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Hey do you know any tumblr/blog to read poems in Norwegian? Also, I was trying to find books about vikings, trolls and northen gods but I haven't find it yet. Tusen takk!

Hey there! c:

I don’t really know any specific blogs for that, but I did some digging around and this is what I found:

(keep in mind that the language used in older poems can be very outdated and probably won’t help much if you want to learn new vocabs etc)

Poems: (a norwegian site; might be hard to navigate)

heltgreipoesi (also in norwegian, but just click the green links and scroll down and you should be able to read the poems!)

poetricpoems (a tumblr that posts norwegian (and english) poems – they seem pretty good from what i can tell!)


For books, I’d just try to find some authentic Norwegian books - now I’m not saying every single English book about vikings/trolls/norse myths is horrible, but the majority of them can be filled with a lot of misleading information. Books from other Nordic countries are probably great, too, but keep in mind that a lot of the legends/stories/fairy tales vary from country to country. 

That being said, if you can get your hands on Norske Folkeeventyr, that would probably be a great place to start! <3 It’s mostly filled with old Norwegian fairy tales, so you might not find much about Norse myths or gods, but there’s an abundance of fairy tale creatures (like trolls!). (tho maybe i’m a liiiiittle biased - that was my favorite as a child ///v\\) 

Donald Trump is now president — here are 8 guides to help you resist his agenda


Written by a group of progressive former congressional staffers, this guide takes the majority of its wisdom from an unlikely source: the Tea Party. “We saw these activists take on a popular president with a mandate for change and a supermajority in Congress,” the former staffers wrote about the Tea Party’s challenge to President Obama starting in 2009, shortly after he took office. “Their ideas were wrong, cruel and tinged with racism — and they won.”

So, taking a page from the Tea Party’s playbook, Indivisible offers practical dos and don'ts for people who want to challenge their elected officials. It urges activists to start and focus their efforts locally, because constituents are the people to whom every elected official is responsible.

Resistance Manual

This is a guide that was put together by Stay Woke — a branch of We, the Protesters, a group led by popular online activists DeRay McKesson and Netta Elzie. It’s a working document that lays out essential readings, issue areas and resources.

“The manual will grow over time as more and more people contribute updates, facts and resources to it,” McKesson wrote in an email announcing the manual’s release. “As such, we encourage you to contribute important information for others to read.”

Know Your Rights: Demonstrations and Protests

The right to peaceful assembly is a universal promise, but certainly not a guarantee. It’s a safe bet to expect civil disobedience to increase during Trump’s presidency. Big and small protests have already been happening in cities across the country, and those demonstrations are likely to get bigger and louder as Trump’s agenda unfolds in earnest. But the specifics of those protests are often hard to gauge. This guide, provided by the American Civil Liberties Union, helps with the nuts and bolts, such as how to secure permits, what restrictions need to be followed on private property and whether protesters have the right to take photos or videos during demonstrations.

Know Your Rights: What to Do if You’re Stopped by Police

Trump has promised to bring back law and order to America’s cities. But for many marginalized communities, that type of speech is just code for allowing law enforcement to wantonly stop, search and possibly arrest black and brown people — concerns for which there’s been plenty of precedent.

This is another guide from the ACLU. This one spells out what you have the right to ask and show police. Note that it’s never a certainty that those rights will be respected by a law enforcement officer during a confrontation, but this guide outlines your rights so you can at least know which of those rights are being violated and what violations to report later on.

Know Your Rights: Transgender People at Work

Trump has repeatedly vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which could have dire consequences for millions of Americans. But transgender communities already felt the brunt of those consequences in December, when a federal judge in Texas halted protections for transgender Americans in Obamacare shortly before they were set to go into effect.

While that’s one tangible effect of a Trump presidency fundamentally altering what’s possible for transgender communities, another will be limiting — or even drawing back — federal protections in housing and employment. Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s pick for attorney general, has a history of anti-LGBTQ sentiment, including his refusal to sign a voluntary nondiscrimination pledge. He also voted against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would offer federal protection against gender identity discrimination in the workplace. This guide, again from the ACLU, offers general overviews of what employers can and can’t do as it relates to employees’ gender identity.

