ps: this scene made me cry


Does anyone just…lay in their bed thinking of how fucking beautiful of a clip Inshallah was?

Like this,

was encapsulated into one,





Ps, sorry if I made your angst worse lol.

When Bridget and I got it on I was… I was not dressed for the occasion.

[TRANS] Chinese netizen’s reactions to Wu Yifan’s Weibo update | 20151010

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Source: Wu Yifan Weibo

Who is (more) cute? The branch or the parrot [snicker]

Liu Ye 1. [+24445] You you you! My Fan is the most adorable.

2. [+6211] Little baldy baobao you’re the cutest! You’re the cutest in the entire universe! Guys am I right! [kiss kiss kiss]

3. [+3904] Marketing Weibo is gonna cry because of how cute this is [laugh cry laugh cry laugh cry]*

4. [+3609] Stop at the right time, Tang Seng, if you have nothing to do then play with your phone, you miss you so much do you even know! You’re on the hot searches in the news do you know! Do you know how many comments you should write on this weibo! Do you know that watching Challenger’s Union made us loose almost all of our blood! You’ve ranked fifth in the Shining Stars chart do you know! Of course this is useless, rest more if you have night scenes to shoot, be more careful when you walk, don’t fall too often [laugh cry] ps: Meigeni! Show your love! His pinned weibo 11060k comments and 5200k reposts! Jiayou!

5. [+1979] You’re cute you’re cute!! You’re the cutest!!!!

6. [+1948] Of course little baldy you is the most adorable

7. [+1484] You’re the cutest! I miss you so!!!!!! Today at noon the school played all of me! [T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T]

8. [+980] Rourou is the cutest

9. [+917] The head is the cutest!!

10. [+836] Your eyebrow is cute

*The commenter is a marketing weibo for celebrity gossip

anonymous asked:

Which is your favourite scene/scenes from MMFD?

Oh, well I have a few ones from both series… I might have talked about them too much already but here I go again haha…


- When Finn asks Rae to go to his the next day to show her crap reggae. I think is a super cute moment. I loved Rae being sassy and Finn incapable to hide how happy he was that she said yes. 

- The scene in front of the chippy, when he writes on her back, but even though I looove all the scene, my favorite moment is when he stops writing and just kisses her shoulder

External image

And from S2

- The 1st kiss - Rae’s almost orgasm scene hahaha the kiss is hot and also cute and the rest of it is so funny. And I think is one of the genuinely happy moments of S2. 

- Kester + Rae scene when she finally sees herself worthy after the strong questioning by him. I am one of the few ones who didn’t cry after what he said to her on E6S1, which was really good and one of my fav quotes from the show comes from that scene but I didn’t feel it deep enough to make me cry. But with 11 year old Rae in s2 I was bawling, I think about the scene and it makes my eyes sting, it really gets me emotionally.

- Can I say all Rae/Finn scenes in episode 7? The letter made me cry, the failed phone call made me cry3, the hospital scene made me cry, the pub scene made me cry, their first time finished me. 

Also, can I say I never cried so much before than in episode 7? Aside from the obvious problems some of us had with the way things were handled, to be honest I basically looked like I dying animal on my couch. I had all kinds of crying: ugly, snotty, hopeless, happy… 

PS. I loved Karim, but his scenes were so short so I didn’t choose any of those, but he is in S2 what Mrs. Dewhurst was for me in S1.