Big Cheap Wig/Cosplay/Clothes Sale

So I’m going to college and need to make room because I have waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much cosplay stuff, and I’m also very broke. so hmu if you’re interested in buying any of this. I’m open to negotiating prices/sending you more pictures of items you’re curious about/answering any questions. And all wigs (even if unused) will be washed before being sent :0! Also, depending on location I will ask u pay for shipping or we split it 50/50 if its a lot

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Up, up and away!
Our young kestrels have been in their soft release aviary for some time and the time finally came for them to be released back into the wild!
After a final farewell, the roof of their aviary was opened and they were free once again. They took a little persuading, but they soon took to the nearby trees for a quick look around before heading off into the skies.
Please join us in wishing them good luck!

Another free episode on youtube !

This time, it’s episode S01-E05 “Sing for Me” that’s for free on youtube, right here !

This episode is free for every place in the world where LoliRock isn’t already licensed & distributed (either by broadcasters such as France Television, Disney… or by Netflix).

This is the same as episode S01-E02 “Flower Power”, that was made available last week (See right here my previous post).

So, for those who’ll discover the series thanks to these two episodes, you’re welcome ! ;)

That picture looks like ol’ AJ doesn’t it? I didn’t intend her to, she just turned out that way. That pony is the splash screen you get to tell you which side you’re on in a game of multiplayer!

There’s been a few headaches this last week, adding such a big change into the game I can tell you - but I think all the major nasties have finally been fixed. There’s still some minor niggles I need to chase down but it looks like the multiplayer build will be ready for you to try out Wednesday or Thursday as promised. I’ll post a notice here when it’s ready.

And then I can await your flood of mails about all the bugs I didn’t find! ;3