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Kingsmanniversay Day 6: Reconnaisance Mission: What would you like to see in the sequel?

With Chester King and several agents dead, Merlin assigns himself as the temporary Arthur while still maintaining his Merlin duties. He goes back to being a field agent to make up for the lack of other Knights, often working with the newly appointed Lancelot and Galahad.

Then one morning he recieves an anonymous tip about a man seeking revenge against the spy organization. He goes alone to find the man…but instead finds a ghost from the not-too-distant past.


Cute Shori in cute outfit

so, here I am, a Hungarian, sitting in the UK, using a computer made in China, eating Indian food (prepared in England) and Polish desert (prepared in Poland), drinking French wine, watching an American movie about a Swedish girl and a Czechoslovakian man trying to escape to Portugal from unoccupied France (Morocco, which is happened to be in Africa). Oh and the Germans are there as well… :)

I think I will start preparing for my test now…