A few months ago I went to Roswell, New Mexico to attend their annual UFO fest and wrote this really fun piece for the Sept issue of NYLON on what I learned from the festival and people from organizations like MUFON, CUFOS, Open Minds, etc. 

K but real talk for a sec though: I could have taken my research and wrote a very different piece because UFO studies is honestly a fucked up field to listen in on! Sure, I talked to ~ zany ~ self-proclaimed alien hunters and people who believe extra terrestrials built the pyramids, but overall ufology is super troubling. There are undoubtedly more in-depth studies of this, but even coming to it from a perspective that was actively seeking wackiness and fun for a fashion mag culture story it was jarring how dark abduction stories are and the kind of reasoning applied to what very well could be real trauma. Like the fact that people tend to be abducted starting as very young children and then it happening multiple times in their life. Or that people who are abducted by aliens are way more likely to experience depression and suicidal thoughts but they blame those thoughts on outside forces using mind-control. It kind of sobered me, like these people aren’t crazy, something obviously happened to them but it’s not what they think it is.

Anyway it was nice playing Scully for a hot second and I’ve never been asked “What’s NYLON?” by so many old men wearing ten-gallon cowboy hats!


They did another one in collaboration with NYLON!!! Like, do I want to now what it’s like to be her best friend? WELL YES. AND MORE. OH MY GOD.