I saw the pic on the left and immediately knew i had to make a graph where i could refer to numbers instead of names, thus i made the chart on the right! idk if this is of any use to anyone else, but it is a way I plan to idwntify my emotions from now on! (currently i am 3.2)

Heading Back to School? We Are Here to Help!

Back to school season is here! For many, this is an exciting time full of new pencil cases and exciting opportunities for new learning and new friends. For others, though, heading back to school can be anxiety-inducing, especially considering many schools and colleges are not as inclusive of LGBTQIA students as they should be.

So, we put together a list of past advice, articles, and resources available to help you, your child, and their teachers work to make safer learning environments.

On Inclusivity and Support:

When Your Student Comes Out to You by Teresa Kane

Navigating Censorship of LGBTQ Media for Kids by Lindsay Amer

Making Your Classroom More LGBTQ-Inclusive by Sara Kost

On Bullying:

Addressing Bullying in Schools by Sara Kost

Bullying: “How Can I Help?” by Laurin Mayeno

Son Bullied for “Girly” Backpack by Karen Thompson

Covert Bullying by Anna Krieger

On College:

Choosing the Right College by Lisa

10 Things to Look For in an LGBTQ-Friendly College by Sarah Simon

10 Ways to Prepare Your LGBTQ Kid for College by Sarah Simon

Being Out at College by Sarah Simon

Coming Out in College Athletics by Lauren Neidigh

How to Foster Safe, Healthy, and Productive Dialogue in the Classroom by Cheryl Clarke

Be sure to check out these other national resources, too!

Campus Pride: A national network of college students all around the country working to create safer college campuses for the LGBTQ community.

Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN): A national organization that works to make schools safer for LGBT students through policy changes, research, and giving teachers and administrators the resources they need to make their schools more inclusive.

LGBTQ Student Resources & Support: A guide for LGBTQ students to find support and resources when experiencing bullying or discrimination both at the high school and college levels.

LGBTQ Scholarships: A list of scholarships for LGBTQ students at the graduate and PhD level in a variety of subjects, including law, mathematics, business, and social work.

All of us here at My Kid Is Gay hope you have a happy, safe, and inclusive school year!

Improving your English

I don’t see many resources on Tumblr for langblrs who are learning English so I decided to share some resources I used (and still use) to learn English

BBC News is a great website if you want to read or watch the news in English. They also have lessons in english and this website that can be useful too.

Online Newspapers: The economist (if you want to read an unlimited amount of articles, add /com at the end of the url), The Guardian, The NY times, Longreads.
chooses articles for you depending on your level.
If you don’t really like reading the newsHumans of New York has super interesting stories and their articles can help you learn useful vocabulary.

Radios: NPR, BBC

Educational videos: Khan Academy and Ted talks have videos and lessons about almost any subject

Youtubers: my favorite ones are Tyler Oakley, Dan Howell, Phil Lester, Marcus Butler and The Vaga brothers 

Books: books for children and teens such as Harry Potter, The hunger games or Divergent are very good for starting to read in English. John Green books such as The fault in our stars, Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska also really helped me learn new vocabulary.

Freerice and Clozemaster can help you expand your vocabulary : this website has a great amount of free videos and tv shows

100 things you can do to improve your english

Other resources: LearnEnglish, Easy world of English

anonymous asked:

when asking my psychiatrist abt autism, he actually directed me to a book called "i think i might be autistic". i ended up ordering it online and reading through it, i kinda know why he did--the intro of the book just straight-up tells you that a majority of mental health professionals have no idea how to read into autism in anything other than young children, so the entire thing is based on giving you enough info for you to feel comfortable self-dxing even if they screw up

That’s incredibly interesting! Thanks for telling us about it. Would you mind giving us the author of the book?