Digital Security Tips for Protesters

Smartphones have become an indispensable tool for protesters, whether it’s used to document police violence or simply challenge the mainstream media’s narrative of what’s happening on the ground. But technology also leaves protesters vulnerable to government surveillance. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a nonprofit that focuses on civil liberties and technology, and its guide on digital security for protesters is a must-read. From how to send secure messages to friends to instructions for backing up your data and installing apps with strong encryption software, this guide has what protesters will need to make their voices heard.

How to apply for deferred action in the Trump era

It’s unclear what, exactly, will become of the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the immigration program he enacted by executive order that helped hundreds of thousands of immigrant young people gain temporary relief from deportation.

Neither Sessions nor Trump’s nominee for secretary of Homeland Security, Gen. John Kelly, would say one way or another in their confirmation hearings that participants in the program would not be targeted by immigration officials. And Trump himself vowed to end the program while he was running for office. But, as of now, the program still exists, and is one of the only forms of protection for immigrant youths. The National Immigration Law Center updated their tips on how to apply shortly after Trump was elected.

“Over 700,000 people so far have opted to apply for and received DACA, and many of them have found better paying jobs, gotten driver’s licenses, and enjoyed other positive benefits,” the group says on its website. “Again, whether to apply for DACA is a personal choice, but here are some of NILC’s post-election recommendations.”

Tips for reporting incidents of Islamophobia

It’s no surprise, given the “build-the-wall-ban-the-Muslims” rhetoric that permeated Trump’s campaign, that hate crimes ticked upward after his election. The Council on American-Islamic Relations has a bunch of resources for people who want to report bias incidents, and also makes it easy to report those incidents so that CAIR can keep count of them.

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  • Femslash February
  • LGBT History Month (UK)
  • Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week - 19-25 February


  • Trans Comics Month
  • Bisexual Health Awareness Month
  • International Transgender Day of Visibility - 31 March
  • LGBT Health Awareness Week - 27-31 March


  • Day of Silence - 21 April
  • Lesbian Visibility Day - 26 April


  • International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia - 17 May
  • Pansexual and Panromantic Awareness and Visibility Day - 24 May


  • LGBT Pride Month
  • Stonewall Riots Aniversary - 28 June


  • Pink Dot SG - 1 July
  • Nonbinary Day - 14 July


  • National Girlfriends Day - 1 August


  • Bisexual Awareness Week
  • Celebrate Bisexuality Day (Bi Visibility Day) - 23 September


  • LGBT History Month (US)
  • National Coming Out Day - 11 October
  • Spirit Day - 19 October
  • Asexual Awareness Week
  • Intersex Awareness Day - 26 October


  • Transgender Awareness Week
  • Intersex Day of Remembrance (Intersex Solidarity Day) - 8 November
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance - 20 November


  • World AIDS Day - 1 December

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Do you have a masterpost on realistic sneaking and/or dagger fighting?

I don’t think I have anything on realistic sneaking, I’m afraid. But there’s a very involved D&D Stealth Handbook in the works (if you’ll all be patient with me, because I’m lazy and this is 3.5, a.k.a. ohgodwhysomanysplatbooks.)

I do have things on realistic dagger fighting, let’s make the masterpost right now!

Dagger Fighting Masterpost

1. How to fight with knives and daggers

2. Manuals (look for the Dagger sections)

3. Videos

4. Other

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how do you color black and white pictures?

Sorry for the late answer, here’s a super quick tutorial on how to color B/W pictures!


For this tutorial I use:
Photoshop CS6 (CS5 will do equally well)

For this tutorial you’ll need:

  • Some basic editing skills
  • Cropping skills
  • Sharpening skills 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

How to go from this:

To this:

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Want a fresh start?

It’s the beginning of new year and a good time to take a good look at your life. Maybe you’re not satisfied with who you are or what your life has become. Perhaps you’re constantly unproductive and always exhausted. You might just feel like it’s time for a change. Whatever the reason may be, here are some steps to alter your lifestyle and become a happier you.

1. Declutter.
Get rid of all unnecessary clutter, both physical and digital. If you can live without it, trash it. Remove all distractions from your study area. Go through everything, like your wardrobe, your refrigerator, and your computer, and be thorough. Without all that clutter around you, your mind will feel clear.

