ps: this blog hit 500 followers i love you guys

i just hit 500 followers!! cannot believe it!

first of all, thank you guys so much for following me!!! i love n appreciate my friends and mutuals very much so i thought, what better way to celebrate the milestone than to appreciate the blogs that make my dash awesome every day!

i’m the certified worst™ at remembering urls so i’m super sorry if i forgot anyone that feels like they should be on here, and if you feel that way, you definitely should be (i suck)

ps. these aren’t necessarily all blogs that follow me they’re just great blogs

pps. i follow from deadshotbellamy because this is a sideblog so even if you don’t think i follow you, i do lol


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!!!special mention to the squad @curlyfrycarrick @jakegardnr @fratboyhanifin i know ur already in the follow forever but i love u soooo much!!!