-mod har



Sounds like “I Think I Might Be Autstic” by Cynthia Kim. (They also own the Stimtastic store!)

anonymous said:

Different anon but the book might be “I Think I Might be Autistic: A Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis and Self-Discovery for Adults” by Cynthia Kim.

anonymous asked:

Hey, to the anon who was referring asking for help to make sure that their parents don't invalidate non-binary identities, if your parents are the kind of people who respect 'official' authorities and live in the US, I'd recommend you read up on the transgender standards of care. There are many mentions in it of genderqueer or genders 'beyond the binary' and establishes that such genders are valid. Some of the terms out of date and insensitive but it might be good for convincing the doubting.

Thank you, this is a great resource!

Proficiency: How to Measure Language Learning Progress (Fluent with What you Have Part 1) - Anthony Lauder - The Polyglot Dream

Hey guys, just dropping by with something nice for you to read. I follow the blogs and adventures of a number of polyglots, as I would like to be one in the future :D. One of the people I follow is Luca, a lovely polyglot from Italy who can speak 11(!) languages. He sometimes has guest posts, including the one I have posted today, which comes from a Brit who is fluent in Czech. I think it’s a nice and novel way of looking at language learning and what it means to become fluent. After I read this piece, I decided to try and do a little of what Anthony does to improve in my other languages. I hope you take something away from this too~

Zipper Questions 4-5

If you’re tired of the zipper q&a, blacklist “zipper questions.” If you want to get in on the q&a and also get free zippers, send an ask with your question, what color you want, and your mailing address.

@komari-maxx said to 20dollarlolita:
Zipper question: Where do you like to buy trim? My local Joanns selection is pretty meh. Cheeptrims is awesome, but they have a $65 minimum purchase. Who do you recommend?

I get a lot of my trims from Jo-Ann. I’ve been lucky that the three that I’ve lived in the three areas I’ve lived in tend to get different kinds of trim depending on the season, so I just have to watch their section and wait for coupons and favorite trims to align. They also have cheap 1/4” ribbon, which you can use to swap out the ribbon in beading lace to give it a new color.

I’ve also gotten trim from and m&j trimmings, though those are of varying price. When I was in Ashland, there were some great stores local to me with interesting trims. Where I live now, I sometimes drive a couple hours to San Francisco to shop there.

Mostly, though, Dharma Trading. I LOVE Dharma Trading’s lace selection. It’s all cluny lace, which doesn’t work for everything, but it’s a really good price and only a 3yd minimum. A while back I bought 10 yards each of two of their cheapest laces, and it’s really nice to have on hand. It’s also dyeable, in case you want different colors.

@lockea said to 20dollarlolita:
Question: I need to make a petticoat to add more floof to my coords. Tulle is cheaper than organza but I’ve heard bad things about it. Can I use tulle?

Two part question: Can you use soft tulle and organza interchangeably? No. Can you use tulle to make a good petticoat (or add to a current petticoat)? Absolutely.
If you want to use a pattern for organza, but use a cheaper material, I suggest petticoat/crinoline/balanchine/tutu net ( has probably the best price that I can think of [$1.50USD/yd] and some really high quality net. ) There’s also some stiffer nettings you can find in your fabric stores that’ll work just fine.

Soft tulle is more interchangeable with chiffon, but more difficult to gather. If you can find chiffon petticoat tutorials, you can use tulle, but you’re going to want to do a couple test swatches to find a good way to make it gather.
You can also usually use tulle/chiffon in place of organza by doubling the length of every layer in the petticoat (if your layers go in a 1:2:4 ratio, you’ll probably be able to get away with 1:4:8 instead of 1:4:16).

As for “is tulle bad?” I don’t think is necessarily is. The negative thing about tulle and netting is that the holes in the net tend to collapse over time, making your petticoat lose some fluff. When you make a chiffon petticoat, you rely on the total amount of fabric instead of the stiffness of the fabric, so it doesn’t lose its poof.