2. Reorganize.
Rearrange your space. You can move furniture around for a change of scenery or simply put things into order. Some ideas would be color coding, labeling, and categorizing, but you can do anything that makes you feel more calm and collected. Opt for a planner or bullet journal instead of a scrap of paper to write down important assignments and events; this way, it’ll be easier to keep track of things.

3. Take care of your physical needs.
Make sure you’re getting enough nutrition. Consider eliminating processed foods and consuming more whole, natural foods. Do some exercise once in a while. Going for a run every morning may increase your productivity during the day, but just a couple of sit ups before you get out of bed may motivate you just the same. Most importantly, make sure you’re getting enough sleep. The typical eight hours may not be enough for you! Get however much sleep you need so you can function optimally.

4. Take care of your mental needs.
Reserve some time in your schedule to unwind. You don’t want to overexhaust yourself and suffer from burnout; that would counteract this whole procedure. Practice some self care and maintain a positive attitude to encourage yourself.

5. Change your look.
If you haven’t been putting effort into your appearance lately, a makeover could significantly boost your self confidence. Remember that looks aren’t everything, but with a little more confidence, your productivity could really increase.

6. Plan.
Write out some of your goals and put the effort in to accomplish them. Use your planner or bullet journal as a creative outlet and to maintain this new, organized lifestyle. Start scheduling or making to-do lists so you don’t get overwhelmed with work again.

I hope this helps! Good luck :)

Books I’ve Gotten For Free or Very Cheap on Amazon Kindle

This is just a list I could come up with through five or ten minute searches per subject. Not all of these are worth the read, but some of them are hidden gems!

For Free:

  • The Modern Guide To Witchcraft; Skye Alexander
  • The Way of the Hedge Witch; Arin Murphy-Hiscock
  • Good Spells for Bad Days; Skye Alexander
  • Bare Bones Cunning Craft; David Mackenzie
  • Craft of the Untamed; Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold
  • Witches, Broomsticks, and Flying Ointments; Abigail Lance
  • The Only Tarot Book You’ll Ever Need; Skye Alexander
  • Naughty Spells/Nice spells; Skye Alexander (Lots of Skye books!)
  • Several Other Skye Alexander Books
  • Candle Magic; Raven Willow 
  • Magick in the Kitchen; Leandra Witchwood
  • Book of Shadows; Ashlyn Hawthorne 
  • The Way of the Green Witch; Arin Murphy-Hiscock
  • A Green Witches Cupboard; Deborah J. Martin
  • West Country Witchcraft;Gillian Macdonald & Jessica Penberth
  • The Green Mother’s Book of Shadows; Gwenyfur Draigtanllwyth
  • Moon Spells; Diane Ahlquist
  • Sisters Grimmoire; Bree Nicgarren and Anna Zollinger
  • The Witches Cupboard; Bree Nicgarren and Anna Zollinger
  • Suburban Witchcraft; W.B. Skowronska

For Cheap:

  • Pagan Portals-Hedge Witchcraft; Harmonia Saille(2.99)
  • Traditional Witchcraft For Fields and Hedgerows; Melusine Draco (1.99)
  • All Traditional Witchcraft books by M. Draco for 1.99
  • A Deed Without a Name; Lee Morgan (4.61)
  • A Grimoire For Modern Cunningfolk; Peter Paddon (4.99)
  • Pagan Portal- By Wolfsbane and Mandrake Root; Melusine Draco (5.99)
  • What’s Next After Wicca?; Sophia diGregorio (2.99)
  • Traditional Witches’ Formulary and Potion Making Guide; Sophia diGregorio(4.99)
  • Pagan Portals- Kitchen Witchcraft; Rachel Patterson (3.03)
  • The Kitchen Witch Glossary of Cooking Herbs & Spices; Mimi Riser (.99)
  • Simple Tea Lead Divination; Deran Gray (.99)
  • The History of Witchcraft in England from 1558 to 1718; Wallace Notestein(.99)
  • Witchcraft Today; Gerald Gardner (1.20)
  • Fairycraft; Morgan Daimler (3.99)
Transitions for Persuasive Pieces

Continuing with the same line of reasoning

  • consequently
  • furthermore
  • and
  • moreover
  • besides that
  • following this further 
  • pursuing this further
  • clearly, then
  • additionally
  • in addition
  • in the same way
  • also
  • in light of… 
  • it is easy to see that

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Latin idioms used in Italian

Italian comes from Latin and nowadays in the Italian language there are still phrases and idioms that come from Latin and that are widely used, either in their original Latin form or in their modern translation.

