best idea if you get queasy, but beverages are helpful.

6. Treat yourself after!
aside from getting yourself a pick-me-up in the form of food and a beverage, do something nice. eat that special food you love, do one of your favorite hobbies, play your favorite game an hour longer than usual. you deserve it.


hello! there have been some previous posts on youtube channels dedicated to studying/stationery, but some of my favorites were left out. here are some studytubes to binge watch instead of studying subscribe to!

let me know if i forgot anyone or if i made any mistakes!

pro-tip for people who experience top dysphoria (particularly transmasc individuals but really anybody can try this): if you ever have to be topless in front of a mirror (ie when you get out of the shower), try putting your towel over your shoulders like how swimmers do, that way you can sort of use it to cover your chest so you don’t have to see it when you look in the mirror (plus if you get it at the right angle, you can hide your chest in mirror selfies which can definitely boost your confidence)


Talk discussing how long it takes to get pretty good at something. I don’t know if it’s because I read the source material that first discussed the 10,000 hour rule, but I wasn’t aware that people were under the impression that it took 10,000 hours to just learn something. How fucking discouraging must that be for people to hear that. No, 10,000 hour rule is 1) discussing the average amount of time it took experts in their fields to get to a level of expertise, 2) isn’t a hard and fast rule, 3) should only be looked at as encouragement to study deliberately and understand that things take time. 

This guy posits that 20 hours of deliberate practice is about how long it takes to learn something and be decent at it. (~45 minutes a day for a month, even skipping some days here and there). Again, numbers are just numbers and don’t apply to everyone, but still cool to hear. 

Just sharing because I think it’s pretty neat seeing these things broken down, especially when he’s discussing strategies to make learning easier. It might not work for everyone, but since I’m always trying to learn stuff, trying out plans of attack is interesting to me. 

Check it out! 

We held a writing evening for the four DMs in our group, and it was great fun. To set up, we each wrote 3-5 suggestions for each of the boxes labelled

  • Everything was fine until…
  • And that’s why we have to…
  • At the…
  • And also…

We then each drew a slip of paper from each box and had to write an adventure based on the prompts. We also drew a sample set before we started writing, and this is the random adventure prompt we came up with:

Everything was fine until the king decided to kill every child in the land. And that’s why we have to find the lost prince at the university of broken dreams. And also, the party will be shrunk to Tiny size in the first encounter.

The more people you have playing the better, since that will make for a greater variety of imaginations and styles. We highly recommend this as an activity, as it generates adventure ideas you’d never come up with on your own while just sitting at your computer. We made an evening out of it with snacks and drinks, and did the activity twice over. It was heaps of fun and we all suddenly have tons of exciting content to run over the next year or two.

French movies and shows on netflix

An anon asked me for some french things to watch on netflix, so I hope this list is helpful. A * next to the name means that it’s originally in french instead of being dubbed. 

1. A lot of Netflix Originals seem to be dubbed in a lot of languages, so check some of those out!

2. Marguerite*- Movie. A rich 1920s singer with a horrible voice performs for audiences. People seem to actually like her. I haven’t watched this one, but it’s on my to be watched list

3. Diary of a Chambermaid*- Movie. A fairly well to do woman works as a maid for a couple in rural France. The mistress has crazy demands and the master kind of wants to have sex with her. 

4.He Even Has Your Eyes*- Movie. A well to do black couple adopts a white baby. Some people are outraged. This movie is my all time favorite! It’s super funny and just amazing. The end made me cry

5. Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life- TV show but each episode is 90ish minutes. A follow up to the original Gilmore Girls that is actually dubbed in french! Super good!

6. Miraculous Ladybug*- TV show. A cartoon about two teenage superheroes in Paris. It’s super cute and, even though it’s a cartoon, very entertaining. Plus the French is pretty easy, so you can follow it

7.  The Good Place- TV show. A woman wakes up dead and in “The Good Place”, which is where good people go when they die. The only problem is that she’s not that good.

8. Fuller House- TV show. The next generation of Full House

9. Jessica Darling’s It List- Movie. This is a kids movie, but I actually really really liked it for some reason. It’s about a girl who is just starting 7th grade and trying to be popular, even though she actually just wants to be herself. 

10. Be Somebody- Movie. A singer and a wanna be artist team up in the artist’s small town after the singer decides he want a break from fame. Really sweet and cute



I can barely wait for Sonic Forces, but when I couldn’t find any decent images of the Resistance logo I said “F*ck it, I’ll just make it myself!”.

The first 4 have the game’s logo’s colors, while the 5th has the one from the promotional sticker I saw around and the last one is seen in-game (when you get to the end of the stage).

Feel free to use! :D