And, for what it’s worth, I buy my organza at a wedding supply store. It only sells by the full 10yd bolt, but their price is very good, and you can maybe make 2 petticoats out of a bolt (do the math before you buy)


So I get a TON of requests for stuff like ear training apps and sheet music sites and music history help. So here is a GREAT BIG LIST of resources for the average music major to use as they need! I tried to find free stuff when I could - some of the apps might cost a couple dollars, but that’s all. Everything has been recommended by one of you, or vetted by me! This is cross-posted to my Resources page, too!

First seen on



Sheet music

  • IMSLP - general music archive
  • CPDL - vocal/choral music archive

Academic help



Learn an instrument

I hope some of these can come in handy for you!

Thanks to the following for submitting something for this list!

@mem1846@obsessivetenor84, @akaristudies, @rhysman4000, @howdoijennifer, @singingsimblr, @akajonesinvestigations, @perc-lobo, @1playthetuba, @mastersanddreamers, @tangerineing, @thepolyglotmusician, @akaristudies, @littlebanddirector@hollaatmahler@thehumblebard

[STREAM/DL] Amazing GOT7 World 2nd Fan Meeting

As always, a credit link back to this post would be courteous if you decide to make content out of the videos I upload. I also want to stress the importance of buying a copy of the DVD for yourself if you can because not only are you supporting GOT7 by purchasing a DVD, you also send feedback to JYPE letting them know that the fandom is interested in this sort of merchandise and that we want things like this in the future. At this point of time, the DVD is available on [kpoptown] [ktown4u] [kpopmart] [gmarket] for purchase

There is no “Disk 2 Part 2″

here’s a masterpost of all the google chrome extensions that i use! i’ve seen a lot of these posts before, and they’re probably a lot more useful, but i’ve narrowed it down to my personal favourites here.

(header background Designed by Freepik)



ad blockers:

tumblr related:

  • new xkit - includes useful features, such as finding inactive blogs, removing recommended posts, quick tags, scroll to bottom, and many other tweaks and enhancements.
  • tumblr follower checker - checks for mutuals
  • archive poster - “quickly reblog and queue from a blog’s archive”
  • eye dropper - allows you to pick out the colour from web pages (useful for html)

new tabs:



the rest of my posts can be found here.

please follow me for upcoming posts! 

- love, vivian  (◡‿◡✿)

Grants, Fellowships, and Residencies for Cartoonists!

Hey comic-makers!  Looking for funding or short/long term studio space to help you make your comics?  I put together a list of grants, fellowships, and residencies with an established, positive track record for accepting cartoonists!  (There are also many, many arts grants/etc. out there that have not accepted any cartoonists yet, and I absolutely encourage you to apply for those too!  But I’ll be limiting this list to ones that already have demonstrated interest in comics.)

I’m sure there are ones I’m missing, so feel free to drop me a line if you know one I should add!  I’ll keep updating the list periodically :)


Creators for Creators

Cupcake Award

The Dash

Grants for the Arts

Heinz Award for Arts and Humanities  

PRISM Queer Press Grant

Slate Cartoonist Studio Prize

Society of Illustrators M Prize 

Speculative Literature Foundation

Sustainable Arts Foundation


Boston Public Library Writer-in-Residence

Catskill Center Artist in Residence

Comic Art Workshop

The Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency

Donaldson Writer-in-Residence

Inbound and Outbound TRANSIT

Kaunas Comics Residency

Maison des Auteurs  

Sitka Artist Residency

Sundress Academy for the Arts

Thurber House Graphic Novel Residency

Tulsa Artist Fellowship  

US National Parks Residencies  


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The world has already used a year’s worth of resources — and it’s only August

Earth Overshoot Day is the day when the global community has used as many natural resources as the planet can produce in a year. This year, Earth Overshoot day is today, August 8 — meaning we’ve used a year’s worth of resources in eight months. Once the planet hits its budget, everything thereafter is the equivalent of racking up credit card debt, with dire consequences.

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