  • Ad litteram - Alla lettera: to the letter. Generally heard in the Italian form.
  • Alea iacta est - Il dado è tratto: the die is cast, the famous phrase attributed to Caesar while crossing the Rubicone river and declaring war to the senate. We generally use the translation, but the original form is just as famous.
  • Alma mater - Madre che nutre: nurturing mother. Many universities in Italy are called Alma Mater, the most famous of which is the University of Bologna, called Alma Mater Studiorum
  • Carthago delenda est - Cartagine dev'essere distrutta: Carthage must be destroyed.
  • Cum grano salis - Con un grano di sale: with a grain of salt, Pliny the Elder, both versions are used
  • Cui prodest? - A chi giova?: who benefits from it?, Seneca. Both versions are used, but I’d say that the Latin form is more used, for example in detective stories
  • Do ut des - Do perché tu mi dia: I give to you so that you give to me. The Italian translation is generally never used.
  • Dura lex sed lex - Dura è la legge, ma è la legge: The law is hard/strict, but it’s the law
  • Horror vacui - Orrore del vuoto: the horror of the void. Not widely used, but commonly known
  • In medias res - Nel mezzo delle cose: in the middle of things, used to talk about books that start in the middle of the story
  • In medio stat virtus - La virtù sta in mezzo (a due cose): virtue stands in between (two things), an invitation to moderation
  • In vino veritas - Nel vino la verità: in the wine, there is truth. Funny answer recently added: “in vino veritas e in scarpe adidas” (in vino veritas and in shoes adidas)
  • Labor limae - Lavoro di lima: smoothing out the details (lit. work of file), Horace. Both forms are known
  • Lapsus linguae - Un errore della lingua: a mistake of the language/tongue. Generally used only in the form of “lapsus”, word that has entered the Italian dictionary
  • Non plus ultra: ultimate/top object. The phrase has entered the Italian vocabulary as it is.
  • Pecunia non olet - Il denaro non puzza: money doesn’t stink. Generally, the Latin form is used
  • Sic semper tyrannis - Così sempre ai tiranni: lit. as always to the tyrants, the phrase usually attributed to Brutus after stabbing Ceasar.
  • Sic transit gloria mundi - Così passa la gloria del mondo: this way passes the glory of the world.
  • Tu quoque Brute, fili mi - Anche Tu Bruto, Figlio mio: Et tu Brute. In the English-speaking world, “Et tu Brute” is more used because it was used by Shakespeare in Julius Caesar. In Italy, on the other hand, we use “Tu quoque(..)”
  • Vox populi vox dei - Voce del popolo, voce di Dio: voice of the people, voice of God. Usually used only as “vox populi”

I’m sure I forgot to add plenty of phrases but there are literally hundreds of these that are either famous and known or even used in everyday life. 

foreign films 2.0

hi all! follow-up on THIS post.

this is another very long post giving you film and series suggestions in foreign languages - i have included my three target languages and french just to spice things up a bit. 

if you’ve seen any of these or want to expand on the post please fell free to do so!! this list is obviously very subjective and contains things that i have seen and enjoyed, so i would love to see a greater variety of genres/directors featured on here.


wakolda - this is straight up one of my favourite films ever. 1950s argentina. a family accomodates a guest at their hotel, unaware that their guest is nazi monster josef mengele. 

tiempo sin aire - colombian mum and son escape the horrors of civil war and move to the canary islands, but the mother will not rest until she has found her daughter’s rapist. contains some graphic scenes, not for the faint of heart.

la regenta - adaptation of 19th century classic, both film and miniseries (3 x 1.5 hrs) available on youtube. the film is mediocre but the miniseries stole my heart. pious wife anita torn between sexy local liberal and dark imposing priest. features an absolutely superb carmelo gomez as the cunning don fermin.

el crimen del padre amaro - another c19 classic, this time in a modern latin american setting where hot priest gael garcia b. can no longer fight his feelings for a certain young lady…

ocho apellidos vascos - SOOOOOOOO FUCKING FUNNY!!!!! 

la piel que habito - almodóvar, banderas, weird, cringy, intriguing,  “a horror story without screams or frights” [wiki]

la nana - “Raquel, la amargada e introvertida nana (eufemismo chileno para denominar a las sirvientas) de la casa de los Valdés … ve peligrar su puesto cuando éstos contratan a una nueva empleada para que le ayude durante su convalecencia. Raquel se dedica a hacerle la vida imposible a las nuevas nanas. Esta mecánica se repite una y otra vez hasta la aparición de Lucy, una mujer de provincia que logrará penetrar la coraza de Raquel.” [wiki]

el secreto de sus ojos - “Using a nonlinear narrative, the film depicts a judiciary employee and a judge in 1974 … as they investigate a rape and murder case that turns into an obsession for all the people involved, while also following the characters 25 years later reminiscing over the case and unearthing the buried romance between them.”[wiki] RECOMMENDED

vacas - portrays the conflict between two basque families that lasts three generations, starting in 1875.

la princesa de francia - looks ery promising, centred around a group of actors preparing shakespeare’s “love’s labour’s lost”, in buenos aires. read review here 


ligações perigosas [BR] - recently released tv globo miniseries, NOT A NOVELA, available on yt. adaptation of laclos’ les liaisons dangereuses. set in 1920s brazil. love, sex, intrigue, DRAMA, 1920s music. great acting by selton mello and alice wegmann. i cried watching this. i love selton mello

justiça [BR] - also a globo miniseries, follows various characters in recife as each of them searches for their own private justice. RECOMMENDED

amores roubados [BR] - yet another miniseries, based on the book “a emparedada da rua nova”. leandro returns to his hometown from SP and becomes involved with three women.

3% [BR] - a dystopian thriller series, apparently available on netflix. “ The show is set in a future wherein people are given a chance to go to the “better side” of a world divided between progress and affluence in the Offshore, and devastation and poverty in the Inland, but only 3% of the candidates succeed.”[wiki] RECOMMENDED

pecado fatal [EU] - angst, drama, shy sweet love but also bitten family secrets. “a young man and woman fall in love on the night they meet, but he takes advantage of her when she gets drunk. although she doesn’t remember anything from that night, something nags at the back of her mind.” not the most accurate description - just watch it its good

o convento [EU] - a literature professor goes to a portuguese convent to confirm a conspiracy theory about shakespeare. this film is actually in english and french as well as portuguese, but i’ve included it here because it was directed by the great manoel de oliveira. stars john malkovich and catherine deneuve.

o dia de desespero [EU] - another one by oliveira, portuguese entry for 1992 oscars. the film shows the final days of the life of famed c19 writer camilo castelo branco, his blindness and eventual suicide. probably available on youtube. 


malena - a classic, story of how a beautiful young woman is ridiculed by her prejudiced community told through the eyes of a young boy lusting over her. very tastefully done and visually very pretty. plus it has monica belucci

la prima notte di quiete - 1972. scruffy alain delon is bitter and elopes with a mysterious student of his who keeps some dark secrets. very beautiful visually, lovely music, unexpected ending. watch this if you want to be sad and vague

lºeredità ferramonti - set in 1880s rome, cunning young woman weds into a split family and wreaks havoc. dominique sanda is brilliant in this. also very nice music by morricone.


des hommes et des dieux - algeria. eight monks live a secluded life in the mountains. when war breaks out, they are forced to make a choice between their faith and their lives. “a luminous tale of faith and heroism”, and also very prettily made. 

venus noire - based on the true story of saartije bartman, a black woman showcased in 19th century europe because of her body. explores prejudice, otherness, fetishisation, directed by tunesian abdellatif kechiche. RECOMMENDED.

la dame aux camélias (1981) - isabelle huppert stars as the destitute and illiterate alphonsine who travels to paris and becomes a courtesan. based on alexandre dumas’ novel, of the same title.